November 23, 2010

Thoughts of CLONING Myself!

Two weeks ago, I got the scary call that my Mom was being rushed to the hospital.  The only thing on my mind was that I needed to be there... and off I went with my Sister. 

It was pretty much the same thing that happened last time... a congested heart failure.  Thank goodness this time around, they called for an ambulance instead of trying to drive her to the hospital like last time.  They almost sedated her and put her in a coma (like last time), but luckily, her heart started beating again and they didn't have to put her through it. 

Nothing felt better and warmer than being by my Mother's side, finally.  The two hour flight felt like two years and I couldn't have wanted to get there sooner.  It was almost like a miracle how fast she recovered.  My Mom is a strong woman and is such a fighter... she had always been.  My Husband talked to her over the phone (he would have flew out there as well, but she was in an 'ok' state and it wasn't necessary for him to do so at the time) and broke down because of my mom's kind, yet strong words to him. 

It was a bittersweet feeling to be there with her... I was so glad to be there, but I just wish it was under different circumstances.  Though my Mother is the one that is sick in the hospital bed, I also worry about my Dad and his health and worries.  I hate to admit it, but I am slowly accepting the fact that my Parents aren't as young and healthy as they used to be.  Knowing and thinking this scares and worries me.  I am still a baby when it comes to my Parents and my Family.  I always thought that my Family was invincible and nothing could go wrong and we'd always be together... but reality is starting to hit.  I hate it.

I loved sleeping next to my Mom again, I just wished she wasn't in the hospital bed.  Heck... would have been great if we weren't in the hospital at all.  I hate hospitals.  I know its a great place where a lot of heros have spent countless hours trying to make people feel better, but I just hate the thoughts of negative things that happens there.

Finally, my Mommy got to come home and was recovering.  She is still being closely monitored, of course... and there are a lot of things that she and the family has to watch out for.  We are all learning things as we go along on this ride, but I just wish we didn't have the worries that we do.  *sigh*

I wanted to stay longer because nothing is better than the feeling of being with my loved ones, but my Mom insisted that she will be okay and I should get back to California.  This is what I love and hate the most about my Mom... she is selfless.  I love it because that is rare to find in a person, but I wish she would just be a little selfish every once in a while and let us take care of her like how she took care of us.  She never wants us to worry about her or put her first... and I hate that. 

I hate seeing the worry in my Dad's eyes.  Though my Parents may have had their down times (I think every couple does), I still have yet to witness stronger love.  8 children later, and they are still in love.  Tough love, it may... but still love, nonetheless.

I came back to California, but my Sister is staying until mid December when I head back for the holidays, so that eases my mind a little.  I know that I shouldn't worry too much since my Parents do have 6 other children still living in Washington, but it just gives me a peace of mind to be closer.  *sigh*  Why can't I just be in two places at once?  WHY?

Having thoughts of cloning myself... if I only knew how!

Hold On!

A LOT going on... I swear I will update very soon.  Pinky promise!!

November 4, 2010

How Rude!

So as you may already know, my Sister is now part of the blogging world. I must say that her posts are pretty amusing and I am slightly envious of the topic(s) that she chose to blog about. What a fun topic... shit that pisses you off! LOL

We are sitting on Melrose right now waiting for a meeting and thinking about her blog and the positive feedback inspired me to post something too!

I wish my life was interesting and I had more to write about!

Okay... more later... toodles!
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November 3, 2010

"Who Hates It When...?"

So... my Sister was bored and decided to start a blog. 

She just used me as one of her subjects... a source of hate. 

Yeah... nice, right?

Anyway, please go read it (its kinda funny) and follow her!  Its her first blog EVER...!

I'm sort of scared of what she is going to write, to be honest.  Interesting, nevertheless.


Been BUSY!

Sorry Readers... I know I am going MIA on my blog again, but I've been pretty busy.  I can't wait to get things up and going and share everything with all of you.

Right now, I am working side by side with my Sister.  This should be interesting!

Will post more soon when I get a chance, but I just wanted to say HELLO!!

November 1, 2010

Pippi Longstocking is coming to your WORLD!

I was NOT in the mood for Halloween at all this year.  My friend invited me to a few parties on Friday night and I agreed to go out (because I should really put a little more effort into my social life).  Only a few hours before it was time to meet up, I still had no idea what I was going to be.  Being the cheapo that I am, I didn't want to spend any money on a costume that I would wear once when I can spend that money on something else that I can use yearlong. 

I thought about the 'bad hair' Yelp Elite event that I was supposed to attend on Tuesday where I planned to stick my hair in wire to have the Pippi Longstocking look.  I then thought, "why not go as Pippi Longstocking?"  I tried to remember what she wore and image googled her.  I found this:

HECK YES I can put something together to look like that!  So... I scrounged my closet and found my outfit.

I put my hair up:

I was cracking up so bad by myself (Sam wasn't home yet)

I then ran to Rite Aid to grab a bottle of red hair spray.  It didn't show up very well, but luckily I had an orangish colored MAC pigment in my makeup kit that came in very handy (again).  Added some freckles.  I couldn't find a pet monkey so I took the clothes off of my Starbucks teddy bear and made it my monkey!  Who are people to tell me that my pet wasn't a monkey?

AND... off we go!

We went to two parties that night and I had the best time with Lily and Paline! 

Ready to KNOCK OUT at the end of the night!
We definitely one up the boys this night.  The poor guys were all at home alone... and there wasn't even Poker night!  Insane, right?  So many people knew right away who I was, and some people have never heard of Pippi Longstocking!  I got mistaken for the Wendy's girl a lot!  LOL... I can see why:

Someone even called me "Happy Go Lucky".  Who and WTF is Happy Go Lucky?  I don't know but she sounds pretty cool. 

I wanted to go to Wendy's and get a discount.  And if they wouldn't give me a discount, I wanted to say to them, "I OWN YOU, B*TCH!"


The next night, the boys decided to join us at a 'Vampires Ball'.  Of course, you weren't required to dress up as a vampire, but it was preferred.  Actually, I think you get charged more if you don't dress up.  We ALMOST didn't go out because everyone felt drained and a bit lazy to dress up and actually go out.  We're getting old.  Finally, everyone was convinced to go and surprisingly, everyone was dressed up!  I went as Pippi again because I loved my hair THAT much.  Unfortunately, I was in more of a rush this time around and my hair just wasn't as cool.  Sam went in as Frankenstein.  We both didn't feel like spending money on a costume.  Actually, we did go to a costume store, but all of the costumes were whack and it was too much of a hassle to try to go through and find something through the mess.

Round TWO! LOL
Sorry guys... wish I had a shot w/ your eyes open on my camera. Oops!

We had SUCH a good time out that night.  SO glad that we all got off our butts and actually made the effort.  Very many priceless moments and a few of the peeps (no names mentioned) even got sick.  Though its not a great thing, thats when you know that someone had a REALLY great time!  I was pretty gone too, but I was just happy that my friends and I were all there having a great time.  :)

We ended the night with pho.  I remember walking into the pho place by myself (the others were taking care of the sick ones) and asked for a table for 11.  I sat down by myself and realized no one else was with me.  People were looking at me like I was crazy sitting at a big ass table by myself with my Happy Go Lucky braids sticking up.  If I were them, I would have thought I was crazy too!  LOL

The night was epic!  Too bad it took about 4 or 5 washes each night to get the stuff out of my hair, but it was worth it!

The last and final night of our Halloween weekend, we attended the Lok's annual Halloween party.  Costumes weren't required, but I wanted to get in the spirits since there were going to be so many kids there.  However, I didn't want to put my hair through that torture again.  SO... what else can I do/be without spending money?  Recycle my wings from last year, of course!  I was just going to put the wings on and call it a day, but I thought it would be pretty boring.  With about 15 minutes to spare, I decided to throw some pigments on my face.  I didn't think it through and with only a bit of time to do the damn thing, I ended up looking more like a Superhero with a bad face mask job.  Oh well... I am going to call myself the Superhero Fairy!  WHO is going to tell me that she doesn't exist?  WHO?  Haha... !

Party Pooper didn't dress up.  BOOO!
Arrived at the Lok's and I guess I scared a few of the kids.  Luckily, they buttered up to me or I buttered up to them and lured them to like me with food!  I even took one of the kids out Trick or Treating.  He is only 1 year old and was dressed as a pumpkin.  The cutest pumpkin I had ever seen!  I was in my heels and carrying the little man in my arm... trying to catch up with the other kids running around the neighborhood.  We made it around the block and got quite a bit of candy for a one year old!  People complimented on how cute my "son" is and I just said thank you and decided not to explain that he's not my kid.  I just can't believe I just met the guy and he let me take him out trick or treating!  It was so much fun!  Thanks Talvin for the fun times!  Here is a picture of him and I after he already got out of his costume.

My Pumpkin! (out of costume)
Paline's niece Lillian is so adorable!  She finally let me take a picture with her.  Beautiful Snow White... I was Snow White one year!  First grade, I think!  Ahhh... the memories!

Pretty Snow White Lillian & Superhero Fairy! LOL
My Halloween LOVES!

Thanks for such a memorable and fun Halloween, my loves!  *hugs*