September 28, 2007


Here are a few pictures of the GRUB from Ladies' Night In...

The new theme in the Food & Cooking club is Mushrooms... so we'll be having mushroom dishes next week... and champagne to celebrate a few things! :D So excited!

September 27, 2007


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Your good ideas are well worth pursuing -- and people are far more likely to listen, thanks to your obvious enthusiasm. You won't have much time for talk, though, so take what you can get and then start working.

... will do!!

Bong Nieng coming to town!

As promised, the woman finally booked her flight! October 19th-21st... you can find me dancing around the coffee table again... just like old times!

I can't wait! :p


Last night was a "Ladies Night In"... first one I've been to in awhile. Turned out that we couldn't watch our show as planned... but it was fine... more bonding time over chit chats! :D

I made riblets for the girls, and to my pleasant surprise, they liked it! Yayyyyyy me! I was HUNGRY... so I definitely grubbed! I also wanted to make crepes. We didn't have any milk in the house and I didn't feel like going back to the store, so I ended up using light coconut milk instead which made the batter a bit sweeter and turned out great! LOL... at first it was a bit too thick and turned out like a pancake... but THAT problem was solved! Next problem was that it kept burning and I just couldn't get it right! WHY? Because my smarty pants self tried to make crepes over HIGH heat when it was supposed to be LOW heat! Come on... I'm a beginner and the recipe I followed did not state that I was supposed to cook it over low heat... geez! I was ready to give up on crepes... but Miss Grace took over and made some awesome ones! Then, I decided to give it another shot... and I finally got it right! Haha... crepes are a breeze! *rolls eyes*

They were delicious! I love crepes... and not only for dessert either... I can eat it as any part of a meal or as a meal itself. Yes... I love it THAT much! The fillings possibilities were endless, but I still love strawberries and cream more than anything.... drizzled with chocolate! Yum! Haha... also made "Peachy Crepes"... LOL!

Good times, ladies! I'm glad we're going to try to make this a weekly thing... I'm excited to cook again! Lets hope you survive this time around. Wuahhahaha! *evil laugh*

September 26, 2007

Photoshoot with Mark

I finally got my CD full of pictures from my last photoshoot with Mark. He had really improved since the last time I shot with him, but that probably was because the last shoot was indoors. Anyhow, call me conceited, but I like my pictures despite my thunder thigh legs, huge arms, messed up bangs, and wrinkly dress! Here's some... or a lot of them:

In This Skin...

I'm quite upset right now. Hmph!

So since the weekend, I ran out of face wash. I've been using my sister's Neutrogena face wash in the shower and came up with this dandy idea of washing my face at night too. I usually don't even wash my face despite the few seconds I spend on it in the showers... so this was pretty new to me. I liked the idea that my face was feeling clean and refreshed...


my skin (face) is overly dry right now. Its to the point that I hate this skin of mine that I used to think I was blessed with because I rarely break out. Now, its just dry and scaly and I hate it! Ironic how I thought I was helping my skin by cleaning it more often and paying more attention to it, only to find out that it bit me in the face instead.

*sigh* I think I'm destined to go to bed with a dirty face for the rest of my life! :(

Chicken & Roasted Garlic Pizza

So yesterday I decided that I wanted to make my own pizza out of scratch! LOL... I made the dough and everything out of pure flour and stuff...

I wanted to make the Chicken and Roasted Garlic pizza I stole the recipe from the food forum. So I was making it and it was going great and right after I popped it in the oven, my brother, his wife, and their three kids came over. I figured it won't be enough... so I made another one... but I threw on more toppings such as peppers, mushrooms, olives... and figured it would be for the adults since kids don't like all those toppings.

After the first one was cooked, I called the kids to come eat it... and they were excited for pizza. Then... one of the munchkins said, "it doesn't taste right..." and another says, "it doesn't taste good"... and the last one says, "where's the pepperoni? this isn't pizza!"

I almost cried! My parents and siblings said it was good... and they liked how it wasn't typical pepperoni. Those punks just can't accept the fact that not all pizzas have pepperoni and I don't know why they don't like roasted garlic when I love it so much!

Hmph! I don't think I ever wanna cook again... wahhhh!

At least my nephew William liked it... but that kid likes and eats everything.

September 25, 2007

I'm Learning...

For quite some time now, I've been wanting to learn how to cook. I don't think its really that hard to whip up something edible, but I'm sure it would require much concentration, patience, and skills to whip up something GOOD. I am not so ambitious yet... I'll just aim for something edible.

I've been trying to cook for the past few weeks now, and I must say that I am quite proud of myself! I always saw myself as the non domestic type and definitely never saw myself as a chef or even a cook since I'm so darn lazy and I'm already good being at the other end of the stick... as the eater! :D

Anyhow... thank you KCers in the Cooking Club who brought their ideas and recipes to the forum that intrigued and motivated me. Also thanks to the KCers who have given me ideas and tips throughout this whole take on my new interest... haha! Its FUN!

I've been wanting to cook Khmer food for my parents to enjoy, but that hasn't been tackled yet. Its safe to say, though... that my niece and nephews... and even siblings have enjoyed my cooking! What have I made? LOL... they're nothing extravagant... but they sure are edible and hasn't gotten anyone sick yet, so I'm quite proud! :D

Besides the typical rice and congee (haha), I've managed to make pan fried fish, bread crusted salmon, sweet and sour pineapple pork, green beans and beef stir fry, roasted chicken, fried chicken, barbecued ribs, spicy honey ribs, beef and three colored bell peppers stir fry, sauteed garlic and mushroom spaghetti, cheeseburgers (yep... made my own patties out of ground beef) with grilled onions, deep fried gizzards! I probably made a few more things that I don't remember... haha! My parents are kind of surprised that I've been trying to cook since I've never seemed interested before, but I think that they like the idea of me knowing what's what in the kitchen. My mom doesn't think I'm in the way anymore... thank goodness! My nephew has special requests now... he loves my spicy honey ribs! I'm making that tomorrow night for the girls at Ladies' Night In! :D

So today I took some pork fillets out of the freezer to thaw and still stuck on what to cook tonight. Any suggestions? You got two hours to help me... help? I'm very tempted to try to cook some homemade pizza tonight though... chicken and roasted garlic pizza! Wish me luck?


September 24, 2007


Its finally happening. A change.

I need to focus... and I think this new job is just what I need to keep me in line. Don't be surprised and try not to celebrate too hard when you notice less of me in the cyber world. Some things just grow old and those things need more likely need changes. This will be a good change... I hope.

Focus, Thyda... FOCUS.

Great Day!

Offer... MADE.
Resignation Letter... SUBMITTED.
Cheese on my Face... PRICELESS.


September 21, 2007

I hope for a great weekend!

Last weekend would be pretty hard to top, but I hope this weekend goes just as well. Sena gave me an idea! She's going to have a party with/for her nephews... I think I should do the same! Thanks for the idea, Sena!


SO much that I'm nervous... AND excited about! Didn't hear anything today... but hopefully by Tuesday, things will start to shine for me. Ahhhh.... for now, I'll keep on hoping, wishing, and "uch touk-ing"! :D
Sagittarius (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)You've got to keep yourself from spending a dime more than necessary today. It's not like the bank is about to break, but today's purchases will end up being much less satisfying than you had hoped.

...Dang! Not going out for lunch today... thats for sure! Haha!

September 20, 2007

My Girls... My Heroes

I love my girlfriends... and my extended sisters are not only my friends... they're my heroes and my role models. Now that everything is back to the good ol' days, I am relieved AND happier than ever!

Its time to knuckle down and get crackin' on the wedding planning! 9 months is going to roll in REAL fast!

I love you girls... *mwuah*

September 18, 2007


There were hundreds of pictures... and after doing a few rounds of cuts, I was able to narrow them down to about 30. Almost ALL of them had me in it, duhhhh! Of course! LOL...

Good times! Come back? :(