May 16, 2017

I miss writing...

Gosh, if I got a dollar for every time I tell myself that I will start blogging again... 

But really... I will start blogging again.  I miss writing and documenting life's little moments.  Nowadays, there are so many little and big moments going on that I don't have the time to write and document anymore.  Which is kind of sad because these moments are the moments that I am going to want to go back and reminisce about the most in my later years.  

Alright.  Let me put it out there to help hold myself accountable to it.  I will start documenting these precious moments again.  For real this time.  Promise.

Stay tuned...

May 14, 2016

Good Morning!

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted something here.  Oh wait... NM... I can believe it.  Ooops!

So much has been going on and there have been lots and lots of changes... I mean tons!  I'm actually up at 4am because I have lots on my mind AND I am crazily uncomfortable right now AND am sick.  My nose is a faucet that wouldn't stop running and this is the worst time to feel this congested.  Ugh!

Anyways... I am so excited for everything that is happening and will be happening soon.  Stay tuned!

February 28, 2015

Face Painting Fun!

We may need to get a face painter for a little someone's birthday party...

Ninja Turtle Power!!

February 27, 2015

Fun Day at the Park

I need to get more organized with Brayden's videos.  He's definitely a character and I have sooooooooo much footage of him just being young, wild, charming... pretty much just being the lovable guy that he is.

Thanks Google+ for putting this together after I transferred my pictures/videos last week.  I loved it and I didn't have to do anything, really.  Google definitely makes my life easier, that's for sure.

LOVE that smile and laugh of his!