September 27, 2007


Last night was a "Ladies Night In"... first one I've been to in awhile. Turned out that we couldn't watch our show as planned... but it was fine... more bonding time over chit chats! :D

I made riblets for the girls, and to my pleasant surprise, they liked it! Yayyyyyy me! I was HUNGRY... so I definitely grubbed! I also wanted to make crepes. We didn't have any milk in the house and I didn't feel like going back to the store, so I ended up using light coconut milk instead which made the batter a bit sweeter and turned out great! LOL... at first it was a bit too thick and turned out like a pancake... but THAT problem was solved! Next problem was that it kept burning and I just couldn't get it right! WHY? Because my smarty pants self tried to make crepes over HIGH heat when it was supposed to be LOW heat! Come on... I'm a beginner and the recipe I followed did not state that I was supposed to cook it over low heat... geez! I was ready to give up on crepes... but Miss Grace took over and made some awesome ones! Then, I decided to give it another shot... and I finally got it right! Haha... crepes are a breeze! *rolls eyes*

They were delicious! I love crepes... and not only for dessert either... I can eat it as any part of a meal or as a meal itself. Yes... I love it THAT much! The fillings possibilities were endless, but I still love strawberries and cream more than anything.... drizzled with chocolate! Yum! Haha... also made "Peachy Crepes"... LOL!

Good times, ladies! I'm glad we're going to try to make this a weekly thing... I'm excited to cook again! Lets hope you survive this time around. Wuahhahaha! *evil laugh*

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