November 25, 2009

DROID, Schmoid!!

Sam got his Droid yesterday. Yeah, I'm pretty jealous. However, I still love my BB and and still very thankful for it. Hmph! But now, who is going to BBM me? Haha...

Wish I had the funds to do some Christmas shopping right now. Boo!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have taken the initiative to cook at Sam's parents' house. Oh my... pressure pressure! Wish me luck!

When someone is in their death bed, they don't ask for their trophies and money... they ask for their Family and Friends. Now... which is more important again?

November 24, 2009

A little consideration... please?

Please note that this rambling has nothing to do with what has been happening in my life nor is it intended to refer to one situation in particular. I am speaking in general... but if the hat fits, wear it.

I like to do things that would make situations more convenient for all. Most of the time, I usually end up getting the short end of the stick because I would rather do the work than make my loved ones do the work. Does that make sense? I would stretch myself out real thin to the point where I am nearly breakable. And when I do (if ever) break, no one is there to help me pick up the pieces and glue myself back together but myself. I guess there are some people who enjoy having it easy and used to having things handed to them. So in the end, they think that things come easy and they forget that there are people who made it possible for them to experience it easy. You follow?

Next time something comes easy, just remember that it may not have been that easy for someone who made it that easy for you.

Thats all, folks!

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Missing You...

Last night as I laid to sleep, I couldn't help but miss my Parents so much. I wanted to call them, but it was already 1am and I knew that they'd be asleep and if their phone was to ring at that hour, they would probably worry and think that something is wrong. So, I refrained myself.

This morning, I called home. I just spoke to Daddy and he is as cute as ever. I think he really misses me too because the other day as I was talking to Mom about Thanksgiving, he asked if I was coming home and when I said I wasn't, he said that he was going to make the turkey this year and it would be better than mine! Hehe... I believe him too... my Dad's a great and creative cook who uses what he has and makes it work every time. Very resourceful, he is.

I wish I can be there during times like these... just being in the same room with them makes me happy. Even if they are lecturing me the entire time, its a great feeling. And the kids... I miss the kids so much, its crazy. My Justin is all grown up and I am sad I am not there to see him grow into the fine gentleman I know he will be.

My family, my love... I miss you.

November 23, 2009

Dear John...

I have never looked forward to a movie so much in my life. I read this book last year, and I cried and my heart ached throughout most of the book. I felt like I was Savannah, the character in the book. Part of it has to do with the romance being a long distance relationship for most of the story, something that I can relate to.

Last night, as we were waiting for 'New Moon' to show, this preview came on and I nearly cried tears of joy because I had no idea there was a movie being made based on one of my favorite books. Ahhh... here it is:

February 5th, 2010... I cannot wait!

(Just look at Channing Tatum!! Even if this was a silent film, I knew I would enjoy it regardless!)


There are many things for me to be thankful for... where should I begin?

  • My Family -- Thank you for always being there for me and accepting me in every shape or form. The love we share is unconditional and unspoken of, but it is there... solid and strong. This had been a rough year for all of us, but we pulled through and have proven that we can get through anything.
  • My Friends -- Thank you for all the times that you all have given me a shoulder to lean on and always willing to give me a hand when and if I am ever in need. Your love, care, and concerns for me is more than I could ever ask for. Near or far, you are close to my heart... always.
  • My Husband -- Thank you for being the wonderful Man that you are and loving me as much as you do. You never cease to amaze me with your patience and tolerance of me. Most of all, thank you for being my best friend and sticking by my side through anything and everything.
  • My Blackberry -- Oh, how you have changed my life! (Seriously...)
  • Life -- Thank you for giving me all this time to breathe and many more breaths to come. Thank you for blessing me with the greatest people I've ever known, a roof over my head, and food on my plate.

I love my life... and for that, I am thankful.

Turkey Palooza Update

On Saturday, we hosted a Thanksgiving Turkey Palooza... where we ate our hearts out and laughed our butts off with some of the greatest people we call our friends. It was a nice get together and I am still wondering how we were able to fit 21 people into our living room without anyone getting hurt.

Durand and I teamed up and made this collage for my wall while Sam was at work. It was all Durand's idea and he started it... I just added on. He's genius!

The food was great, the company was wonderful, the drinks were bubbling, and the laughs were ongoing. I couldn't have asked for more.

OH... I almost forgot to mention that we somehow came with an interesting and random game of pin the "T" on the turkey. Look at my collage above and use your imagination, its probably what you imagine it to be. Hilarious!

I also realized that I am getting old. Actually, seems like our whole crew is getting old. We were drained and half asleep by 10pm! Wow... 25... right around the corner. This is scary.

More pictures of the palooza to come!!

November 20, 2009


I am the most unorganized person that I know. I need to learn how to organize my life and my time. That will be my personal goal. They say that it takes 21 days to form or change a habit. This will be the beginning of my long and hard 21 days.

Ranny is going to come visit me for my birthday too! YAY!! My best friends DO love me! I'm excited... and now the pressure is on to really get things prepared and ready for my lovelies! Ranns is staying a few days longer so that we have time to really make quality time. You get it?

Okay so that was pretty random... but back to a few habits I will try to change starting today:

  • Wash my face every night (started this last night, actually! hehe... and I'm proud!)
  • Keep my closet/room organized
  • Work out on a regular (this will only be my 3863934728th attempt)
  • Clean up after myself in the kitchen
  • Go to bed at a regular time
  • Use my calendar even MORE (I use it now, but I need to use it more in depth)
Thats it for now. But man... thats a lot to try to change all of a sudden! Oh well... I CAN DO IT!!

I love lazy days with my Husband where we can just stay in bed forever (or it feels like forever) and just talk about different things. It surprises me how I can talk to him about certain topics that I thought wouldn't interest him! He really is my best friend!!

Turkey Palooza tomorrow... I can not wait! Need to get our place ready though. I am trying to come up with some fun Thanksgiving games to try to make them all participate in. For some reason, they weren't too thrilled about dressing up as an Indian or a Pilgrim. LOL... I thought it would have been fun!

November 19, 2009


I love to learn new things... see new places and gain new experiences. Its hard for me to focus on just one thing because I want so many things and my mind just juggles all these ideas and wonders all day long.

Seriously considering getting tested for A.D.H.D.... my Husband even suggested it. How sad is that? Just shows that even he sees it too and is concerned.

I have an addiction and need an intervention. Try guessing what it is. I need to stop feeding to my addiction. But somehow, someway, I can never find ways to refrain myself. I need more self control. I bet you're REALLY wondering what it is now, huh? HAHA... according to Mac, Sivhui helped feed my addiction yesterday. I wonder if anyone can guess it right. Its pretty simple and easy if you know me well.

I lost sleep for a night and felt like jello all day yesterday. Got some sleep last night but can't break out of my routine of waking up at 6am for no reason. Its like I have a built in alarm or something. This could be a good thing... or a bad.

I miss my nephew Justin... a lot. To the point that I just sat there and cried yesterday. That little booger told me is growing up so fast and I am sad that I am missing out on it all.

Sam and I talk about having kids ALL the time. I think that the issue comes up every single day. Personally, I would like to be a young Mom, but at the same time, I feel like there is so much more that I need to do... places I need to see and experiences that I need to live before I bring a child to this world. Sam, on the other hand, is ready for babies. Crazy guy. He says that he wants our own creation... and I pointed to the Christmas tree and said, "we have our own Christmas tree"! He didn't think it was very funny. :(

I used to dream of being a young Mom... have my first child by 24... PTA meetings at 30... shopping with my 16 year old daughter or playing soccer (according to Sam, its basketball) with my 16 year old son at 40. Thats not going to happen at those ages. I'm turning 25 in a couple of weeks... yikes. I don't want to be an old Mommy either, and I just don't know how I would play sports at 40 or if I'm still cool to shop with then. Damn, damn, damn.

No kiddos for now... but damn, how I would have loved to be a young Mommy.

So much more to learn today... hope everyone has a fabulous one!

November 18, 2009

Golden 24 Hour SALE at Virgin America!!

Virgin America is giving you an offer you can't refuse! BUT... its only for 24 hours and has to be booked by TONIGHT!!

Flights starting at $39 each way! Check it!!

Details HERE (not on the website, I believe... top secret, right? hehe)

Courtesy of Yacky!!! Thanks woman!

November 17, 2009

Taco Tuesday!!

What a day! Where did the time go? Seriously, I didn't even realize what time it was until Sam rang the doorbell (he scares me when he tries to let himself in with a key. Don't know why I am so jumpy and get scared of the smallest and expected things). Yes, I did fall of a tangent and got sidetracked with a few minor things, but my brain needed a break! Twitter us a huge distraction!

Our Christmas tree is up and its pretty, but I want to add a few more things before I can say that its DONE. I love Christmas time and having the tree up without any presents under there (yet! Lol) makes me miss home. Haha! Hopefully I get to go home for Christmas and I am crossing my fingers that Sam's work schedule allows him to also. He would love Christmas at home... one of our living rooms is always flooded with presents because there are so many darn kids in the family.

Speaking of family, my nephew Justin was chatting with me via GMail last night! He's 9 and is easily the coolest kid around. I really want him to come visit me soon. Should see our conversation, its hilarious! How I miss that kid so much!

And speaking of kids, I have a confession! THIS MIGHT BE A LITTLE TMI FOR MOST!!! I didn't get my period last month and was worried that I might be pregnant. But then again, my period had always been irregular and there were times when I didn't have intercourse and wouldn't have my period so I didn't panic too much. Yesterday, I got my period! Hallelujah!! Hahaha!! Sorry... had to share! Whew!

Okay. Time for Taco Tuesday AKA GRUBBBBB time!!!

November 16, 2009

Manic Monday!

What a weekend it was! Briefly (or try to be), let me reflect.

Friday, a nice and relaxing evening at home with some curry. I made spicy duck fried rice earlier that day for Sam's lunch... talk about grub all day! Went to bed full, which is always good and bad... depends on how you look at it.

Saturday, Sam had to work (boo), but we made it to Rocky and Kat's place to watching the boxing match. I never get into the fights because... I just didn't see how watching people get beat up could be fun. BUT, I actually gave it a try this time and it was pretty intense. Maybe because I was busy twittering about Cotto's face and how it was good looking before and not so much afterwards. Homie was beat and swollen. Poor guy! Hung out with Rocky's family and Bo... ate some yummy food that Kat cooked up for us. I'm so glad I found another Twilight junkie... she's crazy! She already has her New Moon tickets and just bought a New Moon blanket! So funny! Then, Rocky's 10 year old nephew jumped in the conversation and thats when we realized that we're still reading the same book a 10 year old does! LOL! I wanna go see it on Friday too... maybe Sam will surprise me and get off early and bring me? Haha... wishful thinking!

Sunday... busy busy day it was! Lunch with my baybay at home... and then it was a day full of shopping! We got some frames for our pictures (finally), and also picked up our Christmas tree and decorations. Sam isn't big on celebrating, but he knows I am and the holidays always make me feel giddy inside so he got into it too! Which, by the way, we still need to put up. Then, we went to Westminster to do some more shopping and before going to the grocery store down there, we stopped at Target. I lost my phone!! My precious, precious phone! I thought I was gonna die! Seriously, Sam was pisst and after searching and calling it and texting it with, "if you have my phone, please let me know... I would pay you cash for it!" We gave up and were in the car and were driving off debating if I should call to report it lost... but then luckily Sam gave it a call one more time and a lady picked up! She was working customer service at Target and apparently, someone picked it up outside in the parking lot and turned it in! THANK YOU!!! To the person who found my phone and returned it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! There should be more people like you in this world... seriously! *hugs* Its karma... I've been good so something good happened to me... hehe! OR... my Angels are just watching over me! :) Either way, I'm glad I got it back because it would have been a VERY awkward ride home. Sam hates how I always lose/break things and he would be pisst if I lost this one after so many things he had bought for me that I've lost. Yikes. So yeah... thank you, thank you, thank you!

Went grocery shopping... stopped at Alberstons... shopped some more... checked RedBox for Twilight because I wanted Sam to see it before New Moon. No luck! Boo! Came home and couldn't find parking, so we parked in red while unloading all the stuff we bought. I snuck online and checked and found Twilight at a RedBox two miles away... reserved it... picked it up... and SCORE!! Mission accomplished! Sam liked the movie... he said it was "pretty good". After seeing how excited I was that he actually liked it, he changed his answer to "it was alright". What a hater! Either way, I'm excited for New Moon!

Got tons of things to work on today. Damn! Our turkey palooza is this weekend and I'm so excited to have the gang over for Thanksgiving dinner! GRUB time!!

Okay readers... talk to you (or myself) soon!

November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Yeah... today is Friday the 13th, alright. Hopefully today will be a great day... almost like yesterday.

We went to lunch with Louis and his brother. Sophy's, that is. Haven't been there in awhile, but I was torn between the salmon salad and salmon curry. Salmon salad it was! Yummmm!! The boys got their usual Thai Boats. I've never actually ordered one myself, but I have heard that its bomb diggity. Will try one day when I can steer away from the other options on the menu. I'm not a noodle/pho fan, but I'd eat it. We'll see.

Afterwards, we went to go check out the Verizon Droid. Whoopy. I don't like the bigger/bulkier one, but the cheaper one is a lot cuter and hey... I wouldn't mind having one. Hint hint. I just got my BB Tour less than three months ago, so I still need to break this one in. I shouldn't say that because breaking something is what I do best and I only meant that figuratively, not literally.

Then it was SHOPPING time! I admit, I didn't buy as much as I thought I would... which is a great thing! I've gained about 10 pounds within this past week (seriously), so I wasn't so much in a shopping mood. BLAH. Sam still thinks its ridiculous how I still have tags on most of the stuff in the closet, but its just I haven't found a perfect time/occasion to wear them yet. AND... I couldn't pass up on it. I have issues.

My in laws got some oysters and it was delish!! I don't know how they got such a great deal on such yummy oysters. Those things were HUGE and you can get food coma status type of full off only a couple. I had more than a couple though.. haha! There were so many left as we were leaving last night and they might just go to waste. Damn... I regret not eating more right now. WTF. HAHA! Soooooo good! I think I posted a picture on Twitter. LOL

Also got a chance to swing by an Asian supermarket and picked up some things. I am excited to try some new dishes!! Wish me luck! Maybe I should stay out of the kitchen on Friday the 13th though. Haha...excuses, excuses!

Then... we went and picked up some more FRIENDS DVDs!! One of my all time favorite shows. Although the show ended about 5 years ago, I still crack up from the episodes that were first aired in 1994. I was only 10 at the time and didn't enjoy them as much, but now I loooooove it!!

Overall, yesterday was a great day. Correction... a great fatty day!

November 12, 2009

Everyday I'm Snifflin'...

Yup... you guessed it! I'm sick again! Well, back in WA, I was sneezing like crazy and my nose was starting to do the usual running man. As of yesterday (my first day back in CA), I was officially sick. Its gross. I slept with tissue up my nose just so it wouldn't run all over my pillow (I know you're picturing it now) and slept with my mouth open the whole time... which led to thirst. LOL! So... kept on waking up in the middle of the night.

When we find/buy a house, we are definitely going to need something with parking. This whole driving around the block just to find parking thing is NOT okay. I'm blessed to live by the beach and downtown, but I also don't want my Husband to sit in the car in the cold waiting for someone to move their car just so he can park. We've been here for 3 months now and have gotten at least 5 parking tickets. NOT okay.

Last night, Sam's coworker Ozzie made me realize that we've been married for four months now. Holy cow... thats a third of a year! Amazing! Time reall flies, dude. Even so, I'm falling more and more in love with my Husband. :) And I'm not only saying this because he brought me on a late date after Mai Tai to Guppy Teahouse in Cerritos for my brick toast either! LOL... !!!

Our turkey palooza is coming up... I'm so excited to grub. Num num num num nummmmmm!!!!

Oh... and I got my check from my commercial! YESSS... time to treat myself and the Hubby to something nice. FINALLY. :)

November 10, 2009

To friend, or not to friend??

We meet so many different people in our lives. Some we love, and some we hate. Some we respect, and some we despise. Some stay in our lives longer than most, and some just walk on by. Each person was brought into our lives for a reason... either the reason is to teach us a lesson or was just to fill up empty spaces, there was a reason.

I will admit, I am often foolish and naive and quick to befriend anyone and everyone. My problem is that I trust people too easily and can tell one my life story only thirty short minutes after meeting them. This, I've got to stop.

I consider many people my friends... but I think that I need to reevaluate and differentiate friends from acquaintances. I am finally starting to realize and sense who are true to me and who care about me... and slowly able to point out who is fake to me or who is only there in my life for their own selfish reasons. They were brought into my life for a reason as well... and that reason is that they were here to teach me a lesson. I may be fooled and you might still fool me now, but I will catch on... no doubt.

When it comes to people, I can be on two opposite ends of the spectrum. I can be very nice to you beyond belief (yet genuinely), or I can be a total bitch (and witch) that you probably wish you never crossed paths with. If I truly care about you though, its hard for me to be confrontational or try to upset you... no matter how many times you've screwed me over. This is not a good thing and I am trying to change it immediately. If I never gave a damn about you to begin with, its easy to turn my witch mode on. I don't recommend.

I like friends who enjoy good company and good conversations. If all you want to do is party it up and really don't give a damn about me, then you're not my friend.

If you truly cared about me, then showing that you do wouldn't be like twisting your arm. If I knew that one of my friends was going through hard times, then there is no doubt that I would show you that I am concerned. I know that there are some that I considered "friends" who read my blog religiously (you know who you are), but even seeing that when I go through some things that I do, a mere 5 second text is too much to ask from them. Its sad. If I know that you read your emails 24/7 but it takes you a week to respond to an email letting you know what's going on with me, then obviously I am not of importance and its best to stop faking the funk. If you respond to emails about going out immediately, I don't see how/why it would take you a week to respond to a message letting you know what's going on with me. All it took was a click on REPLY and typing a couple of words like, "I'm sorry to hear" or "hope things get better" or "take care". I am not being needy... but really, that's all it took. It would be one thing if you rarely check your email, but I know for a damn fact that your email is at your fingertips. Good luck when it comes to your time when things aren't so pretty. Maybe then you will realize that hearing from a friend that he/she cares during those hard times really makes a difference in how you feel. Again, good luck.

I talked to a friend who recently went through hard times about this issue and she and I feel the same way. Its during those hard times when you realize who your true friends are and who are there for you. Sad, but so true.

Oh... and with FB nowadays, it couldn't be easier. You see people's updates all the time and you manage to respond to the happy go lucky statuses but during the sad ones where it really matters, its too hard to make a 5 second response, right? Ha! That's funny. I know its lame how I am bringing FB statuses up and it sounds immature, right? But... am I wrong? You can respond to me talking about having a great time somewhere, but its too much to ask to show some concern, isn't it? (sarcasm)

Its sad that people you feel distant from or people you didn't consider close friends have the time and willingness to take initiative and show their concern and that they care... but those whom I considered close, don't. Sad.

If you have no time for me, what makes you think that I should cater to your schedule and your needs? Friendship is a two way street and I will meet you halfway. I'm done walking the whole road alone.

Stop with the comparing and competing. Friends need to be supportive of each other, not secretly wonder and wish for their "friend" to fail to make themselves look better. I thought this only happens amongst the old fogies, but I guess I was wrong. Its rather amusing to see, actually. I sit here and think, "are you freakin' kidding me?".

Oh. And please don't only come to me when you have drama. I've retired my old dramatic ways and have stepped off the drama queen's throne. I've realized that a lot of my drama wasn't mine to begin with, but I was only trying to defend my friends and help with their battles. I guess I was seen as the confrontational one who would stand up for my friends... even without hearing all sides of the story. Silly me. I really hope I have grown out of this. Pray for me.

I may seem like I don't know what's going on, but I do. I chose not to confront you because I cared about you and saw you as a true "friend". Silly me... you tricked me! I am writing this now because I feel like writing and I have some time to kill before I land.

If I struck any cords, then its safe to assume this was towards you. If you don't understand and are confused, just ask. Knowing some patterns, you will probably bring this up to other friends, and that's fine. If I struck their cords too, then assume they should do as well. I doubt you'd ask me yourself. Rather, you'd try to recruit and get a number of people to back you up because you usually don't fight your own battles. That's fine.
Come one, come all.

Okay... about to land and I need to shut off my phone. Darn! I had more to say too... but toodle loo!

NOTE: Not intended towards anyone in particular... but if the shoe fits, wear it. :)

Family Reunion

My Family reunion this past weekend was amazing! It wasn't a very typical reunion, but it was a great one indeed. The Long side (my Dad's side... Long is my Dad's last name, so my name is supposed to be Thyda Long, but we used my Dad's first name rather than his last for our last name to hide that we are of Chinese descent during the Khmer Rouge) of the family decided that we need a family reunion. My oldest cousin is in her early 40's, and I am one of the youngest cousins... so we have a huge age gap. Even so, we were able to gather nearly the entire family together to honor our Parents for the lives that they have given us.

It was a two day ceremony that was held at the temple where our Family took a huge part in developing and expanding. My late Uncle was actually the President of the temple before he passed away in March and my late Grandmother was one of the original founders back in the 80's. My late Uncle who passed away just yesterday was one of the main leaders of the temple... he led the ceremonies and such there when he was still able to. As you can see, the Family is a big part of the temple and the temple is a big part of our Family.

I was surprised to see so much more than just our family at the ceremonies, but I guess it should have been expected. It goes to show that our family is respected by many since the event was to honor our family. It was a nice feeling.

It was us, the kids, who made the event possible. We made sure that the wonderful Parents that we were honoring did not do any work and we took care of everything. I did not realize how much it cost to hold one of these ceremonies, especially one as big as ours... but it was worth every single penny. :)

We had a gift giving ceremony for our Parents... which was very nice. We had family blessings (of course). We also shared the history/story of our family. I was surprised at how many people were attentive and cared to listen, but again, I was flattered. We honored each family and recognized each family member. We were also given opportunities to speak and express our feelings towards the family. I am glad that each Parent spoke and each speech was so heartwarming. I couldn't help but cry during the speeches and when it was my turn to speak, I couldn't do it because I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stop thinking about my Uncles... one who passed away earlier in the year and one who was at the time, sick and in the hospital. I was terribly sad that they both were not able to join us during such a joyful and emotional time. I couldn't help but miss them. I now regret not speaking because I don't know when I will ever get an opportunity like that again. :( I am on the plane writing this on my blackberry and can't seem to stop crying still.

This had been a rough year for our Family. We have lost two great leaders that will always remain in our hearts, but not by our sides. I wish that they would be able to join us for just one more day... but they can't.

I am very thankful for my Family and I could never say this enough... but I have the best family in the world. After going through these rough times together, I feel that we grew a stronger bond and appreciation for one another. Family will always always be number one to me... blood runs thick.

Family, I love you all so much and there are not enough words I can blog to express how much I truly love, appreciate, and respect each and every one of you. Thank you for being a part of who I am now, and forever.

Another Angel watching over us...

Yesterday, my Uncle left the ones who loved and respected him here on Earth to join the other angels who are watching us from above. He was a great man who managed to still make us all smile and laugh hysterically to his last breath. I will never forget the many memories that we have shared.

I arrived here in WA on Thursday and some time around 3am when I couldn't fall asleep, I was on FB and noticed my niece (my oldest cousin's daughter who is my age) updating her FB with, "how can we have a family reunion without my grandpa? i hope he gets better soon". At this point, my heart dropped and wondered what was wrong with my Uncle. I texted her and knew that it was very late in the night and didn't want to wake my Parents up to inform them. That morning around 8am, she responded to me and told me that he was admitted into the ER. Having been at the hospital so much this past year, I knew that it was urgent and just knew that I had to be there. My Parents dropped everything they were doing and luckily, my Sister had just gotten back into town as well and we made our way to the UW Medical Center, which is nearly an hour away. We stopped to pick up my Aunt (his wife, who is my Dad's oldest sister) and my other Aunt who just flew in from Ohio (my Dad's younger sister). We finally made it to the hospital and there was my poor Uncle laying in his bed... in pain from the cancer that he was recently diagnosed with. He also suffered some short term memory loss... what they suspected to be alzheimer's disease... but I don't like to call it that. He saw me and asked me when I came back from California and I told him just yesterday. He asked me why... and I told him that I was there to visit him and there for the family reunion. He asked me why and whats wrong with him. He later told me that he was not going to get better and this was it. Those who know me know that my tears are easy and I had to excuse myself and not let him see me cry. My poor Aunt... she was so strong and tried to hold in her emotions. I later gave her a hug and told her that its okay... and that was when she let herself go and didn't hold back her tears. My heart still breaks reliving the moment and remembering how strong she tried to be for him.

We hung out with him for another 3 or 4 more hours, fed him... though it was hard for him to swallow and he was in pain. It was hard to see him suffer like that and I only wished I could be the one to suffer... not him. He was getting tired and we knew he needed his rest and he couldn't rest with us being there. As we were leaving, my Aunt didn't want to leave him and it was obvious that he didn't want her to leave. Oh... he went on and was being the comedian that he was and was going to tell us a story of him and my Aunt. He stopped himself and said, "no... its embarrassing... I'm not saying it" (in Khmer, of course). I tried to brive him with 5 b ucks and he said that thats too little... he wouldn't say anything for less than 20! HAHA... so my Dad whips out 20 bucks and my Uncle just laughed. I will never forget that laugh. Then I said that I was going to sing him a lullaby so that he would sleep... and I did and so did my Aunt from Ohio... but then he laughed and said that he will only fall asleep if his Wife sang the lullaby to him! Awwww! That was so sweet and my Aunt got shy and blushed... imagine a nearly 80 year old woman blushing! We all laughed at how cute they were. So... my Aunt insisted on staying and of course, we understood and were fine with that. His youngest son and she stayed with him (btw... my cousin, who is his youngest son had been there with him all along). Before we left, I hugged him and told him that I loved him. I asked him to tell me that he loved me too, and he said that he can't. I was like... "WHAT? WHY NOT? YOU HAVE TO!!!!" Then my Aunt and my Mom told him that I'm like a little kid, all he has to say is, "I LOVE YOU" and I'd be happy. So... he said, "I lub you" to me! That made my day!

Our family reunion ceremony on Saturday and Sunday weren't the same without him. After the ceremony on Sunday, my Sister and Sam went to go pack their things and we went to go visit him at the hospital before their departure. My Aunt came with us, of course. He was weaker and in more pain by this time, but he still tried to talk to us as much as he can. He made us all laugh so much! He really does say the darnest things and even Sam said, "I didn't realize he was so funny!". He gave Sam and I our blessings and after feeding him some soup, he started to apologize to me. :( My Uncle is a very respected man in the Cambodian community and was what we called "Ahja"... who is, from what I know, the master of ceremony for all types of ceremonies including weddings. He was asked to be the Ahja for my wedding, but with his age and memory loss, he declined because he thought he wouldn't be able to fulfill the job... which is understandable. He apologized to me because he wasn't able to be the Ahja for us, but there was no reason for an apology. I told him that I was just glad that he was there and was by my side through it. He kept apologizing, and this really made me sad. Its amazing how he has memory loss but remembered everything from my wedding... he even went on and talked about where everyone was sitting and eating. It goes to show that this was something that had been bothering him since and has been on his mind.

After a couple more hours of sharing stories and laughs with him, our other relatives showed up after the ceremony and it was our time to leave for the airport. He gave Sam and I our blessings once again and I gave him a hug and told him that I was going to come see him again tomorrow morning and my Parents were coming with me. He asked me where we were meeting and I told him either there at the hospital or he gets better and we'd see him at home.

I finally checked my voicemail later that evening and there was a voicemail from his doctor telling me that he was doing okay and his condition was stable at the moment. I wondered why and how my phone number got on the white board at the hospital, but I guess my Aunt (his Wife) gave them my number rather than all 5 of his older children because they had both loved and trusted my Sister and I and knew that we were attentive. I was flattered, yet so shocked. I didn't know when the message was left since I hadn't checked my voicemail in days, but assumed that it was old.

Yesterday morning, as we were getting ready to leave to go see him, we got a phone call telling us that he had just passed away. My heart shattered and I couldn't believe that I didn't make it to see him as I had promised. WHY did I wait so long? All I wanted was to see him smile one last time and to give him another hug and tell him that I loved him and hopefully get another "I lub you" from him. He was with his son, Bong Sarim, at the time and he had just finished giving him a back massage and had just laid him back down in bed. He asked if my Uncle felt better and he said he felt a lot better and wasn't in pain. While he was sleeping, about 5 minutes later, he passed away. All I can be thankful for now is knowing that he went peacefully and painless. Best of all, he got to see all of his family before he passed because everyone was there for the reunion as well. He was a great Man and I know that he is in a better place. He lived a long life of 82 years... we all wish it could have been longer.

Oum, may your soul rest in peace. You know that we all love you and miss you so much. Your smile, laugh, and memories of you will always live on in our hearts and your legacy will continue for many generations to come.

November 4, 2009

So Much To Do!!!

So I'm leaving for WA tomorrow at 6am for my Family Reunion. Sam is leaving after work on Friday with my nephew, my Sister, and her boyfriend. My relatives from Ohio and Boston are already there. I'm so excited to see all of the Family again and this time, I'd have time to hang out and mingle with all of them! Yayyy! I need to start packing. Don't know what to bring, but from what I've heard, its been really cold! Yikes! Will be a pretty long stay for me (5 days), but its all good... I can't wait!

Gotta go pick up some stuff for my Mom and then pick up some freakin' Thai lakorns for my sisters. They are so obsessed, its ridiculous.

Yesterday, Sam and I attempted to go to the gym. FAIL. We also told ourselves and each other that we are not going to shop for now reason. FAIL. We will not buy useless "ka'pek ka'pok" things. FAIL. We will not waste money on eating out and will just eat and try to finish everything we have at home before we both go out of town. FAIL. We will try to eat better and healthier... ultimate FAIL! I waited all week long to watch The City and The Hills... but fell asleep right when The Hills started... so FAIL!!!!! Yesterday was just a total FAIL! FML.

From what I can remember... I've been having some weird dreams! I see a lot of old friends I have lost touch with in my dreams. Strange.

This morning, I woke up feeling gross... like I'm extra ogre status or something. I've been eating so much lately that if I didn't know any better, I would think that I'm pregnant! Yikes! I'm not ready for any babies... but Sam surely wants one. Like... he REALLY wants one. Weird guy.

Okay... lots to do and I need to get off this damn thing!

OH... and I think I'm slowly moving towards twitter over facebook. I am so tired of keeping up with all my friends' statuses that there are some that I "hid". Probably because they usually post the same things promoting their events or what not and I'm just like... I don't care. I know that sounds horrible, but I'd rather keep it more personal. Tempted to delete some "friends" who are really more of "acquaintances" than anything. We'll see.

Okey dokes... bye!

Wait, wait, wait.... looking forward to Jenn's birthday this weekend. So excited that she and Joe are coming to visit us on my birthday too. My love of my life (Jenn)... yay!! Then... some of the girls and I are going to the People's Choice 2010 Awards in LA in January... so excited! AND... looks like we're going to Six Flags Magic Mountain in a couple of weeks. Damn, I love doin' things and just getting out in general!

Okay... bye for real.

November 3, 2009


I can't seem to fall asleep for some reason.

I did some reflecting today. I realize that I am blessed and will try my best to keep my good and close friends... well, close. I will not sit on my high horse with my nose in the air thinking that no one will be at my level. It irritates me to see those who do this. I understand that its all part of their personality and not everyone can be the same, but I would like to keep those who fall under this category as far away from me as possible. I don't need such negativity in my life. When people stop inviting you to places or asking you to join in on their festivities, its probably because they don't enjoy your company and would rather not have you there. Don't make excuses for yourself. What does it mean to have good friends and to enjoy good company? Its a two way street and if you can't seem to make time and put any effort into a friendship, why should they? You get what you give, give what you get, and get what you deserve. If people start cutting you out of their lives, maybe its time to take a step back and reflect on how you are being treated. Ask yourself if by any chance could it be that way due to the way that you treat people? Take a good/hard look at yourself.

Sam had to work overtime tonight and thank goodness Yacky had volunteered herself to be my guinea pig and try to thread her eyebrows. Oh man... its harder to do it for other people than for yourself, but I would love to master the art of it and make my next clients less numb and hopefully they wouldn't come that close to peeing in their pants in the future.

My life, goals, vision, and priorities are all being reconsidered and rearranged at the moment.

November 2, 2009

Oh the festivities!!

First thing's first... thanks to whomever voted on the poll I posted last week. According to my research (LOL), it looks like Lauren has the best style of all the MTV reality series' actresses. (Yes, I called them actresses) Eh... I guess thats true... she has a mix of everything. For awhile, I thought Whitney had it best, but then she went too extreme for me to be different. Olivia always has a clean and polished look, but it could be a bit much. Audrina's grungy style is cute too, but only to an extent. Okay... Lauren it is! LOVE her!

So on Friday, somehow, I convinced 15 people to come with me to The Reef! It was so last minute, but I'm so glad they all came. Dinner and getting ready at my place first and then we headed out. My costume cost about $3 while Sam's cost $12. What can I say? We're cheap people! I was a lame ol' butterfly... Reading Rainbow's butterfly, to be exact! Sam was... the Joker... WHY SO SERIOUS? Hahaha... he was so ugly, I loved it! FUN times with good friends... what more can I ask for? Oh... the party at The Reef was fun, but it smelled so bad (with the exception of the top deck). I understand that the costumes can make you sweat, but damnnnnn!!!

(Sam got a wig, but it was gross so he didn't wear it and colored his hair instead)

Saturday morning, we decided to go over to Mikal and Paline's place for their annual Halloween party. Then... I learned that I could get Clippers' tickets for $1 each, and so I did! I know that the Clippers aren't the Lakers, but I've never been to the Staples Center and I really wanted to go. And how often would I be offered tickets for $1 each? Come on, dude! SO... we went over to the Lok's... ate some YUMMY food and hung out with their family for a bit. The food was so good and I almost changed my mind about leaving because it was THAT good. Mmmmm... wish I would have ate more, but I already gained literally 3 pounds that day. No joke! I'm still thinking about that dessert though... yummy! Took some pictures and made some cool glow in the dark glasses! HAHA... they were so cool!

Then, Lily, Durand, Sam, and I left for the Staples Center. The game was pretty intense at first... such a close game until the last half of the 4th quarter. This is exactly why I shouldn't go to sporting events because it stresses me out and I usually lose my voice from yelling out to the team and my hands hurt from clapping and cheering for them. Ugh. I don't even like either of the teams (don't care for them), but I was rooting for the Clippers because the Mavs had just beat the Lakers and it would be cool for the Clippers to beat a team that defeated the Lakers. LOL... I love pissing people (Lakers' fans) off. I'm horrible. Then... we went over to Dany's house and it was great to finally meet her after all these years. Of course, more yummy food!! No wonder I gained so much weight in one day!

Sunday... woke up for Sam's basketball game. I think their team would have won if it wasn't for the technical whatevers where the other team earned points because they didn't match in uniform. LAME. Glad Sam got to play again though... he really missed it, I can tell.

Then, we made our way to find some hearty Korean BBQ. Good meal after a game, according to Sam. I'm gonna have to agree and this will be my reason to make it to all of Sam's games... Korean BBQ after the game. HA!

Went dress hunting at the mall and my fat ass helped myself to some Gelato! LOL... wtf is wrong with me? Rented a movie on our way home... cleaned up the place (thank goodness), made dinner, then made it a movie night. Great night and was able to knock out in food coma. What a great feeling! Having an extra hour to stay in bed was wonderful... I love being lazy!

My friends Jenn and Joe are gonna come up for my birthday next month... YAY!! I'm so excited! Sam and I are heading up to WA this weekend for my family reunion and what do you know? It happens to be Jenn's bday too! What a coincidence! I'm so excited!

Okay... what to do today? Time for a new poll... yah? OKAY cool!