October 29, 2010

Good Things are HAPPENIN'!

I have been a lot happier nowadays.  My friends have noticed it.  My Husband noticed it.  Heck, even I noticed it!

Things are slowly but surely looking up for me and I can honestly say that I am happy doing what I do.  Of course, its not as fast paced as I would like for it to be at the moment, but its going somewhere.

Its Halloween weekend and I barely have Halloween on my mind.  I actually just want to stay home and work on a few projects that really need to get done.  I used to live by the motto, "work hard, but play harder"... but why is it that I just want to work harder and harder and not play at all?  Another sign of old age, is it?

I can't be a party pooper and I can NOT neglect my family and friends though.  I must live by my motto (for this blog, anyway), "Cherish The Moments".

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend!


OH... of course, I did another update on my OTHER blog:  http://thydalim.blogspot.com

And if you haven't already, check out my site (that is still under construction):  http://thydalim.com

October 27, 2010

I Don't Wanna Grow Up!

The other day, my Husband had a golf date with some of our friends.  I wasn't feeling to well that day and cancelled my plans, but decided to go hang out with the group since the lovely Wives were going to hang out too.  They had Boiling Crab (those suckas) without us!  Its okay though because I really thought I was going to be busy and in L.A. that day and Hubbs and I already had a yummy lunch made by yours truly.  :)  Anyway, we met up at the golf course and our plan was to ride around in the golf cart and catch up while the guys play.  Sounds like a good plan, right?  But HECK NO are we going to spend $12 a person just to ride around on a golf course.  You know what we can do with $36? LOL! 

Anyway, it was so nice to catch up with the girls.  I feel like I haven't seen or talked to them in so long and there is always so much to catch up on.  What I can tell you is that between us, there is no such thing as "T.M.I.".  We sat there and talked for a couple hours with the Man working at the golf course giving us these glares that made me feel unwelcome.  Oh well, it makes me want to stay there even more and longer!

When Sam texted me saying that he was on the last hole, we tried to plot a little prank on the guys.  We had ALL of the car keys, so I thought it would be funny to move the car across the street and watch for their reaction when they come back and found their cars missing.  BUT... we were all too lazy to do all that... too much work!  So... we decided to write them sweet little notes instead.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the note, but as usual, I left my camera at home.  I didn't leave the pen and notepad though... it was very handy!  The note read a little something like,

"If you want your keys, drop down and give me 10 push ups!  I can see you, so give me REAL push ups!"

We tried to hide around the buildings near that parking lot and watched them walk slowly to the car.  We were so nervous... a bunch of grown ass women hiding around a community building trying to play hide and seek with their husbands.  WTF?  It was definitely a sight to see, though.  We tried to watch for their reactions, but there wasn't a way to do so without getting caught.  I tried to peek as much as I could.  Eventually, we got caught with one of the guys running one direction and another one trapping us at the other end.  HILARIOUS!  I have a feeling that the boys are going to try to get us back, so I am definitely going to watch my back around them from now on.  Taking precautions like... making sure we have the keys at all times when we hang out.  ;)

Its times like these when I DON'T WANNA GROW UP!  I love my friends!

Ended the night with dinner at this place called Thiptara.  None of us have been there, so we wanted to give it a try.  The food was pretty good... I highly recommend the Phad Thai and the Pomegranate Margarita.  Definitely going back here... especially when the prices are pretty darn good.  Wish we could have hung out more, but I was pooped and had an early start the next morning.  C.J. really wanted us to come out that night for his birthday, but I just couldn't do it knowing that I had to leave the house around 5:30am the following morning for a day long photoshoot.  We owe him dinner and a drink.  Its about time we reunite though.

I had a great weekend with my lovely friends here in California.  I must say that I am adjusting here pretty well.  Things are certainly looking up for me.


Happy Birthday to my Sista from anotha Motha & Mista!

My Sista from anotha Motha and Mista turned 26 the other day!

We celebrated with some good eats at MESA in Costa Mesa.  The pizza there was delicious!  The mussels sounded and looked good, but I must say that it was a tad bit disappointing to see how small they were (that's what she said... hahaha!).  The black cherry lychee martina was soooooo good though!  Just thinking about it now makes me thirsty!

We hopped over to AVEC in Huntington Beach right after dinner.  It was such an adventure getting there, but it was worth it!  We stumbled all over the place and dance floor after our Jager Bomb.  This was the most alcohol I've had in a VERY long time.  Usually, I'd have a glass of wine at home, but even that was running low!  Anyway, of course I was the usual hustler and got the Birthday Girl a few free (well, free for us) drinks.  The last drink I remember having was a chocolate cake... and as usual, it didn't disappoint.  We continued to dance the night away.  I thought I forgot how to dance or something because it had been THAT long.  Luckily for me, I didn't break a bone or pull anything, which was actually a surprise!  Oh... and I guess the people who sing "We run LA" were there performing and of course, I was the groupie poser who don't know who they were but pretended like they were my favorite group.  The main dude apparently grabbed my hand while he was on stage and I just giggled and walked away, or so I was told.  I honestly don't remember that part too much, but I guess I can say that I saw another famous person and he touched my hand. HAHA... I wish someone would have gotten a picture of that as evidence and so that I'd remember.  Oh well... always next time, right?  They looked like little young bucks anyway... just see the picture below.

(I just looked it up... the person who sang this song's name is 'Ya Boy'. LOL... I guess you can see his picture below)

Of course, we ended the night with some pho.  Thanks to the table of dudes who decided to pay for our meal... but no, we are NOT going to hop in that limo with you fools!

The best part of the night was probably when we were singing on the way home.  From Huntington to Long Beach, the singing didn't stop.  I think I have some recorded on my phone (audio only).  Anyone know a good website to upload it to so that I can share it? LMAO!  Classic.

Oh what a night, it was!  I love nights like that when its just all the girls dancing the night away and laughing our butts off non-stop.  Good times, indeed!

P.S.  I inconveniently forgot my camera at home that night (boo), so I had to steal these pictures from Jackie and Diana's facebook. 

P.S.S.  My hair was still wet (had to shower before going out), so don't mind the mess. LOL!

Mussels! (Looked better than it tasted)

Pizza! Serina said it smelled like armpits, but it tasted good to me! I like armpits. LOL

LADIES!! (I hope that is not a pee stain on the ground. Gross)
Jager Bomb! Oh man... makes me feel YOUNG again!
Uh oh... here we go!

They were runnin' LA... in Huntington Beach! LOL
Happy Birthday, Sissy! I love you so badddddddd! XOXO

EDIT: Here are the videos on the audio (does that make sense?).  Puahhahahah!  If I need a good laugh, I just replay this and relive that night.  Please don't mind us and if you are not going to appreciate our singing talents (hahaha), just skip it and don't watch altogether.  Cool?  Oh man... good times!






October 21, 2010

Lebanese Food, Ice Cream, Movie... ahhh!

The other night, I went out to dinner with some of the girls.  This just doesn't happen enough, I tell you!  We went to Sunnin Lebanese Cafe.  It was my first time having Lebanese food and I must tell you... I kinda like it!

Spicy Potatoes
Shish Tawook
Beef Shawarma

I think we stayed there so long that the waitress was just waiting for us to finally leave.  We couldn't help it... we had lots to catch up on, okay?  We figured the night is still young and we wanted to still do more.  Its been awhile since we had all seen a movie, so we wanted to check out what all the hype about The Social Network was.

Before that though, we had to stop by Rite Aid to pick up some Thrifty Ice cream! 

What's your flavor?

We each chose a flavor that we would share... can you guess who chose what?  Or... can you guess which one is mine?  The manly hands totally gave it away, huh? HAHA!  Oh... and I had to pick up a 30 ounce bag of Sour Patch Kids, of course!  Why would I pay twice as much for 1/10th as much at a movie theater?  DUH!  Thank goodness I decided to bring one of my big purses that night.  The other girls still insisted on some sour belts at the candy store next to the theater, which was totally fine... and I got to ask the owner of the store if he wanted to buy my bag of Sour Patch Kids for his store.  HAHA!  I mean... I payed $5.99 for my 30 ounce bag and he was selling his candies for practically $9.95 a pound.  I had nearly 2 pounds in my bag!  He ended up asking me where I bought my candy and I told him.  He laughed and said that we were silly kids.  Uhmmm... Sir, I am about to turn 26.  He didn't believe me and when I showed him my I.D., he seemed shocked.  Of course, he was probably only pretending to boost my ego.  I gotta tell you though... it worked!  LOL

I liked the movie, The Social Network, but dude... it was so long!  My butt was starting to hurt!  It was a total reminder of why I would rather wait for movies to come out on DVD and watch it at the comfort of my own home.  Heck... with RedBox nowadays, its a dollar to rent a new movie that I can watch as many times as I want before 9pm the following day with as many people as I want.  Whereas going to the theaters costs about $11 bucks to watch the movie once... per person... and it comes with a butt and back ache on the side... no extra charge!  Ugh!

Next time, I will just host a movie night at my place... popcorn on yours truly!

October 20, 2010

Just going back and forth...

Hello, READERS... and a special welcome to all of my new followers!  Where did you all come from?  JUST KIDDING... I know of the wonderful place that all of you are from!  ;)

Sorry I've been a little M.I.A. again, but I've been pretty busy.  As you can see from my last post, I had a show to do this past weekend.  I've posted more about it here on my other blog (which is more related to my adventures as a Makeup Artist):  http://thydalim.blogspot.com/  If you want to go to that post directly, then here is the link to that post:  All the FUN is Backstage... really!

I had a wonderful wonderful weekend and I am disappointed in myself for posting this way late... its already over halfway until the weekend again.  Ahhhh!

More updates coming soon... I promise!

My Parents are the cutest and have sent me a package and it just arrived.  I need to make my way to that now.  Talk to you lovelies later!

*hugs and kisses*

October 16, 2010

Brushes? CHECK! ... Beautiful Models? CHECK!

I am up early this morning getting my makeup kit together and just finished cleaning my makeup brushes.  (Some of these brushes I've had since 2004, I've realized, and I still use it ALL the time.  LOVE IT!)  My call time is at noon, so hopefully these bad boys will dry by then.  I should have done this since last night, but I decided to hang out with a few of the girls last night instead since I haven't done so in nearly a month since I've been sick.  I needed some girls' time and I had a blast... as I always do!  :)

I should finish getting ready, but I just had to come here and express my excitement.  Let me see if this better explains it:  I am sooooooooooooo exciiiiiiiiiitedddddddddddddddd!!

Okay all done!  LOL.

Let me share pictures of two of my models during my last photoshoot.  I added their pictures to my website at thydalim.com but am still trying to find a better way to make my portfolio more organized and run smoothly.  Anyone wanna lend a helping hand?  Oh well, I will worry about that later because I have a gig today, one next Friday, a beauty event next Saturday, and another makeup gig next Sunday!  Whoot whoot... I love LA Fashion Week!

Anyway, here are the pretty models I mentioned before:

I will write more about their looks on my makeup artistry blog,  thydalim.blogspot.com a little bit later when I have more time... but don't forget to subscribe to that if you haven't already.

I am still looking to do more high fashion, editorial, and beauty shots so that I can add them to my portfolio, so if you have any ideas, just shoot them my way and I'd greatly appreciate it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and please... wish me luck in all this.


Starving Artist

October 15, 2010

I deserve it... I swear!

Traveling with makeup is hard work!  I used to have a few different train cases, but I outgrew them and I have way more products than what fits in them.  Also, when you don't transport all of your makeup properly, its gonna hurt you... emotionally and financially.  Therefore, I am needing this baby:

So if you are feeling extra generous and wanna get me an early birthday and/or Christmas present for the next ten years, do not be shy!  :D

I would love you forever and three days... I swear!


Quick Update!


So yesterday, I picked up some pictures from a past photoshoot (not of me... yeah right! HA!).  I am so excited to share them with anyone who is curious.  They are just headshots again.  I am looking to do more editorial or beauty shots so that it would showcase more of my makeup artistry skills, but its been difficult to schedule something and to find the right photographers and models to work with me on those.  Its still in progress, but if you know of any editorial or beauty photographers in the LA area... AND models, please send them my way.  Also looking to find a muse or two to be the face of my work.  Interested and in the area?  Let me know!

Currently working on my website.  Its times like these when I wish I had more/better skills with web design and anything along those lines.  My website currently sucks and the one I am working on is not all that much better, but I like it just a tad bit more.  Hopefully I will get it up by today.  I am still frustrated with how I should structure my portfolio.  Any suggestions?  Anyone wanna lend a helping hand?  Pleeeeease?

Guess what!  I have another makeup gig next weekend and tomorrow, I will be helping with makeup for

I'm not exactly the key makeup artist, but I will be assisting her.  I am so excited just to see how this works and also gain the experience to work on a project like this.  I will try my best to take as many pictures as I can.  Its so hard to do so when you are running around like crazy at a busy production, but I promise to try my best.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend also! 


October 13, 2010

Miners (not Minors) RESCUED.

I've been watching the Chilean Miners get rescued one by one all morning, and I can't stop watching.  This is just amazing and truly a miracle.  I can't help but be a baby and get teary eyed every time I witness (via television, of course) each man reunite with his family.

I must confess that when I first heard about the miners, I thought, "what are those kids doing being trapped underground like that and where are their parents?".  Yeah, Thyda... there is a huge difference between miner and minor.  You can't blame me though... I didn't read it, I heard it first!

Right now the 23rd Miner just got pulled out of the capsule named the 'Phoenix'.  Only 10 more to go... yes!

I am amazed that they are rescuing these miners so much earlier than expected.  It was estimated that they would be rescued by the end of December.  Holy cow... I don't know how I would ever survive that long.  Heck, I probably wouldn't make it past dinnertime on the first day.  Seriously.

Keep hope and faith... and remember, cherish the moments.  Bless all of these miners and their loved ones.  *hugs*




October 11, 2010

Fire in the HOLE!

Can you take a guess what "Fire in the Hole" means or what it represents?  I give you a clue... spicy food.  Now... which hole do you think would be on fire?  Haha... eww... I just got visuals!

Had an amazing dinner with friends last night.  I've been craving CLAWS for so long and it was about time I filled that craving.  It was sooooooo good, but it wasn't such a good idea to have it when my infection is not yet healed.  I came home and was in pain, but the nomnomness was so worth it... I think... I hope.

I can't seem to understand why I cannot just follow the rules.  I knew that I shouldn't have spicy foods, but I just wanted it even more after knowing this.  WHY must I be so hard headed at times?  And now, I suffer because of it.  Ugh.

I need to stop looking at the picture because now, I just want it even more.  After putting it in writing that I shouldn't have it, I just want to chug it all down now.  WHAT is wrong with me?

Don't you just hate that?  Wanting what you can't have?  I am allergic to seafood and shouldn't even eat seafood, but knowing that I am allergic, it just tastes so much better!

What are some things that you can't have but you want even more?  I know I am not the only rebel here, am I?

October 10, 2010

Eyelashes Giveaway - WINNER

Last week, I decided to give away some goodies to some beauties who read my blog:
Eyelashes Giveaway

The winner has been chosen!

Congratulations to MANDY at Hair and Makeup Overload!

I will be contacting you shortly for your information so you can expect to receive these flirty and fun lashes shortly.  :)

Thanks to everyone for entering, and better luck next time!

October 9, 2010

Cambodian Festival - 'Pchum Ben'

"Hope you are enjoying Pchum Ben this weekend!" was what a fellow Khmer tweeter tweeted to me this morning.  You would think that a nice message like this would better my day and bring a smile to my face, but it only made me sad.  This is not her fault in any way and I really do appreciate the message (THANK YOU), but it just brought this sense of sadness to me.


'Pchum Ben' is a Cambodian festival better known as 'Ancestors Day' or 'Festival of the Dead'.  It is believed that during this time, the spirits of our ancestors walk the Earth looking to be fed by their family members and relatives who are still living.  Since I was young, I would refer to this festival as the Cambodian Halloween.  You can see how trick or treaters walking around asking for candy can correlate to dead ancestors waiting and wanting to be fed by their families.  The festival would last about fifteen days in Cambodia and many traditions and rituals are practiced during this time.  Though I cannot remember them all, I do recall getting up early to go to the temple with my Family to feed the Monks and to pray, just like how it is done during most Cambodian festivals.  On this holiday in particular, we would also make offerings to our ancestors and remember them as we pray for them to continue their journey into reincarnation to better lives in the future.  My Family would also take part in hosting the ceremonies (providing food to the Monks and guests who visit the temple on those days).  My Mom never wanted any of our relatives to be considered "abandoned souls", which are the souls that do not have family members to remember them and make offerings to them.  She always tells us that this is the most important holiday (festival) in the Cambodian traditions... and it is the one holiday that you must not forget or "skip".

Thinking about this festival makes me miss my Family back in Washington so much.  Though my in laws here in California hold some traditions and believe in the same religion, I admit that it is not practiced within the household as it was back at home.  Part of the reason is probably because my Parents are older and are closer to the Cambodian community... especially with the elders and the monks at our beloved temple in Tacoma.  My Grandmother (who passed away in 2003 and is still to this day loved and missed) was a big part of the temple.  So were my two wonderful Uncles who are no longer with us since last year (2009).  One was actually the Vice President of the temple and the other was a well known Cambodian spokesperson in the Washington area (a lady from Georgia whom I met last week even knew and remembered him).  My point is that my Family is very involved in the temple and these festivals, and its times like these when I miss my Family so much.

Knowing that the festival was around the corner, I cried to myself last week... thinking and praying to my loved ones who are no longer living.  I wished that I was back at home with the rest of the Family praying and making offerings to them like I should be.  Its hard to do it here in California when I don't know anyone who still practices these traditions and take part in the festivals.  I did go to the temple with my Mother in Law, however,  to pray and make offerings to my ancestors.  But I still felt like something was missing.  I missed seeing my Parents up early in the morning running around trying to prepare everything that they needed to for the temple.  I miss seeing all of my many relatives in the temple with their palms together praying to all of our late relatives... together.  I miss being in the temple that I have known all my life and grown so used to.  I also miss seeing the smiling pictures of my relatives along the walls of the temple.  Everything about being with my Family during these times, I miss so much.

I confess, I have never appreciated these festivals and traditions before as much as I do now.  Those times that you spend with your family members are so precious.  We never know what tomorrow holds, so we have to cherish all the moments that we have with our loved ones because there is going to be a time when all we have left is the memories of the past. 

I want my ancestors to know that I always miss and think of them and that they are always remembered.

With that said, like my fellow tweeter, I hope you are enjoying your Pchum Ben this weekend.

NOTE:  Though I am ashamed, I must admit that I do not know all of the traditions, rituals, and history of this festival.  I speak only of what I know and remember, and of course, my feelings.

Photos Courtesy of ki-media.blogspot.com

Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum - GIVEAWAY

This might be a little bit TMI, but here we go: I hate ingrown hairs!

Lets be real... us ladies need to take care of the hairy business down there and if you don't, then that really sucks. It would be awesome if we didn't have to bother with it... amazing, actually! So since we DO have to do some maintenance in the bikini area, its not always smooth, is it? (Hehe! I made a funny!) If you've never had to experience with razor bumps caused by shaving or waxing, then consider yourself lucky! Unfortunately, I do. I admit that I have never tried any kind of products to treat it. I've heard of things like "Tend Skin" that supposedly helps with ingrown hairs and razor bumps and such, but they've always been pretty expensive and I usually don't want to spend that kind of money on such a minor problem.

Not too long ago, I came across this product called "Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum".

It says "all natural", so thats gotta be good, right? I got a bottle and gave it a go. I will admit that since I haven't used it for too long, I can't tell you that this is a miracle product or serum, but I can honestly say that I have seen small improvements from such a short period of time using it. Its unfortunate I didn't have it earlier for my trips where I was in a bikini more often than now (Fall), but I will definitely be saving this baby for the warmer seasons to come. Time flies, so that is just around the corner! Maybe I will remember to give a better review for it later... please remind me if you do remember.

I am now reading that celebrities and models use it to achieve a flawless complexion. I never thought to use it on my face, but let me try it and let me know how it turns out.

Check out more information here:  Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum

If razor bumps and ingrown hairs is a serious problem for you, then it wouldn't hurt to give this product a try. I've read other great reviews... and reviews just don't lie. As I said, so far, so good!

Wanna try the product?  Comment on this post and let me know if you have ever tried anything for ingrown hair or razor bumps.  If so, what did you try and how do you like it?  If you don't want to share the information, just comment on this post with "I WANT TO TRY THIS!" and I will enter you in the giveaway.  Winner will be announced on Saturday, October 16th at 12pm PST.

Enter NOW! I mean... WHY NOT?  :)

Awake. Alive. Refreshed.

I woke up this morning feeling much better than I have felt in over a week.  Thank goodness for my Husband, my phone, TV, old magazines, and antibiotics for keeping me company during the yucky times.

Just wanted to let you all know that I am back!  I would say that I am back in full force, but that would be a lie.  However, I am trying to get there. 

Much to catch up on... the reading AND the writing and everything in between.

This weekend, I plan to relax and spend as much time with my family and friends as I can.  All weekends should be like this, right?

What are YOUR plans for the weekend?  Are you sitting there with a nice hot cup of coffee like I am?  Awake since 6am on a Saturday afternoon?  If so... we have sooooo much in common!

Please excuse my 'Just Rolled Out of Bed... Literally' look. LOL


October 5, 2010

Update - Still Sick...

Doctor said I have an intestinal infection. On antibiotics now, but I still may feel like crap for the rest of the week. Just a warning. She said that it may be food contamination or undercooked food... and I do recall questioning a few things that I ate at places that I will keep nameless, but stupid me for eating it anyway. What's funny is that Hubbs and I didn't really eat in at home all week last week! Yikes... bad on the budget and the belly, I guess.

My stomach was acting up and turning when she was examining me and she said that it is not okay and I shouldn't have waited so long to go see her. Lesson learned... don't wait longer than you need to to see a doctor. If you think you should go, then trust your instincts and go!

Needless to say, I am still not allowed on a computer. I miss it sooooo much right now though... I can only watch so much TV and I don't have any good books that I haven't read yet in the house. And staring at my phone too long gives me a headache. I should really try to read all those magazines that I am subscribed to and stacked up above my knees that I have not touched, huh?


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October 4, 2010


Day 5 of being sick and it is just not getting any better. Thank goodness for such an amazing Husband turned Nurse who is taking care of me. I don't remember when I was this sick. I am not going to get on the computer until i am completely recovered because it always stresses me out too much.

Until then, take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and your health.

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October 1, 2010

Fun Friday - Let's Play!!

I haven't done one of these in soooooo long, but they are always fun and a good way to get to know my readers... as well as get to know myself!  It shouldn't take too long, so just play with me for a few minutes, will ya?

Copy and paste the questions listed below and answer them in my comments.  Come on... you know you need a break for a little bit of nonsense... it takes about two minutes!  HAHA! :P

1.  Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
2.  What is the first website you go to when you get on a computer?
3.  What deodorant do you use? (I pray that you have an answer to this one)
4.  What is your favorite season of the year?
5.  All time favorite TV show?
6.  What are you planning to be for Halloween this year?
7.  Do you know the Muffin Man?
8.  Last song you heard?
9.  Last text message that you received.... who was it from?
10.  Fill in the blank:  "I just don't understand why ___________________ !"

I will post my answers in the comments below... haha!