January 14, 2008


Halfway through the first month of the year and what have I accomplished?

Absolutely nothing.

Many posts have been made where I complain about how time seems to fly by so fast. What sucks is that the more I complain, the faster it rushes past me. Ironic, isn't it?

As a parent, you'd want to do things that would have the most positive outcome for your children and family, correct? You'd make decisions mostly based on the well being of your family, wouldn't you? You'd think that family is everyone's priority... or so it should be. What's disheartening is coming to find out that thats not always the case. What makes it worse is that those not so norm cases are those of people around or closest to you. It angers me... and I wish that there was something I can do about it. I've done what I could and what I thought was right (at the moment). Even if it isn't the best actions or words said at the moment, I just hoped that it would be beneficial and best overall... and for the future. Others disagreed... and those who did are the people who actually matter and have a right. Being merely an aunt, I was told that I have no right... and no authority. Sad and a slap in the face... especially when you've been around for the child more than the people who actually have that right or even matter... the people who gave them birth. If that was all it took to be a good parent, then why isn't Britney Spears given any credit? I mean... at least SHE was around to actually see her children at least 1/13th of the days her children were breathing.

As I said... being a good parent is much more than the ability to conceive and give birth. But who am I to say anything? I'm not a parent... therefore, I have no right to speak.