January 29, 2010

To Do: Teedaloo!

Last week, I presented my "project". It was nowhere near being finished but I said SCREW it and decided to share it a little bit.

I got a lot of good responses after people saw what it could be, and also got a lot of feedback from friends. THANK YOU to those who gave the feedback because that is exactly why I shared it in the first place. I wanted to see how others saw it because my opinion doesn't matter as much as other viewers' and I was at a roadblock with ideas and designs. I'm learning a thing or two and actually putting it to work and I am enjoying every moment of it.

I took it down. I know I could have still had it up while working on it, but I knew that it would have been too big of a distraction. I needed to focus on getting it done and so far, so good. I'm loving others' suggestions and input and applying it to the revised and hopefully here to stay version.

Please, give me more feedback. Thats all I want right now.

As you can see, this is taking up a lot of space on my To Do list... and thats okay!!

Alrighty... a more personal blog entry to follow. Hold up!

January 22, 2010


Because its another weekend where I probably won't do too much to it anyway, here is my little project that I've been toying with. Go ahead and laugh... but I sure made my brain do a few exercises in the process and it was fu-uhn! And as Cindy Lauper said, "Girls just wanna have fu-uhn!"

Its beginning to look a lot like... Christmas?

Its a little early, but I am already thinking about Christmas 2010.

Next year, I am giving my friends some homemade baked goods. I am not much of a baker, but for my loved ones, I shall try. Anyone can go out and buy a random gift for someone just so they can check them off their Christmas shopping list, but it really takes time, effort, a little bit of money, and thought (such as what flavor, texture, shape, size, presentation they might enjoy most) to bake some cookies. And nothing says "I care and love you" better than feeding them some goodies. Sweets for your sweeties... right?

Its wet and cold outside. I am coming down with cabin fever and if this doesn't stop, I just might have to shoot somebody. Guess who is the lucky person that lives under the same roof as me? Wuahahha! JK... I would never do that. Love the guy a little too much for it, so neverrrrr!!

Its Friday already... but not that it makes any difference to me, right? Sam works all weekend. BOO! He's such a soldier and actually left to work at 6:30ish this morning. My poor baby is so hard working... he DOES love me!

Did I ever mention that two of my friends whom I see on an almost weekly basis are pregnant? They're so cute... they are reading their Mommy books and at times, I feel sort of left out. HAHA... can't believe I am admitting that. A person with A.D.D. like myself should not have kids... I might forget them and leave them somewhere while I start on something else. NOT a good thing.

Alright, getting started early today. Toodle loo!

January 21, 2010


I've neglected my blog for some time. Its obvious, I know... please don't make me feel worse about it than I already do. I just got bored with it and ... okay fine... I have a confession.

I've found a new love. Her name is Twitter. I know a lot of people think that its silly and whatnot, but I am in love with it and I don't care what you say. Facebook was so 18 months ago and Twitter is getting old too, but the love I have for it is fresh and new... and addicting. I've not only neglected my blog, but I've neglected Facebook. I am a horrible friend who no longer knows what is going on with my friends. I used to be entertained by pictures and posts that my friends would make, but that doesn't spark my interest as much anymore. Wait... thats not what I mean. My friends still interest me and all, but I'm tired of seeing the same ol' pictures on everybody and their momma's pages. Maybe a part of me is jealous that I am a thousand miles away and not a part of it? *shrugs*

Why I love Twitter? I can follow anyone who makes my heart jump a little and it will be OKAY. I can tweet the most random things and lose a few followers because it rubs them the wrong way, but that is fine with me... make more room for other followers who probably follow me just in hopes that I'd follow back. Sometimes, I'd check out their profiles and if they seem interesting enough, a click of the FOLLOW button is all it takes for them to let me in on their world as I have with mine.

I get everything I need there! Some of my friends are on there (thank goodness so I wouldn't be COMPLETELY out of the loop). I get my news updates, my job postings, my OMGfacts (so random, I love)... and even some ridiculous tweets that I can't help but LOL to. I've also followed some great writers and their style intrigues me. I can spend my whole day on Twitter and not get bored. Seriously... give it a shot. Oh wait... don't give it a shot because if you do, you might be as addicted as I am.

Anyway... I'm inspired to spend more time on my blog and really express my true feelings. Its therapeutic. I also intend to show my own style and more of my personality. Many don't really care for it, but thats okay... just baffles me why they still check back up on me (but I appreciate it)!

As for my project, still under works and in need of research. I promise to share soon. As I told a few friends, I hate to count my chicks before they hatch.

Until next time, stay warm and dry... and tell the loved ones I say 'hi'. (OMG... did I just rhyme?)

January 20, 2010


Okay... I guess I couldn't stay away for as long as I thought I could. Oops!

The rain here is making me depressed. I know that being born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington, I'd be used to it by now, right? Wrong. I'm used to it when I am in Washington, but not when I am in California. This is unexpected and totally not what I had in mind. So much for my jogging at the beach streak that had to end short because of this stupid rain. Get this... a car flipped over from the storm and we were on a tornado watch. Can you believe that? A tornado for crying out loud! I've never experienced a tornado in my life (thank goodness) and I am not Dorothy and I do not plan on chasing one nor would I even like to be in one. Life is too precious and there are still many more things that I would like to do with mine before its over. I know that this is a little dramatic but after all the torture Mother Earth is putting people through (don't punish me, Mother Earth, I'm just sayin'...), its okay to be dramatic because these events are definitely events to cry over.

I know that I shouldn't sit here and cry about a little rain, but I am not just crying over the rain. I am crying over the other things that are going on that have caused millions to suffer. What happened to peace on earth? Did the pageant queens give up on that idea and is it really not going to happen? *sigh*

I should be doing some walking than just talking, but have you looked outside lately? It is too damn scary to do any walking. Therefore, I shall sit here and talk... talk about the things that I love and cherish and vow to myself to never take any of it for granted anymore.

The End. NO wait... lets not it be the end! Ahhh... you know what I mean!

January 19, 2010


Taking a few days off, but will be back in a few days. Don't forget to check back. I might have something to share sooner than you think! ;)

January 12, 2010

Slack Mode

Totally slacking on the blogging, I know. I've been pretty busy with other things.

I promise that once things start settling down, I wouldn't neglect my blog so much.

Meanwhile, please stay tuned for something new and fresh.

By the way, this might be a bit TMI but I accidentally cracked my toenail sometime last week and decided to cut it way down to where the crack stops. BAD IDEA. Now, I have an ingrown nail that might have already formed an infection and now my foot is soaking in warm water (feels good, btw)... but once I pull it out, I know that there will be some yellowy type of puss discharging from it (its been happening for the past few days). Gross and too graphic, huh? HAHAHA... but... I just had to share because my foot feels really good in this warm water.

Bottom line is... take care of your feet, people! I will definitely do so from now on.


Happy Taco Tuesday!! Mmmm... that sounds good!

January 7, 2010

Testing 123

Just felt like testing this blogger app on my phone. if it works great, expect more posts from me.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You decide. :)

Oh my!!

Last night was so amazing. Will definitely elaborate on it later, but I just had to put this up here.

I was THIS close to wearing this dress last night (still at the foot of my bed, actually)... but so glad I didn't because I think almost every other girl had the exact same dress on.


Surprised they all chose this one since I wore it to a wedding back in early May. You would think that people in Hollywood are fashion forward... not backwards. Eh... whatever. Just glad I didn't wear it last night. Maybe another time.

P.S. I love black dresses. Can't you tell?

January 6, 2010

Splurge? Nah.... STEAL!

Looky what I found!!

Reminds me a LOT of my birthday dress.
Good thing I paid about 1/10th of the sale price for mine! :D

January 5, 2010


2010 will definitely be my year! Maybe even tomorrow, I will put out what I've been working on. Oh wait... most likely not tomorrow since I'll be going to the People's Choice Awards in LA with a few of my girlfriends! Heheh.... still a little sad I turned down my "Thyda + 1" because I wouldn't ditch them like that. Maybe if I had a "Thyda +3"!?!

Let me summarize what's been going on that I might get a chance to elaborate on later...

  • I won a Kodak pocket video camera from Twitter and it really came! For a minute, I thought that they were lying and I was never going to get anything... the "contest" was just a ploy to draw followers and audience. But I was wrong... so so so wrong! I GOT MY CAMERAAAAA!! AND.... it records in HD! How cool is that? Nearly $200 and its all mine for free free free all because I retweet! Whoever said that Twitter is pointless is so wrong.
  • New Years' was great... but I gained about 10 pounds over the course of four days. Seriously. Lard status. We watched the Travis something guy jump his car. Redbull really does give you wings... and guts! I gotta admit... it was pretty cool! Countdown with some of the coolest people in SoCal and a kissy kiss from my Hubbs! Yum, yum, yum!
  • I think the guys like Taboo more than we do. Its official... we have Taboo at my place and I am going to be the master at that game! Watch! If you want to see three loser boys do 45 sit ups for losing, ask me to see the video! HAHA!
  • I looooooooooove my new phone. Thanks to my honey bunches of oats! Goodbye Blackberry... I once loved you so much, but the grass really was greener on the other side. On that side, there was Android!
  • I have a newfound... actually... grown much more appreciation for my Family. They are my true loves. Really.
  • I love exercising my brain, but not so much my body. Its obvious.
  • My addiction is still lingering. I don't think it will be leaving anytime soon. Matter of fact, it might just grow even more this year. Good or bad? I don't know.
  • I have so much I want to do... where does the time go?

Okay... updates later but I really hope that I can share my goods with y'alls soon!


BTW... how is your year going so far?

January 2, 2010

Moving On...

I know that I said I will post a blog to reflect on 2009 and talk about my goals of 2010... but I could spend that time working towards my goals instead. Therefore, I will have to revisit this topic another time... perhaps after I get what I want to get done... done?

Changes are coming... you will see!

May your 2010 be blessed with much happiness and success... be filled with nothing less than joy and laughter all throughout the 365 days of this year.