September 8, 2012

My Baby is a Tough Cookie!

This past week, my son was sick.  He threw up on Sunday afternoon and that later turned into a short fever, a cold, and a cough.  I must say that it was one of the toughest weeks for me to see him like that.  I can only imagine what is going through his young mind.  He had NO idea what was going on and to suddenly feel that icky?  My poor baby.  :(

He is getting a lot better though... still coughing here and there and has a slight runny nose, but that is nothing in comparison to what he was going through earlier this week.

I know that he will be sick many more times before he is old enough to understand what is really going on (even I don't really understand what is going on when I am sick) and I am just going to have to toughen it up and deal with it as it comes.  I wish that I didn't have to and that my baby would never get sick, but we all know that that's inevitable.  *sigh*

I know that I love my little man with all of my heart, but I learned that I love him so much more than I thought I could ever love.  Seeing that he was congested and wasn't able to blow his runny nose, I tried all that I can to help alleviate it.  Those bulb aspirators suck and I couldn't find the awesome snot sucker at any store.  I couldn't wait for it to be shipped to me, I had to help my baby right then and there.  Without any hesitation, I brought his little nose to my mouth and literally sucked the snot out of his nose with my mouth.  (I spit the snot out, by the way)  I never thought that I would ever do this for anyone, but for my baby, I would.  AND I would do it over and over again until he feels better.  He hates me for doing so, but that's okay... as long as he felt better.  Now THAT is true love, my friends.  When I said that I'd do anything for my baby, I really meant it.

On another note, check out the video of my baby trying to sit at 4 months:

I know that he didn't actually sit up all by himself since I propped him there in that position and he isn't exactly sitting up straight, but I am still damn proud of my baby for sitting there by himself for quite a long time before falling over. He's been trying to push himself up for the past 1.5 months but we always felt that he was too young to try to make him sit, even if he really wanted to. Lately, I've given in to his sweet face and his ongoing efforts of trying to sit so I've been helping him sit up. This morning, he actually stayed sitting without falling over for awhile. He was slouching so his posture needs some work, but still... I AM SO PROUD OF MY BABY!!!

The video is pretty long but I posted it before I had time to edit it (I was too excited)  Just fast forward to 3 minutes. It starts getting more exciting shortly after that. LOL