September 4, 2007


This past weekend, I decided to treat myself... I deserved it.

After being so loyal to MAC, I decided to finally give another line a shot. I've heard great things about bareMinerals, but I didn't really care to try it because I've been completely satisfied with my beloved MAC... but I guess there's no harm in trying right? Unless of course, I break out into a tomato... but that hasn't happened yet. Lets cross our fingers and hope it wouldn't... haha!

Anyhow... I took off my makeup at the counter yesterday and the saleslady who wasn't in the greatest mood dabbed the goods on me. She wasn't as friendly as I'd like her to be... but I'll cut her some slack since I'm sure its been a crazy weekend there at the mall. I liked it... but I didn't love it. I didn't want to make the poor girl feel like she wasted her time, so I bought a starter kit anyway. I have it on this morning, and if I don't like it by the end of the day or the week, you're sure to hear from me!

So yeah... not bad for $75 though... since that usually covers a powder foundation and Fix+ spray for me at MAC. We'll see how this goes:


  1. What's that spray thing at the corner?? Marie (yes, she wears make-up) has been telling me about Bare Minerals for years. You just got me into MAC, don't try to convert me again! Then again MAC foundation is starting to feel greasy on me now.

  2. I used MAC for a long while (approx. 6 months) and no one ever told me it was f'in my face up. It works on some people. It was hecka greasy on me. And they didn't have one that fit my skin color, exactly. And it worsened my skin condition, actually.