September 17, 2007

LBC Boys...

So they TRIED to surprise us by making a surprise trip up here to see us. They should have known better than to try to surprise us nosey and curious asses. I always manage to find a way to ruin surprises planned out for me. Nevertheless, it was good times... as always!

The boys (Sam, Sambath, Lee, Virak, and HutMyKdut) drove all the way from Long Beach to Seattle. I believe it took them about 16 hours to get up here... in their pimp/gangsta mobile! Sam's a horrible liar... and I love that about him!

When they got up here, since the moment they arrived, it was laughter nonstop. I laughed to the point where I started to cry so many times, its crazy! My stomach hurt from laughing so much this weekend... ugh!

No time to get into details everything that happened, but everyone who was there knows that it was good times! Random and funny ass bunch... you can never get bored! Ahhh... love those guys!

They made it home safely this morning about 5 or 6am. Crazy, I tell yah! I didn't want them to leave... and tried many times to get them to stay, but I couldn't. :( Wahhh! No worries though... they'll be back again... I hope!


Thanks for such a wonderful weekend, my lovely friends. Miss y'alls already!

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