September 26, 2007

Photoshoot with Mark

I finally got my CD full of pictures from my last photoshoot with Mark. He had really improved since the last time I shot with him, but that probably was because the last shoot was indoors. Anyhow, call me conceited, but I like my pictures despite my thunder thigh legs, huge arms, messed up bangs, and wrinkly dress! Here's some... or a lot of them:


  1. Nice pictures, but I'm a person on details ... your dress needs to be iron in the picture hahah ... sorry that was just from my observation.

    - Michael

  2. LOL... thanks Michael! I asked the photographer for some time to iron the dress I had stuffed in my bag before work earlier that morning, but there was no iron in sight and the sun was going down. Oh well... more careful next time, I guess? Haha...