September 10, 2007


My niece, Rachany, is such a brat! She's three... and still hasn't grasped the whole concept of sharing. She insisted that I can't borrow her DVDs. I asked her, "why not?" and she replies, "because its mine...". I'm like... you can't share? And she says NO! So I told her, if she can't share something thats hers, she can't expect others to share something thats theirs. I also told her that sometimes, people are going to have things that she would like to borrow, and they're not going to share with her if she doesn't know how to share with them. She stayed silent.

Only a few minutes later, I decided to paint my nails. She wanted to paint hers too, so I let her do her own. She kept messing up her nails because they didn't dry soon enough. I told her that she has to be patient and wait if she wants it to be nice. She complained, "but its taking forever!" (exact words... haha). Then she decided, "I'm going to do this at home... I'll take this to do at home." I told her, NOPE... she can't borrow my "aww-aww" (what she calls anything that makes her look nice... aww-aww... part of the khmer term, "la'aw"). She asked me why not... and I told her its because she didn't share her DVDs with me, so I can't share my "aww-aww" with her. She looked at me and goes, "you always do that!" I'm like... I always do WHAT? And she's like, "do that... you always trick me!" LOL! I explained I wasn't tricking her... but just teaching her a lesson! Hahaha...! So... at the end of the conversation, it was decided that I can borrow her DVDs (Baby Geniuses and Happy Feet... haha) and she can borrow my "aww-aww".

Sounded like a deal to me!


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