September 4, 2007

Anniversary -- SPOILED

This past year, I've been spoiled by my boyfriend... crazily. Some may think that its nothing, but to me, its the sweetest and best I've ever been treated by a man. I don't really ask him for superficial gifts or material things in general... but he always seems to have something up his sleeve.

Today marks our ONE year of officially being "boyfriend/girlfriend"... although we've "talked" for much longer. We both really wish that we can be together on this day, but unfortunately, we can't. He's the most thoughtful man I've ever known... and I'm thankful for him and feel blessed to have him in my life. *sigh*

He sent me our anniversary gift through Grace since she was just in Long Beach and I was picking her up from the airport anyhow... perfect opportunity to save a few bucks in shipping! ;)

Anyhow... he gave me my very first piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co. A beautiful heart tag toggle bracelet that fits me just perfectly! I've never really been into Tiffany's since its something that I can never really afford, but I absolutely LOVE my bracelet. Its so much more than anything I've wanted and even imagined receiving from him! I honestly thought that he was sending me a pack of beef jerky from Sophy's or something... but this is way beyond that (obviously). Oh... he also included a pack of Biore' pore strips since he bought a pack a loooooong time ago and never used it. LOL... I've been bugging him about it and asking him to send it to me in an envelope... hehe! Thank you, baby!

He was originally going to get me the necklace, but luckily he didn't since he already got me a diamond "Journey" necklace for my birthday last year. (Told you I'm spoiled)

Now I'm a bit worried for him. My birthday and Christmas is only three months away... how is he going to top himself? ;) Hahahaha...

I love you, Baby... Happy Anniversary and many more to come!

Sam & Thyda... ALWAYS

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  1. Ewww, stop being so mushy. Hahah, j/k. I'm very happy for you two and what would make me happier is to see you guys together... like together-together. You know what I mean *wink*. I promise to visit as long as your as come back to visit me :).