January 22, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like... Christmas?

Its a little early, but I am already thinking about Christmas 2010.

Next year, I am giving my friends some homemade baked goods. I am not much of a baker, but for my loved ones, I shall try. Anyone can go out and buy a random gift for someone just so they can check them off their Christmas shopping list, but it really takes time, effort, a little bit of money, and thought (such as what flavor, texture, shape, size, presentation they might enjoy most) to bake some cookies. And nothing says "I care and love you" better than feeding them some goodies. Sweets for your sweeties... right?

Its wet and cold outside. I am coming down with cabin fever and if this doesn't stop, I just might have to shoot somebody. Guess who is the lucky person that lives under the same roof as me? Wuahahha! JK... I would never do that. Love the guy a little too much for it, so neverrrrr!!

Its Friday already... but not that it makes any difference to me, right? Sam works all weekend. BOO! He's such a soldier and actually left to work at 6:30ish this morning. My poor baby is so hard working... he DOES love me!

Did I ever mention that two of my friends whom I see on an almost weekly basis are pregnant? They're so cute... they are reading their Mommy books and at times, I feel sort of left out. HAHA... can't believe I am admitting that. A person with A.D.D. like myself should not have kids... I might forget them and leave them somewhere while I start on something else. NOT a good thing.

Alright, getting started early today. Toodle loo!