January 21, 2008


Yes, I had to work today.

Yesterday, my sister in law's tummy was starting to hurt. I asked every 15 minutes if she's ready to have a baby! LOL! Finally at 2am when I was sound asleep, she went to the hospital. On my way over here this morning a little bit after 6am (yes... I came into work REALLY early today... and traffic was just beautiful!), I called my brother to see if the baby popped out yet. Of course, he said, "not yet"...! I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. I told him to be sure to give me a call once my niece steps into this world.

What do you know? Right when I pulled into my parking garage at 7:15, he called to say, "She had the baby... at 7:11!" I'm like... "SEVEN ELEVEN? WTF!?!? She's gonna be teased for the rest of her life!" LOL! Then he's like, "No... Seven oh one!" Hahaha... what a relief! Then he got off the phone with me to call my mom... I'm so honored that I'm the first in the family to know of her birth! :D

I called Sam to tell him and you know what that guy said? "Dang... on Martin Luther King's birthday? She was born having a dream...!" HAHAHA... so corny! He teased that she's gonna be dark. Hehe... this could be a good thing and I'd be quite envious! :D

Now I'm hoping I can get out of work early to go visit Somara (I think thats what they're naming her and how they're spelling it). I actually like the name... its different. My mom really liked it because some Khmer saying or blessing says, "Mien panha doch Neang Mara" (have the intelligence like Mara) I think. I just hope they don't come up with a funky middle name... therefore, I must come to my niece's rescue and think of something quick! :D

Yayyyyyy me... thats the 11th grandchild for my parents right there. Christmas is going to be such a b*tch!

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