September 7, 2007


This week had gone by pretty fast, eh? Part of it might have to do with having Monday off, but its a good thing... sort of. I feel like I haven't gotten as much done as I'd like... but what else is new? :(

Blogging is fun... and I'm glad that I got my buddy Cham into it. He says that he enjoys blogging more now and it improves his writing. See! More good things come out of blogging than you think! As for me, its a great outlet where I can just ramble on and on without having anyone interrupt me. I guess I need to blog more than I talk people's ears out... do everyone a favor. Haha!

I feel like there's so much that needs to be done and figured out, or else I'm just going to be stuck where I'm at now... miserable. I need to take more initiative and actually do things than to just sit here and ponder. Do you blame me though? Haha... I'm a chicken butt... no denying there!

This year had been a rough year. The only thing that really went well for me was my relationship. Seriously! I know it sounds a bit harsh and even absurd... but I just feel like I've distanced from my friends... we all have. Maybe its a part of growing up and its time for me to realize that not everything's going to be the same peaches and flowers. What can we do, though? Nothing. Just take it all in and figure out how to TRY to prevent things from going sour in the future and TRY to remain as optimistic as possible. I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and we should just learn from all of our experiences. *sigh*

I'm not pleased with myself and where I'm at right now... I haven't been for awhile. Its time to knuckle down. Hopefully things will change before the beginning of a new year. I'll keep my hopes up and keep reaching for that moon... thats so freakin' far from me right now. Stars aren't going to suffice for very long... I need that moon.

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