November 4, 2009

So Much To Do!!!

So I'm leaving for WA tomorrow at 6am for my Family Reunion. Sam is leaving after work on Friday with my nephew, my Sister, and her boyfriend. My relatives from Ohio and Boston are already there. I'm so excited to see all of the Family again and this time, I'd have time to hang out and mingle with all of them! Yayyy! I need to start packing. Don't know what to bring, but from what I've heard, its been really cold! Yikes! Will be a pretty long stay for me (5 days), but its all good... I can't wait!

Gotta go pick up some stuff for my Mom and then pick up some freakin' Thai lakorns for my sisters. They are so obsessed, its ridiculous.

Yesterday, Sam and I attempted to go to the gym. FAIL. We also told ourselves and each other that we are not going to shop for now reason. FAIL. We will not buy useless "ka'pek ka'pok" things. FAIL. We will not waste money on eating out and will just eat and try to finish everything we have at home before we both go out of town. FAIL. We will try to eat better and healthier... ultimate FAIL! I waited all week long to watch The City and The Hills... but fell asleep right when The Hills started... so FAIL!!!!! Yesterday was just a total FAIL! FML.

From what I can remember... I've been having some weird dreams! I see a lot of old friends I have lost touch with in my dreams. Strange.

This morning, I woke up feeling gross... like I'm extra ogre status or something. I've been eating so much lately that if I didn't know any better, I would think that I'm pregnant! Yikes! I'm not ready for any babies... but Sam surely wants one. Like... he REALLY wants one. Weird guy.

Okay... lots to do and I need to get off this damn thing!

OH... and I think I'm slowly moving towards twitter over facebook. I am so tired of keeping up with all my friends' statuses that there are some that I "hid". Probably because they usually post the same things promoting their events or what not and I'm just like... I don't care. I know that sounds horrible, but I'd rather keep it more personal. Tempted to delete some "friends" who are really more of "acquaintances" than anything. We'll see.

Okey dokes... bye!

Wait, wait, wait.... looking forward to Jenn's birthday this weekend. So excited that she and Joe are coming to visit us on my birthday too. My love of my life (Jenn)... yay!! Then... some of the girls and I are going to the People's Choice 2010 Awards in LA in January... so excited! AND... looks like we're going to Six Flags Magic Mountain in a couple of weeks. Damn, I love doin' things and just getting out in general!

Okay... bye for real.

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