December 31, 2008


Freakin' Durand....

LOOK what he made and sent out to the crew last night.

Haha... so sweet! :D Like Sam said in the email... 2009 WILL be a better year... fo sho!!

12 more hours...

... and then I am KISSING 2008 goodbye and HELLO 2009!!

Family party tonight... and then out with the girls! I'm so excited! :D


(the post I made on LJ before I moved back)

I have some of the greatest girlfriends in the world... and I can never say that enough.

Each one of them is so different from the others and every single one of them brings something special to the table and contribute to my life in some significant way.

My LADIES... all I can say is that girlfriends are important. If you've burnt bridges with some of the greatest women you've ever had in your life, then you're pretty much assed out.

I think its so funny how some girls can't seem to keep any girlfriends in their lives. It really makes you wonder WHY... doesn't it?

I have a few theories... but I'll save it for later. Night night time! :)


I know that its probably a headache to see that I am hopping back and forth so much between blogger and livejournal. Though I do love livejournal, I just love how I can just blog straight to my google account on here. Besides, I just want to keep all my blogs in the same account (sort of) and keep them all together.

That being said, I hope Blogger/Blogspot welcomes me back. Even if it doesn't, thats just too bad because I have already made myself at home! :)

Only 20 more hours until the new year. You wouldn't believe how much I am looking forward to a new start... a new chance of having a great year altogether. This year failed... miserably.

Its nearly 4am and I am still not asleep. The crazy wind had knocked down the star lights hanging outside and its now swaying across my bedroom window. I'm too scared to actually go out there and put it back in place right now, so I'm not going to and there's nothing you can do about it. Blah!

I have NOTHING to wear tomorrow night... or shall I say... TONIGHT! Kind of ironic coming from someone who blogs about shopping, huh?


February 6, 2008

Lok In The Moment

Quick post since I better get going... but this is my favorite photoshoot so far... with my favorite person!

Mikal is a new photographer and only been doing this for a few months, but isn't he great? Well... check him out at ! Sam and I had the honor of getting a photoshoot with him... and I loooooooove it! Mikal is so modest... and he was all worried about the lighting and to be honest, besides my fat, everything was perfect to me! *sigh*

Love this man:

February 4, 2008

Thats IT? Short freakin' weekend!

Needless to say, my weekend get away was just too damn short. I had a day off on Friday, and wanted to take advantage of my 3 day weekend by flying to the LBC since tickets were pretty cheap. Thursday, I had such a crazy day at work and it was the closest I've been to breaking down and having a panic attack. CRAZY as it was, rushed my ass to the airport as soon as I can. Thought I was about to miss my flight on the way there, but didn't since traffic wasn't as bad as I expected. BUTTER London was right next to my gate and with 30 minutes until boarding, I decided to unwind and treat myself to a nice manicure. (Love it by the way... none of the chemicals they used and nail polish had alcohol in it... so it didn't smell at all) The lady who did me (that sounded funny) was really sweet... her name is Vivian. On my way out of the shop and to the gate, I ruined one of my nails from digging for my laptop, so I went back and she was more than willing and seemed happy to help me with it. Anyway... so everyone on my flight was waiting to board... then all of the sudden, we were told that there's a slight delay. I thought, "okay its cool... maybe 10 or 15 more minutes". Came to find out that there was an OIL LEAK on that freakin' plane! We didn't board the plane until two hours after scheduled. Then, we sat of the plane for nearly another hour waiting. So lame. Oh... and then we passed the curfew to fly into LB, so we had to fly to LAX instead and they were going to shuttle us to LB. Screw it... my boyfriend is picking me up from LA... which he was more than happy to. He wouldn't let me on a shuttle that was 20 minutes away if he can help it. :) Stupid thing is, I tried to change my flight to get on a later flight to LA, and they tried to charge me $200 for it. Dumb! I could have spent those nearly 3 hours working so I wouldn't be so close to dying.

Friday, it was Mikal's birthday. Sam and I went SHOPPING all day. He didn't even complain during the 4 or so hours I spent shopping... in which he'd better not! :P Then, it was hungered time and I insisted on crawfish! Sam suggested we wait until the next day so everyone can join us, but I told him that I wouldn't mind coming back the next day again! HAHA! OMG... it was SO good and we got way too damn full that day. Then, we picked up some yummy (hella spicy) papaya salad for the night to bring over to The Lok's. It was initially a robe party, but of course... I forgot mine. All the folks I spoke to needed reassurance that it really was a robe party... and I told them yes. The only person who abided was the host, Paline. LOL...! She's too cute... its crazy. To make a long story short, we all overstuffed our faces in food and I was able to get each and every single one of them red faced drunk over the game of High/Low. Yep... even the girls who don't usually drink played with me. I think I was the only one who was completely sober, so it was fun to watch them all. HAHAHA! Good times! Even made a second run to pick up Mike's Hard Lemonade in honor of Mike's birthday... that they all killed. Then, it was a few very hostile rounds of charades. There were more guys than girls... but the girls did well. We'll win next time. The guys just cheat and we should have known that they'd know every single chick flick and girly TV show we could have imagined. I heard a few threw up the next morning... haha... mission accomplished!

We had a photoshoot with Mikal on Saturday. It was all for fun, and it really was fun. Nice to work with a photographer who is also a friend because he knows our personalities and so easy to work with. Some of the things we did were so corny, but I loved them! What sucks is that there was an error on his camera for about an hour, and then he was able to fix it... so those shots might not have came out so well. Boo! But I have faith... Mikal's a great photographer and he knows what he's doing. He's as corny as I am... so I had fun! Then, Sam and I went to go eat and listen to a band at the restaurant. I wish we had those here in Seattle, but our usual Phnom Penh Noodle House is nothing in comparison to that. Dammit... how I wish! All the songs they sang were my favorites! HAHA! Then, we went to meet up with my sister and I got to meet her boyfriend, Trevor, for the first time. He's a really nice guy and has a sense of humor. Funny guy... I actually liked him. I asked him if my sister's a pain in the ass and almost got him in trouble. Funny how he and Sam can relate to many things that they have to deal with... our impatience, stubbornness, and moodiness. LOL! Sucks to be them! Then, the rest of the gang came down and met up with us and we were playing at Dave & Buster's. Man... again, wish we had that here too. It was funny trying to compete with the guys in basketball when they're all basketball junkies... so it was serious stuff to them. I collected all the tickets.... and with nearly 2,000 tickets, guess what I redeemed! Long, blue shot glasses for everyone, oh yeah! We ended the night with a midnight field trip to Wal-Mart (9 of us) pick up the board game, "Battle of the Sexes" and some drinks. Played the game at The Loks and again... sucks to know that these guys know more about girly things than we think they should. LOL... and how the hell are we supposed to know what a muffler does to your car besides make noise and puff out smoke? DAMMIT! We didn't get home until 5am... crazy!

Yesterday morning, it was my last day there. Boo hoo! We went out to eat with Sam's family at Hak Heang. I initially didn't want to go there after hearing about the incident a few years ago, but I gave in anyway. Glad I did though... saw some Khmer entertainers such as Chhom Nimol, Chhom Chorvin, Oum Sovanny, Sou Sophal. I liked the band there better than the ones at La Lune and New Paradise... but thats just me. Got to eat frog legs too, yummy! :P

Then, Sam's mom always insists on sending something over to my mom so we went to a few Khmer grocery stores. We don't have the same stuff that they have down there, so this is almost always a must. We went to three different stores to finally find what we wanted. At the third and final store, I was introduced as her daughter in law! o_O HAHA... I didn't know what to say so I just stood there and smiled like a dumbass. Sam was happy to hear when his mom told him in the car that people asked who I was and if I'm her real daughter... then she replied telling them that I'm her daughter in law. I tried to pay for the stuff that she bought for my mom since she always sends her these gifts, but she hit my butt and shoved the money back into my wallet! MAN! I love his parents... and I find myself getting along with them really well... which is very important to the both of us. His mom and I can talk on the phone every now and then... how cool is that? Oh... and my parents probably love Sam more than they love me. Lame!

People came over to Sam's for the Superbowl. I spent most of that time packing... and actually cried during my last hour or so with Sam before departing. It sucks... it gets more and more difficult to leave every time. * sigh * He told me that its hard to leave or see me go. But for now, thats just the way it is. I'm just glad that I'll be seeing him again in only a few weeks. This time, it would be for longer... or at least thats what I'm hoping for.

Okay... will get some work done now. Toodle loo!

January 30, 2008

Back to LiveJournal

... but for how long?

I know... I'm a traitor. So I've abandoned my LiveJournal for quite some time and found a new home on Blogger. Why? Because I figured that Blogger was cleaner and didn't have all these extra features and functions that I didn't need (like here). It was fine and all... but man, how I miss my few buddies on LiveJournal. Actually defeats the purpose of moving to Blogger since I'm back here spying on my friends anyways, huh?

Sabrina gave me this link where I can actually link both of my blogs together... but nope... doesn't work for me. I think its because its only compatible with Windows. Maybe one day I'll convert back from a Mac, but thats less likely to happen than me converting back from Blogger to LiveJournal.

For now, I'll go through the hassle of copy and pasting my entries to both. Lame, I know... but I guess it only takes a few extra seconds, right? Besides... I love the fact that I can make SOME entries on LJ private. *mischievous laugh*

In the meantime... I wonder if any of my designer buddies would be willing to make me a more THYDA layout. *hint hint, wink wink*

January 29, 2008


So this is right before I left work yesterday... after 80% of the snow had already melted. Our backyard didn't look so pretty. Oh well!

And here I am enjoying my nectarine with messy hair and chipped nailpolished nails. LOL... scary, huh?


... from the office.

January 28, 2008

ugh. snow.

So check this out... after I got two new front tires, it decided to snow last night. I called my boss lady and told her that I wasn't going to make it in by 8am since my hill was blocked off and it looked pretty bad. She said that its fine and if I do make it in by noon, it'll just be considered a half day and for me to let her know if I'm going to come in at all or not. I called the office at about 11am, and everyone was in the office except for myself and the boss lady (of course). So... I didn't wanna seem like the ONLY slacker who didn't come in just because of the snow, so I drove my sister's car into work since her car is an SUV and much better than my whimpy car. As I pulled out of my small town, it looked like it was a dry day in June! What the hell! I knew I wasn't lying nor was I making up the snow because my niece and nephews' schools got closed, my Dad had to put chains on his tires, and I saw all the snow on the freakin' news, dammit! Oh... and I took a few pictures with my nephew shortly before I left the house. Man... I hope no one thinks I made up the snow or dramatized it, because I have pictures to prove it! LOL

I swear, I'm not crazy. It really did snow... and they weren't candy bars and milkshakes either!

January 25, 2008

Just? I doubt it.

A man who killed 3 people and injured 3 others in a shooting was sentenced to ONLY 1.5 years in jail yesterday, in which he had already served. Today, he will walk freely... as a murderer who got away with it. One of my youth at a program I used to work at stated, "if I knew I'd only go to jail for 1.5 years for killing 3 people, I would have done that already". Needless to say, I'd have to agree with her and feel the same way that she does. How can someone be less "punished" for murder than someone who shoplifts or trespasses? How can someone be able to walk away from killing people so damn easily? Its all so absurd and just doesn't make sense.

It really gets me wondering about the court system nowadays and how each trial is based and judged on. Are other situations such as these this lenient towards the people who took others' lives? Is it because the defendant pleaded guilty? That he owned up to what he did that they are letting him off the hook? In this case, he claimed that it was self defense... when the victims were unarmed? The victims were unarmed, but you, with a pistol, claimed that you shot them for self defense because there was a heated argument and they backed into your driveway? If you're afraid of them running you over with their car, wouldn't you stay clear of them and get away in self defense instead? Heck... I back up into people's driveways all the time when on a tight street and need to make a turn. Its ridiculous how these "judges" can come to a conclusion that the defendant killed the victims in a case of self defense.

I've heard of people going to prison for even longer for robbery. For vehicular manslaughter when there was no intent of murder... and it was an accident. Why should this guy get off the hook so easily for intents of killing? Because he was defending himself? There have been people who were sentenced for much longer for taking ONE life, but this guy gets 1.5 year for taking three lives? Thats 6 months per life taken. One being his friend. Doesn't it make you wonder what type of situation it really was? If you were on your property and defending yourself, how could you have possibly struck your own friend? Unless of course, the situation wasn't a case of self defense but rather, something much more? It was reported, "The two groups began to threaten each other and yell racial slurs". Threaten each other... not the victims threatened the defendant, but both groups threatened EACH OTHER. How do we know that Sidorchuk didn't threaten to shoot and kill the victims? I'm not saying that anyone is innocent, not even the victims, but neither is this guy who claimed self defense. Though I know these victims personally and had also worked with one of them closely in a youth program where he highly excelled, I am trying my best to keep an unbias standpoint here. Even if the victim and defendant were all strangers to me, I'd still cringe at the thought of the whole situation and the release of the murderer after 1.5 years that he "served" while waiting for this trial. I'm not usually a fan of the race card and I don't mean to pull the race card on this case, but would the verdict have been different if the victims were not minorities and with a higher status and income? Without a doubt! I dare anyone to find similar cases and compare the verdicts.

Two counts of second-degree murder for the deaths of two people, one count of manslaughter killing his friend, and three counts of assault for injuring three other people... equals to 1.5 years served while waiting on trial and being released today. How just is that? Really?

I would think that cases like these are usually judged in hopes for the better being and safely of the public, but how is this better for the public when a killer is being released after one and a half years in jail for taking three people's lives? Lessons aren't always learned and if people are able to get away with such behavior and murder so easily, they'd only believe that they'd face the same "punishment" the next time around. If we wait for the next time around to actually consider a fair ruling, we might as well say our goodbyes to three more people in the meantime since it'd be too late to do so by then.

January 24, 2008


As I told the girls earlier tonight, I'm really paranoid lately. There have been many incidents that get me wondering and add on to my paranoia, but during this past week, things have gotten worse.

My mom hates it when I try to talk to her about death or how things happen that you can't predict and we should all be prepared for it. There was one time when I kept telling her I love her and I wanted her to know that because we don't really know what just might happen to me or anyone else the very next day. Can't predict our future... not even our future within the next hour. Scary thought, but its all so true and such a given, isn't it? My boyfriend's the same way... he hates it when I try to talk about these things. I don't know what it is, but I think that its a very important topic to discuss. You know... prepare for the worst, but always hope for the best. I'm not emo or depressed or anything... but its just something that I've always thought about, but it seems that no one freakin' wants to talk to me about it or discuss it.

On Friday, I was running a bit late for work and left my house about 10 minutes later than I usually do. I was stuck in traffic... apparently, there had been a car accident about 10 minutes before the time I would be at the place of the accident. It was so bad, that 4 lanes on I-5 was blocked out... where traffic is already horrible as it is. Anyway... it took me nearly over an hour and a half to get to a place that would usually take me 10 minutes. My car even overheated! Finally, I passed the scene where a Jeep was hit by a school bus and another car was on the other side of the highway. I didn't know exactly what was going on, but it was obviously really bad... especially when airplanes and helicopters were flying directly above the scene in numerous circles. I didn't listen to the radio that morning... and was rather on the phone. I got to work and looked up the accident, and a 22 year old girl from Fife (city next door to where I live) was driving a Jeep and was hit by a compact car that merged her over into the carpool lane... where she was hit by a bus. She later died at Harborview Medical Center. Tragic... especially when there was nothing she could have done to prevent this. What makes me even more curious is that she had a childseat in her backseat. Did she have a child? That she didn't even get to say 'goodbye' to? :( And to think... the incident happened 10 minutes before I got to the scene and I was running about 10 minutes late. That could have easily been me in the accident... and I don't drive a bigger car like a Jeep.. and I always drive in the furthest left lane next to the Carpool lane. It sends me chills.

Later that evening, my sister, niece, and I drove by the Federal Way Transit Center where I sometimes catch a bus when I don't feel like driving. The whole area was blocked off and surrounded by cop cars, and ambulances were racing to the scene. Sirens filled Federal Way and I'd probably be right if I guessed that ALL of Federal Way's cops were at THAT scene. We couldn't figure out what was going on, but shortly after, I called Sam and asked him to look it up to see what was going on. What do you know? There was a shooting at the transit center where a lady later died. From what I've read and heard, the lady was an innocent bystander who had nothing to do with the dispute that led to the shooting.

With both incidents happening the same day and at places where I would likely be, its hard for me not to think much of it. I just feel that nothing and nowhere is safe... not the roads, and not even on the bus. I'm sure that both victims didn't see it coming nor was there a way for them to prepare for this... if there was, they would have avoided it. * sigh * I know its pretty depressing to hear or know about these things, but these type of things happen all the time... everywhere.

I'm not a pessimist and I try my best to have a positive outlook as much as I can... but fuck! Why can't everyone be given a chance to say their last words or allow loved ones to catch their last breaths? Its a cruel world... and a pretty unfair one at that.

Rest In Peace to all the Good People whom the world were so unfair to... rest in peace.

Ladies' Night In...

So I'm here sitting on Nara's couch during Ladies' Night In. All the other girls are watching Cashmere Mafia. It seems interesting, but if I watch a show, I would like to start from the very beginning. I can't get into it right now... if I was to try to watch it, I'd fall asleep because I'm so full from the yummy burger, chicken, and ice cream cake. Yeah... total feast, I know! So here I am blogging and trying to pick trouble online while others are watching the show. Tomorrow, I will start all over with the show starting with the first episode. I think Nara said something about one of the girls reminding her of me because she's into cosmetics or something like that along that line. We shall see... tomorrow!


In response to Durand's video... haha! I was going to do more on this, but I didn't really have the time to make it extra spiffy or anything. Plus, there were just a lot of pictures that I wanted to include and the clips were too short to incorporate any cool transitions or effects... and I had to make the show fast because the song was so short. You gotta watch it with the song though... thats the best part about this. Hehehe...

It was my first time using iMovie... and it didn't have all the features that I was used to with Adobe Premier, so this is pretty bland. I had to compress the file to make it smaller so it wouldn't take me hours to upload, so quality sucks. Bleh... oh well. I had fun making it now I really wanna make another one with my friends up here... we have about a million pictures! LOL!

Das Auto ist Kaput!

Yesterday was just not a good day. Don't want to get into everything else (will definitely take me forever and two days), but to end off the horrible day, my tired popped. Thank goodness I was already almost home. Actually, I was at Walgreens picking up a prescription and noticed that my front tire on the drivers' side was flat (yeah yeah... crack your jokes, but I probably really did pop it with my fat and heavy ass). Thought this was strange since I just replaced ALL of my tires this past summer. Anyway, pulled into the gas station across the street and after a long while, my tire didn't seem to inflate so much. Took a good ten minutes for it to look a little bit more inflated, and then my 75 cents ran out on the air pump thingy. I heard a LOUD whistle like air was coming out of something, and what do you know? It was coming out of my tire! WTF! So I was curious to where exactly this "hole" was, and ran my hand above that tire. My big ol' hand almost got blown away since it was a pretty big hole... wtf! Then I remembered I had duct tape in my glove compartment (don't ask why... haha!) and decided to rip off a piece to cover the hole. That one piece of tape didn't seem to do much, so I got another piece, slightly bigger, and covered up the other piece of tape as well. Still, I heard the air coming out. I felt the tire, and it looks like it wasn't just that ONE hole. It looked like it was worn out! Bizarre since I changed these tires less than 6 months ago! Hopelessly, I drove the few blocks home. Pulled into my driveway, and went to tell my dad... nearly in tears. He checked it out and saw that it really was worn and looked like a rope might have gotten tangled in it or something since it was just that ONE tire and the worn part of the tire looked like it was in a long strip. Booooo! Now I have to replace a tire, when I'm already broke as it is with many bills to pay... even ones that I didn't know about (another reason for my bad day). * sigh * This morning, I checked to see what my car looked like and there it was limping in my driveway. I parked it behind my brother's car and hopefully he wouldn't have to go anywhere. Hahaha... if he does, not my problem since I'm not there anymore and they have my keys. LOL! I had my sister drop me off at the Park & Ride since she wasn't working, but had appointments to get to during the day. Wahhhhh! Anyway... so here I am on the bus. What sucks is that today, I was supposed to run an errand for and at work... obviously can't do that. It was suggested that I take the company car since I have the key, but of course, that freakin' Hummer can't fit in our parking garage so it is kept at my boss' property in Bellevue. Gee... if only I had a way to get to that freakin' car. Hmph! Maybe I'll ask one of my coworkers to bring me there. Or maybe I can just take a cab and charge it to my corporate credit card since technically, it IS a business expense. Anyway, I'll figure something out. Oh and on top of it all, today was the scheduled Ladies' Night IN for the week, and I obviously can't make it. * sigh * Hopefully I'll figure something out for that too. Wish me luck?

January 22, 2008

oh geez...

1. I love... ice cream!

2. My best friend is... Sam!

3. Right now I want... a long vacation!

4. I feel like... dancing!

5. I hate it when... I have to sleep all alone in the cold.

6. I fear... death.

7. I'm lonely without... people around me.

8. I need... new clothes!

9. Today I... worked.

10. Tomorrow I'm... going to come back to work.

11. I just... decided to do this survey for the hell of it.

12. I want to meet... Britney.

13. I'm hungry for... fruits!

14. I love it when... I get butterfly kisses!

15. I'm afraid of... too many thing!

16. I'm listening to... myself type.

17. I'm wearing... jeans with a yellow tank top layered with a black sweater and some cute yellow shoes.

18. I wish I was in... somewhere sunny!

19. I'm craving... fruits!

20. I want to get... my own house! (and a new car)

21. I can... ride a unicycle.

22. I can't... sing for sh*t!

23. I have... to budget myself.

24. I haven't... finished school yet. :( (horrible, I know)

25. I'm nervous to... get back on the cold and hopefully not icy roads.

26. My Mom thinks I'm... retarded! (haha... she really does!)

27. My Dad thinks I'm... a smart kid. :D (everyone in the family thinks so and they tell me this... then they lecture me for about another hour for not doing things to my fullest potential and for being unstable... career wise).

28. I think... that I'm really silly for filling this out.

29. I'm happy when... I am surrounded by people I love who love me.

30. I'm sad when... I'm lonely.

31. I like eating... everything!

32. I hate eating... nothing. (I love everything)

33. I love watching... FRIENDS! (it never gets old)

34. I love listening to... Khmer oldies!

35. I like playing... the Rhythm game and my made up "What Chu Want?"!

36. I hate waking up to... no one next to me.

37. I can see... two pictures of Sam and I on my desk next to my monitor.

38. I'm glad that... I get to go back to Cali in 9 days!

39. I'm disappointed that... I'm fat. (LOL)

40. I look like... me!

41. I wish I looked like... a million dollars! hahaha!

Mini Me Day...

I brought my niece with me to my rehearsal this past weekend. We were kind of hungry afterwards, so we stopped at McDonalds (and then Baskin Robins after that... haha!). Anyway... here's a short clip of her. She usually talks a lot more and much louder but she chickens out with the camera and I don't know why... she certainly didn't get THAT from me! :D

Beautiful Somara...

... and the two people who are gonna teach her everything she needs to know to become a Thyda! (my mini-me and I)

VIDEO clips where Rachanny said that Somara is gonna be as cute as her (Rachanny) is being uploaded! :D Stay tuned!

January 21, 2008

Maui 2008

Researching Maui for our trip this summer... so excited! Man... 14 people confirmed... its like Vegas all over again, but without freezing our butts off and lots of sand and the beach.

I can't wait!

I told you its gonna be a wonderful year! :D


Yes, I had to work today.

Yesterday, my sister in law's tummy was starting to hurt. I asked every 15 minutes if she's ready to have a baby! LOL! Finally at 2am when I was sound asleep, she went to the hospital. On my way over here this morning a little bit after 6am (yes... I came into work REALLY early today... and traffic was just beautiful!), I called my brother to see if the baby popped out yet. Of course, he said, "not yet"...! I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. I told him to be sure to give me a call once my niece steps into this world.

What do you know? Right when I pulled into my parking garage at 7:15, he called to say, "She had the baby... at 7:11!" I'm like... "SEVEN ELEVEN? WTF!?!? She's gonna be teased for the rest of her life!" LOL! Then he's like, "No... Seven oh one!" Hahaha... what a relief! Then he got off the phone with me to call my mom... I'm so honored that I'm the first in the family to know of her birth! :D

I called Sam to tell him and you know what that guy said? "Dang... on Martin Luther King's birthday? She was born having a dream...!" HAHAHA... so corny! He teased that she's gonna be dark. Hehe... this could be a good thing and I'd be quite envious! :D

Now I'm hoping I can get out of work early to go visit Somara (I think thats what they're naming her and how they're spelling it). I actually like the name... its different. My mom really liked it because some Khmer saying or blessing says, "Mien panha doch Neang Mara" (have the intelligence like Mara) I think. I just hope they don't come up with a funky middle name... therefore, I must come to my niece's rescue and think of something quick! :D

Yayyyyyy me... thats the 11th grandchild for my parents right there. Christmas is going to be such a b*tch!

January 18, 2008


So I was just browsing my old MySpace groups and there is one called "LB Peeps". Yeah... I'm not from LB, but I think Durand chose that name to make me mad... and then added me! LOL!

Anyway... I never saw this bulletin/video until NOW! Supposedly, everyone's already seen it except for me. What the hell!

... freakin' Durand! *shakes head*


If it rains in Southern California from Jan. 31st-Feb.3rd, I'm going to have a bitch fit!


January 17, 2008

THE Dress...

After a couple hours of browsing online and a couple visits at a couple bridal boutiques, we finally came to our final decision on THE final bridesmaids' dresses. I must say that I absolutely love the dress. The original dress that we ordered was not really of my taste... but I honestly thought that the other girls really liked it... in which they did. I was fine with it also... but it just wasn't something that I had imagined... and the Bride wasn't a huge fan either. After a few days of frustration and trying to come up with a conclusion, we finally did.

Yayyyyyy! So this is FINAL... and we'll get our dresses in three months. Thats a long time to wait, but I guess its worth it. Nara and I picked out the colors for it yesterday, and I looooove the color scheme even more than what we had originally. Even though it was somewhat of a hassle, I am just glad that it was fixed and we didn't stick with the original order just to keep it simple. This change is well worth it. Maybe after the wedding, I'll post all the choices we had and let you compare what we WERE going to get and what we ARE going to get. I'm excited... and really really happy with the final decision.

Honestly, I think I am living vicariously through Nara. I'm a big sucker for weddings and stuff... and I'm glad that Nara's letting me get this much into the wedding. I'm a poor wedding planner though. I self appointed myself as the wedding planner even before their proposal, but I haven't done much, really. I just like to tag along and give my two cents when asked for it! :D Hehehe...! Oh... and the woman's ring is freakin' gorgeous and it looks freakin' huge! It was what I've always wanted too...! Haha... told you I'm living vicariously through her!

156 days to go... can't wait!

January 16, 2008

My Boyfriend's Boyfriend

(he's probably going to kill me when he sees this... thats IF he sees this)

So I was just going through the pictures we took in Vegas. There were many... but these were somewhat classics:

Sam & CJ claimed that this is how us girls get VIP and front of the line at clubs...

Then... I just don't know:

Oh... and the guys tried to tell us that they were going to stay IN and hang out while us girls went out. Little did we know that they had a different agenda than they stated... at the poker tables at New York, New York! It was a couples' trip and it was funny how all 7 ladies found some kind of evidence of their man lying and going out instead. Haha... it wasn't a big deal but just funny how they tried to give us a guilt trip for making plans to have a Ladies' Night Out in Vegas, leaving them alone at the hotel. We called the guys on our way back to see if any of them were hungry and wanted us to pick them up some food on the way back. Surprisingly, they all said NO.

Being the caring and considerate girlfriends (wife and fiances) we are, we all got our men some grub even when they said they didn't want any.

Got back to the hotel... and it was empty!

Paline noticed that Mikal changed out of his shorts!
Lyna noticed that Bunnarith changed into his khakis!
Sivhui noticed that Mac put on his contacts and left his glasses!
Lily noticed that Durand changed into his sweater and took his jacket!
(I forgot what Leena and Vee noticed for CJ and Morn)
... and my man happened to spray AXE and left his phone on the bed! HMPH!!

So... we decided to punish them and string their panties... just because! LOL!!


January 15, 2008

Back on Track...

For the past year or so, I haven't been into makeup as I used to be. I don't really know the true reasons why, but I honestly think that its because I had given up. For awhile, I was aspired to become a makeup artist. Not to be conceited, but it wasn't only me who believed that I had the ability and talent to succeed in that industry. It was my form of art and in that sense, I was quite artistic.

I took a break from it all and found myself feeling incompetent to all the professional makeup artists out there. Who was I kidding? I didn't have the full training that many of them had... nor did I have 1/10th of all the tools and props that they did to succeed. Useless, it may seem to many... but you'd be surprised by how much people spend to get prettified. Makeup and the tools that are considered basics are not cheap. I obviously couldn't afford to get all of the professional paints, shadows, and brushes that I've seen others use. During one photo shoots that I did for stock photography, a professional actually did my makeup. The woman had huge cases on wheels just to carry all of her "goodies" (makeup). I was so envious... but felt like it was a dream to be surrounded by all those goodies. I was literally in euphoria!

As much fun as I had that day, I was discouraged and disappointed in myself for not having even a fraction of all those things she had. Therefore, I called it quits from then on. There was NO WAY that I could collect everything the artist had... especially when each individual item ranged from $14-$36 a piece! My gosh... and the woman had tens and twenty of thousands of dollars worth of makeup. (The fact that she's a former MAC artist and instructor didn't help my ego much either)

Lately though, I've been reminded of my talents. Today, in particular... Paline pointed out (via email) that I could succeed in it if I just continued it... even in the future. Mikal asked me about this not too long ago also... just last weekend in Las Vegas, actually. * sigh *

Maybe this will be a good resolution for me... to pick up something that I've loved for so long, but have lost and allowed to be overshadowed by the many other things that I had going on in my life.

Today, I treated myself to three full size pigments, a new mascara that I lost in Vegas, a new eyeliner, and another sharpener. The gift card that Sam got me awhile back along with the many other goodies (thanks babe!) really came in handy. I shall go and play now...

Toodle Loo.

January 14, 2008


Halfway through the first month of the year and what have I accomplished?

Absolutely nothing.

Many posts have been made where I complain about how time seems to fly by so fast. What sucks is that the more I complain, the faster it rushes past me. Ironic, isn't it?

As a parent, you'd want to do things that would have the most positive outcome for your children and family, correct? You'd make decisions mostly based on the well being of your family, wouldn't you? You'd think that family is everyone's priority... or so it should be. What's disheartening is coming to find out that thats not always the case. What makes it worse is that those not so norm cases are those of people around or closest to you. It angers me... and I wish that there was something I can do about it. I've done what I could and what I thought was right (at the moment). Even if it isn't the best actions or words said at the moment, I just hoped that it would be beneficial and best overall... and for the future. Others disagreed... and those who did are the people who actually matter and have a right. Being merely an aunt, I was told that I have no right... and no authority. Sad and a slap in the face... especially when you've been around for the child more than the people who actually have that right or even matter... the people who gave them birth. If that was all it took to be a good parent, then why isn't Britney Spears given any credit? I mean... at least SHE was around to actually see her children at least 1/13th of the days her children were breathing.

As I said... being a good parent is much more than the ability to conceive and give birth. But who am I to say anything? I'm not a parent... therefore, I have no right to speak.

Dress Up!

Played dress up all weekend long. It was fun... but can get pretty exhausting. If I was thinner, I'd probably enjoy it even more! :D

So many pretty dresses to swoon over... decision making has never been this tough. (And this is coming from a very indecisive person... imagine that)


I'm very upset that I allowed myself to get too involved in other people's lives. Its annoying having to witness something that bothers you so much happen right in front of your face... especially when its people that you care about. Whats worse is when people involved tell you that you have no right to do or say as you did. Then, to accuse you of not caring?

My gosh... if I didn't care, I wouldn't have given a rats' ass about the situation in the first place, now would I?

Slap in the face... literally.

I've realized that I've got quite a temper and can become quite violent. What sucks is that I always feel guilty the very next morning.

I'm trying to promise myself not to care so much and not to get involved... I hope I don't break this promise... but its so hard not to.

We shall see.

January 10, 2008

He Loves Me! :D

My Loves

On Friday when I was on the plane, I got a chance to do some thinking and reflecting. I realize that I've came across a lot of people in my life. Different personalities, ages, and beliefs. I've made friends pretty easily... but I've also lost friends. Don't get me wrong... this isn't a bad thing. You can't be everyone's best friend and there's no point in trying. I know that I'm a friendly person and usually pretty easy to get along with... but even so, I have my pet peeves and annoyances. Heck... I know that people are often annoyed by me... but it doesn't really bother me too much unless the person actually means something to me or I even care about them. People grow up at different rates despite the equivalence of ages. I had a handful of girlfriends who I thought were going to be my best friends until eternity. But as we grew older, we realized that we have different views in things... different priorities and beliefs. I mean... its only natural for people to grow apart through time because no one is really made truly identical... especially when it comes to anything beyond the surface. I still love those girls and think that they are great people with much ahead of them... but right now, it might be a good thing that we aren't as close as we used to be. Perhaps we can all grow up to be the best people we can be and then come together in the future to rebuild our bonds and friendships. I have hope. Right now, I have a handful of close girlfriends that I can really learn from and look up to. I know that they genuinely care for me because there is more to our friendship than drunken nights, clubbing to the wee hours, and boy talks. I grew out of that stage. These ladies have good heads on their shoulders and are very admirable. Though I've only known them for 4, 5, or 6 years... I feel like no other "friends" know me the way they do.


Its been awhile since I've gotten a chance to fully write in my blog. Well, I have been posting things every now and then, but it doesn't express how I feel truly because 1. I don't have enough time, 2. Tried to refrain from getting too personal in my blogs because there have been times when it was used against me in not so pretty ways, 3. People always seem to think that I'm writing about them when they are probably the furthest thing from my mind. But you know what? Screw it? Its kind of pointless to have a blog if you can't really express yourself. If that was the case, I might as well just cut and paste passages on here that I've found through google, right? Or maybe a chain letter that everyone and their mamas are letting rest in their spam box? I don't know....

Anyway... work is really kicking me in the butt right now. Sometimes, I wish that I am not perceived the way I am/was. I think that people that I work closest to assume that I'll just KNOW certain things and they decide to skip the whole training/advising step. I mean, its true that I love to solve problems and figure things out on my own, but some things are just not meant for me to take my time to solve and figure out because when things don't turn out right or are delayed, its going to be my ass that was the reason for it to fail or delayed. In a way, I am flattered that they have so much belief in me, but at the same time... its pretty unfair. Oh well... hopefully I've already learned everything that I need to know that they assume that I just know. Did you follow? On the other hand, some things ARE my fault. I slack off too much for my own good... no denial there. I get distracted easily and it interferes with my work. I really need to focus and knuckle down... I have bills to pay and can't afford to be unemployed for even a day. Work hard, Thyda... work hard.

January 9, 2008

Lunch at Tiffany's...

... and that was exactly it!

I really like that place... and so does Nara! Haha... well she had a good time there too! But come on... what's NOT to like? (I mean... besides the price?)

January 8, 2008


Remember back in September when I posted my Tiffany's Heart Toggle Bracelet that Sam got me for our anniversary?Well... this past weekend, I was showered with the matching Tiffany's Heart Toggle Necklace!At first, I thought it would be too big and not look so good, but I grew to like it and was more and more interested in it... but couldn't afford it myself (of course).

I love my set... my first two Tiffany's pieces. Don't get me wrong... I'm not a die hard Tiffany's devotee, and I personally think that they're overpriced. But damn, do I love my babies!

Reese Witherspoon wore them for Legally Blonde (I believe)... they're just classics (it seems). Nevertheless, I'm in love... with these babies AND my baby! He's the best!

January 3, 2008

Bestest Gmail Conversation

My favorite person to chat with on GMail is momma Grace. Today we decided...We (Grace and I) have the RIGHT to be PICKY. And why is too much to ask that we______? Hhahaaha.

Muah have fun this weekend honey.


I've been looking forward to this weekend for over a year now. I can't wait! :D

Well, yes I can... haha!