November 3, 2010

"Who Hates It When...?"

So... my Sister was bored and decided to start a blog. 

She just used me as one of her subjects... a source of hate. 

Yeah... nice, right?

Anyway, please go read it (its kinda funny) and follow her!  Its her first blog EVER...!

I'm sort of scared of what she is going to write, to be honest.  Interesting, nevertheless.


  1. Thanks! She is so new to this blogging world, its so funny!

  2. I am glad that it amuses you. Keep up what you are doing and I will have a lot to blog about.

  3. HAHA... I don't know if introducing you to the blogging world is such a good idea anymore. I have so many ideas for you... will tell you later when I see you today!