September 11, 2007

Top Guns

I'm kind of pisst. Actually... I AM pisst!

WHY would they leave me out in the cold by myself when their blog NEEDs my presence? Freakin' Rock won't give me access to their private and exclusive blog because they think they're too good for me. Pssshaw! He TRIES to tease me and make me jealous by telling me that they discuss how "cute" their uniforms are in their blog. Ugh... whatever!

ALL I really wanted to do was make their blog pretty FOR them since some are kind of clueless... but they show me no appreciation. Act like I'm gonna sabotage their team or something. Whatever! I know they're trying to use this reverse psychology thingy mah jig on me and try to act like they don't want me there just to string me along. HA! Ain't working! :D


But before I end my final rant about these suckas... let me just say that they NEED to learn how to pose. I could have been their posing coach, cheerleader, and blog prettifier... but oh well... THEIR LOSS! hmph!


  1. Dang! Why's Sam's shorts so high? They're almost at his armpits! Haha kidding...ok not really lol!