February 27, 2009

Beef & Potato Soup

I decided to try to make some kind of "somlaw" (soup) tonight. I've never actually made any by myself that I can remember, so I wanted to give it a whirl. Nothing extravagant, just something simple that I can make without having to make a trip to the grocery store.

Beef and Potato Soup -- Somlaw Tomlong Sach-Ko

Just a small bowl for myself... taken with my phone so quality sucks.

My Parents liked it and so did my nephew... and thats all I need to impress. Haha!

Okay... wasn't planning on going out, but since Mary is willing to come pick me up if I go out (damn... I'm loved and wanted)... why not? Now... I gotta go get ready. I have NOTHING to wear! Ahhh!

Closet Clutter

I really need to do something about all the junk in my closet. Well, its not necessarily junk, but its stuff that I probably would never wear again but do NOT want to part with. I don't know why... but I really don't want to get rid of things that I've spent money on and I feel like I haven't gotten enough wear out of it. I can donate the clothes, but I'd "sdaiy" it and think to myself later on, "I should have kept that ______ " if I was to somehow need it. At the same time, I still have tons of clothes still with price tags on them. Maybe I'll find more use for it when summer rolls around?

Speaking of summer, its a beautiful day today. So weird since it was just snowing yesterday morning. Okay, I guess its not THAT weird and I should be used to it by now, right?

Its Friday... should I go out with the girls tonight? One of Unie's events... I always have FUN at them, but just don't know if I really want to go out so far. :( Maybe I'll stay in and have a little wine by myself and cuddle up with a good book? Running to Barnes and Nobles today... yay! Or maybe Borders so I can take advantage of the Borders members discounts? Yeah... better idea. 40% is quite a bit even if the book is under $20... especially when you're broke!

Tomorrow is Melaine's birthday. Ahhh... its all the way out in Kirkland and I am really debating if I should go or not. Maybe I will see if anyone wants to carpool or something? Also Jill's birthday, but I really don't know if I want to drive all the way up to Tulalip... thats freakin' FARRRRRRRR!!! Why can't we all live within a 10 mile radius from each other? Okay I admit... I'm the only one who really lives that far out from anyone. I think the friend that lives closest to me is Nara... and even SHE is 17 miles away from me (I tested it on my odometer... lol!)

I don't know... I just feel like staying at home this weekend. Lazyyyyyyyy! I know if I do, I might regret it next week when I feel like I've missed out. We'll see.

February 26, 2009

Twitter Twatter!

I decided to join Twitter the other day. WHY? I don't know. LOL... its interesting. I haven't really gotten a chance to explore it much, but I will soon.

Curious? http://twitter.com/thyda

Okay if there are people who actually really read this blog, you will see that I have the twitter updates on the side of my page there. Not sure if I should keep it. At this rate, I might be able to get rid of my blog(s) altogether. Whoo hoo! I mean... why would I want to post in so many different places anyway? Competing with myself at this one man popularity contest. Who will win? Thyda or Thydsterz? LOL... okay I'm getting delirious.



2 Year Old Boy SMOKING a Cigarette !!

This is so disturbing and I can't even explain the anger I feel inside after seeing this bullshit. Seriously, this is a form of child abuse and if that happened in the U.S... I'm sure that the public will try to somehow get those adults arrested and get that poor child out of that kind of environment. Unfortunately, this seems to be happening in a different country. I never thought that I would ever come across something like this. I am very upset to know that this kind of shit is really happening. Who knows how many young kids out there have parents who condone to this kind of behavior... moreover, encourage it because they think its funny or cute. It is NOT funny nor is it cute. Those adults in this video really deserve a good beat down if not a smack in the head by my big hands. I would LOVE to see them and give them a piece of my mind. This is so so so sad... and I am nearly in tears just thinking about it again. Urghhhhh!!!

Thirsty Thursday...

I had a nice little run today! The stopwatch feature on my new iPod works wonderfully! Thanks Baby... again! :D He spoils me too much. Okay... not too much. Keep spoiling, please! ;)

Completely bored out of my mind and don't feel like doing the things I should be doing. Why am I NOT surprised? Per Daddy's request, I made Lok Lak again today. I think my parents think that thats all I know how to cook or something. I know that they're almost right... but still! HAHA!

I yap too much, don't I? LOL... doubt anyone really reads my blogs, but I yap anyway. Its funny... but sort of sad at the same time. * shrugs *

Need a new book to read. Any suggestions, anyone? Please?

Oh Cancun...

MTV might have some good news for us... * crossing our fingers *!! HAHAHA...!!

I am soooooo looking forward to Cancun! This trip is much needed and I KNOW that it will be a memorable trip that we were going to talk about for years to come. Like our Vegas trip in 2006? Yeah... we still talk about that trip to this day! So far, the definite head count is at NINE...! Thats perfect!! Though I wouldn't mind more people coming, but I am completely pleased with the nine of us confirmed. I just KNOW that we are going to have fun fun fun in the sun! Gotta admit... more people travelling together can easily become a problem AND headache. Don't get me wrong... I would love for anyone else to come, but I am not going to twist any arms. This trip isn't just my Bachelorette party... its going to be a vacation for all of us and I have requested that we only consider one night as my Bachelorette party... nothing more!

Gotta work on that bikini body... I know! Ahhh... I look forward to getting a tan. Much needed!

February 25, 2009

Red, Red, Wine...

Mom, Sister, and I were talking about this last night: wine is good for you and helps you sleep. Last night, I gulped down a glass of red wine with the girls... and it wasn't so bad after all! I usually hate the taste of it and opt for white wines or hard alcohol (if available.. hehe), but I sort of forced myself on the reds last night. I just got back from the grocery store to stock up on groceries because it is snowing (again). What else did I treat myself to? Some cabernet sauvignon! Haha... I had to look at the bottle to spell it out... honestly.

So cheers... to good health and possibly wealth! :D

EDIT: As it turns out, I didn't drink by myself afterall! HAHA!!

OMG... that was one of the funnest nights on KC. Should have seen the pager messages. Some really were feeling sick! Hate to admit it... but so was I! LOL!!!

Before I Fall In Love...

Meas Sok Sophea did a great job on this song...

My Life Would Suck WIthout You

LOVE this song. LOVE Kelly Clarkson!

Lithium Laced?

I had a dream that I was yelling at some random kids eating some lithium laced chicken nuggets in front of my house. WTF? Chicken nuggets of all things. Maybe because I fell asleep to the Sex and the City episode where Carrie ran into a lady who laced her ice cream with lithium? Probably! But dude... how scary. Kids lacing their chicken nuggets. I can never look at a chicken nugget the same way again... before I eat it, of course.

Ranns will be in Cambodia soon and I hope she has internet access ASAP so that she can get in contact with Rami. She wants to network out there and I figure that Rami would be a great person to talk to and meet. I'm so excited and envious of Ranny... ahhh! Thats my girl!!!

Sam just called me! YAYYYY! I don't get to talk to him everyday, so I was really happy to hear from him! Ahhhh... my sweetheart! I miss him so so so much!

February 24, 2009

Girls' Time...

I feel like I haven't seen my friends in AGES! Finally, we were able to catch some happy hour tonight (yay!!). It was nice to finally sit down and sort of catch up with each other. Great news from everybody, it seems! I can't wait for the girls to move back down south and be closer to me! You know what that means? More FUN together. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing... haha... but they'll definitely help me a lot with the wedding stuff. We have PLANs already! I am really crossing my fingers for Sandy and Ranny. So proud of them and oh man... I know that Ranny is gonna miss me lots... I know it! So damn proud of that girl... ahhh!

Cancun is SO not ready for us! I can NOT wait... ahhh! I'll be back and TAN just in time for my wedding. I think that I am having the hottest Bridal party that anyone will ever see. I love having hott ass friends! HAHA!

Parents going down to Long Beach for a wedding in two months and my Sister is coming up next month and wants me to go back down with her. Hmmm... we'll see!

Oh... forgot to mention... we should get our facts straight before we accidentally start spreading rumors, huh? Jenn and Mary had a little miscommunication and word was almost out that Eddy was doing drag shows at EQ! LMAO!!! They were talking about two totally different people and didn't even realize it! Hilarious! Five months ago, I woke up and stepped on a pair of WET pants on the side of the bed and was just about to tell the girls that the girlfriend of a friend's that slept next to me pissed on herself that night. Little did I know that it was my friend's pants from when she was running outside in the rain the night before. HAHAHA! Double check before we speak, shall we? Damn... I should take my own advice!

I hope I don't get addicted to Twitter. LOL!


I hate not feeling well. Gosh... goes to show how unhealthy I am by how often I get sick throughout the year, huh? *cough* AND I hate taking meds. Yuck. Even if they're the candy coated advils that don't taste so bad. I feel more weak knowing that I have meds in my system. I'm retarded.

I guess I can't go running today because its raining. (YES!!!)

I feel like I want/need a haircut again. I'm THAT bored!! Ahhhh!

Was talking to Sam yesterday while he was walking on campus and I guess it was already 8pm and deers came out to play with him. Holy Sh*t! I would have been so scared! He probably was really scared but tried to act calm and cool. *sigh* I hope I can go visit him soon. But man... where he is is nowhere fun! :(

Had so many weird dreams last night/this morning. It jumped all over the place from hanging out at my old childhood friend's swimming pool to getting punked on the street by some kids while we were in the car. My mind was ALL over the place!

In 3 or 4 years... I hope to have a Baby. Is that crazy? I just want one. But damn... no returns and no exchanges. :(

February 23, 2009

The Hills...

Oh my gosh... so excited for The Hills to return!! I like The City and all... but its boring compared to The Hills! LOL... I miss Lauren. Actually... as much as I dislike Heidi, I think I sort of miss seeing her. Oh... Audrina too... and all of her big teeth! :D I feel like they're my friends or something... haha!

Funny MakeUp Phone Call

I've had times when my friends have called me for makeup advice. Little did I know that my soon to be mother in law's friends were going to call me! HAHA! On Saturday, I was out with my Sister and I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. I usually don't answer unknown calls, so I almost declined but something told me that it was a 562 number and that yes... I should answer. (Thought maybe it was the restaurant we booked for our reception calling me) Nope... it was Sam's Mommy's Friend... whom I've never met calling me for makeup advice!! I don't know what Sam's Mom told her, but it really caught me off guard and sort of flattering. :)

Hope she found what I told her helpful!

Confessions of a Shopaholic...

I FINALLY saw Confessions of a Shopaholic this past weekend. Really cute movie and such an inspiration to shop... but I must say that I loved the book even more. Sophie Kinsella is a great writer and she really made me laugh throughout the book and it was hard for me to put it down. Sending my copy down to my niece... I know she'll love it and hopefully she wouldn't make the same credit card mistakes most of us have. LOL!

Sister offered to buy me a pair of new Asics... and surprisingly, I declined. I just don't think I've put enough use into this pair yet and I've still got a few other running shoes that I should put to use before getting anything new.

After seeing the movie, I am inspired to rearrange my closet. I have a hard time keeping my closet neat because I am as indecisive with my clothes as I am with anything. Oh... and I'm also lazy. :)

February 22, 2009

Invitation FUN!

I worked on some of my invitations... finally! I'm pretty pleased with the results, but probably wouldn't be done with them until the next couple of days... or week or so. LOL... I am a horrible procrastinator! I invested in a new printer since I know that I will be doing quite a bit of printing for the wedding. So far, I like it!

I must say that I am very proud of myself! I worked on the wordings in both English and Khmer... all by myself! Yup! I typed that thing in Khmer with the approval of my Dad, my Sister, and my Brother. They even said that it looked good and I double checked with all of them to make sure that there were no grammatical errors. Eeeek! I never realized how easy it can be after getting the hang of it for awhile. I'm saving the document now though just in case I need to change the names and dates and other mumbo jumbo for my friends IF they ever need them. Really... I really am PROUD! *stands tall*

Ahhh... I probably wouldn't even send out the invitations until April... but its nice to get it out of the way once I'm done. Also came up with some other fun ideas. I'm sooooo stoked! I love you new printer, paper cutter, third hot glue gun (don't ask me why I have so many because I really don't know!)... I love you!

Durand called me ghetto for making my own invitations... but you know what? I'm glad to be spending this time to add my own personal touch to these rather than just cookie cutter type invitations that were probably already used for every body and their mommas and their momma's neighbors. Okay... thank goodness I have all this extra time... whew!

February 20, 2009


Feeling a bit OGRE status lately. Okay fine... A LOT ogre status. Ugh. I love food too much and am too damn lazy for my own good.

Hopefully with the help of my new online workout coach/nutritionist, that can change. She seems very healthy and from what I see... WISE!

Now, if only I can actually follow through on all that she's taught me.

I need someone to kick my ass and I need to rekindle my love for my gym again. What ever happened to the sparks and flames we once had? WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO!?!

(one of my all time favorites)

February 19, 2009


Last night, I thought we almost ran over a bear and was like, "OH HELLLLL NO!!!" Then, I realized that it was just a big, black, and hairy dog with its owner right behind him. I swear... it really did look like a bear!!

Working on some wedding stuff... finally! Too many ideas to actually get working on them. All I got is ideas... thats it!

I hope that I have another great dream tonight. Maybe Sam will come visit me in my dreams? I hope and I pray. *sigh*

I think I should buy a lottery ticket tomorrow... just because. Wish me luck?

Pictures of US...

Its weird. We used to take pictures ALL the time, but now, I don't even have time to pull out a camera or even TRY to take pictures when we're together because its just too much work and we'd rather spend that time just hanging out. I never thought I'd say that... but wow... me and no camera? What's this world coming to?

However... I was able to experiment with the camera on my phone a bit. Lighting sucks, but whatever. This is from the night before we both left L.B. Sam just hopped out of the shower and didn't even fix his hair... but I like it when he doesn't try to fix his hair so much. He's so handsome. :)


I had a dream about my wedding last night! Surprisingly, it was a good dream... slow, but good. I knew it was a dream right away because my Bridesmaids were skinnier than me! LOL! I also dreamt that I was able to make every single one of my girlfriends a Bridesmaid!! LOL... if only this was a perfect world, right?

Its Hard...

I'm trying NOT to count down the days until Sam gets back. Its so hard because I miss him like crazy! I've missed him before, but I never knew that I could miss him or anyone or anything this much. I'm not used to not being able to call him anytime I want and I miss the small talks on GMail throughout the day.

I still get butterflies every time I see him and just hearing from him makes me smile. I swear my heart races when I see him calling and I'm just CHEEEEESING every time I get to talk to him. I try not to cry thinking about him... and its so hard telling myself that I can't cry and I have to be strong. He hates it when I cry and I try not to... I really do. *sigh* I know I sound like a Baby... but man... I just really really miss him. He told me that he can't wait to come home and be with the Love of his LIFE!! (thats me!! YAY!!) He even had a dream about coming home!

98 more days... not that I'm counting or anything!

February 18, 2009

Because a million pictures just aren't enough...


All the SINGLE Ladies... ALL the SINGLE Ladies!!

Jane rushing out with the pretty balloons (that I picked, might I add!! :D )

We rushed in with the cake and the gift...!

Birthday girl was ECSTATIC!!

She's getting old and needed her girls' help with the candles...

Ever seen a face in a cake? LMAO!!

I need to work on my pose and my alert for bunny ears. Grrrr!

My ride or fly (not die) chick!!

At the bar... shots courtesy of some guy who said that I look MEAN!! LMAO!!!

February 17, 2009

Our Valentines' Day...

Laptop at a club? HAHA... we had to do what we had to do!

Check out the birthday cake we got for Ranns!!

My oh my, Jane!! LOL... Sandy was waiting for some gas, maybe? HAHA

I tried to let one out... did it work? At least Sandy looked HAPPY! HAHA

Jenn's eyes were starting to glaze over and Mary so happy!!

Check out Melaine in the back... she's having a GREAT time!

Birthday girl... she's having a GREAT birthday!!

I thought I saw a million bucks!

The girls... guess which ones were GONE!! hahaha!

Our youngins came out to support too! Aren't they handsome?

Oh.... SANDY!! And WHY is Phillip all up in our picture!?!? HAHA

We're Birthday Girls' favorites and she knows it! :D

One more just in case!! ;)

We LOVE group pictures!! Guys... get out!

My girls... workin' the crowd!!

Gettin' my groove on... of course!!

Was Phillip tryin' to steal my spot light? Oh HECK no!!

Us and Elaine...!

She loves me... right before she goes NIGHT NIGHT at the table!

Ranny... who you texting??

NOBODY! She's night night-ing!! HAHAHAHA

Max... thanks for taking my picture but there's a zoom button you could have used! LOL

My LOVE... Jenniponi!! She'd give me the world if she could!
My best friend who does SO much for me! She even listened to me cry on the phon last night! HAHA

Strinking a pose in the midle of the sidewalk with strangers! HAHA

Unie so yummy!! HAHA

Goodnight, Unie!!

Goodnight, Ranny!!

If a friend falls asleep, thats a photo opp!!

She SAID she was hungry! Say "ahhhhh"!!

And she called ME weaksauce? I was the driver (Daddy's car... haha!)

YAY me!!

I'm marrying the same Man twice... in two different states!

July 18th and August 22nd, 2009

Yeah... I guess I do love him that much to marry him twice, huh? :D

February 16, 2009

What a WEEKEND!!!

Oh man.... so many pictures to upload!! Or maybe I should just leave them on Facebook where they belong? Ahhhh... maybe. I lazy! Doubt anyone on here wants to see anything anyway. BLAH!

I love my friends... I always always have fun with them.

Finished my book and starting another... but not so sure if I'm that into this new one. BLAH.

I miss Sam.... so freakin' much. *sigh*

February 13, 2009

Ripped Off!

I went to Walgreens last night and realized I got ripped off by a girl at Cerritos mall who referred to her eyebrows as "eyebrown". WTF. I really AM stupid!

The girls are going to see "He's Just Not That Into You"... but renamed it to "He's Just Not That Into You... YET"! I so would have went to see it again just to spend time with the girls, but can't really afford it. I can do a lot with $11! LOL! Definitely seeing them tomorrow night though... for sure! Very much looking forward to it. Just torn because I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!

February 12, 2009

How can I miss him so much?

How can I miss him so much when I only saw him 15 hours ago?

Last night, it was nice to see some of Sam's close friends swing by to say goodbye and wish him well on his journey. Bittersweet. They each brought something over to share on top of Sam's Mom's BETTER than Noodle World Spicy Spaghetti. (YUM) After some of the folks left, I snuck into Sam's room and said goodbye to him through the built in camera on his laptop. It was a short few minutes video of my goodbyes since I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to say BYE to him because we STILL had so much to do. Anyway... he didn't know about the video and I cleaned myself up well after crying for the camera for a few minutes. I tried not to cry whenever his friends gave him hugs. Damn... I need to stop being such a Baby, don't I?

I cried most of the night while packing. :( Sam, too... not so much, though. *sigh* I did NOT want to wake up at 4am this morning. Its like we didn't even sleep!

His parents woke up to bring us to the airport way early since both of our flights left at 7am. His Dad made me COFFEE because he knows that I love my coffee. It was so sweet of him... very thoughtful but I felt so guilty to have him making coffee for me. I do have some awesome soon to be in laws, don't I? :)

We got to LAX and sadly, we were in different terminals. I was the first stop and I almost cried giving his Parents hugs! I already knew that I was going to somehow hunt Sam down at his terminal to give him a last hug and kiss. AND... I did just that! He was sort of surprised to see me and honestly, I did NOT want to leave his side. Damn... I'm so mushy mushy, aren't I? I teared up walking away back to my own terminal and a security guard stopped me to see if everything is okay because he noticed me walking back and forth between terminals. HAHA... he thought I was lost! :P

NOTHING of mine beeped at security checkpoint (I'm at the airports often enough to almost be a pro at the whole thing), but the freakin' TSA dude was so adamant about me getting patted down. WTF. I know I'm fat and it looks like I have extra baggage on me, but trust that its skin and flesh. HAHA!

My flight was sort of scary... never experienced so much turbulence. Yikes! I made it home though!

Sam got to his destination okay too... despite the fact that his luggage got left in Miami. WTF. I would have been so pisst! Oh... and Sam found my little goodbye video on his computer on the plane. He said it was so sweet and unexpected and that he almost cried watching it. Hearing that almost made ME cry. Damn... I'm a walking ball of emotions today, aren't I???

Momma got on the phone with Sam's Mom right away... for about an hour or so (of course). Sam's Mom basically sent my Mom a luggage full of things. OMG... I feel like they're becoming BFFs!

Mommy told me that Justin had been counting down the days for me to come home. I missed him so much... you don't even know! Apparently, he hadn't been able to sleep because he keeps worrying about my flight after he heard about the U.S. Airways flight that hit a bird a few weeks ago. LOL... my eight year old nephew is so caring... I'm so so so blessed! When he got home from school, I hid and surprised him and he literally yelled YAY... and jumped on me and hugged me and kissed me! Then he goes, "I thought you were going to die!" WTF!!! LOL... well at least I know that he cares and would have missed me! :D

We just got done putting together his Valentines and treats. I'm excited for him... hehe! I miss Valentines' Day in elementary school! You'd buy a pack of valentine cards and then take so much time trying to figure out which card to give to who. You'd save the bigger and better cards for your pals or your crush. And then you try your best to give the ugliest ones to the other kids that you don't like as much. LOL. AND... you'd sit there and overanalyze the cards you get from other kids... oblivious of the fact that they were pre printed and distributed to millions others. LOL... the good ol' days!

I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight without Sam. I was just starting to get used to waking up next to his handsome face (and sexy body)! Oooh la la! HAHA. *sigh*

February 11, 2009

Last Hoorah!

Last get together tonight before we leave. So sad. I know its not the end of the world, but its still sad. Glad that the party peoples all said that they'll be joining us. Sivhui text me last night and almost made Sam and I cried... then she cried herself! What the heck! *sigh*

Sam's Mommy and I have been playing makeup and I think that she's getting hooked onto something. LOL... oops! I have a tendency of hooking people onto a product or two. Oops, oops, oops!

I can hang out with Sam's parents for HOURS!! They tell me that they love having me around and that they can't wait until I move down already! I'm so glad that I'm getting along great with my in laws... yay! I can't imagine how it would be if they didn't like me. Well... they say that what's important is that I know how to love and respect them just as they are my own and that I am respectful... not rude and leave my mess around for them to pick up after. If that was the case, my parents would KILL me before my in laws even have a chance to dislike me. BLAH. I'm going to miss being around here and hanging out with his Mom all day. At the same time, I'm glad to be going back home and going back to my parents that I miss so so so so much. Its hard... I don't know how I'm going to be living here for that long without seeing them. :( I'm a Baby. I've cried when I hadn't seen my parents for a week when I was living on my own. I find that now, my relationship with my parents couldn't be better. My Mom is really starting to become neck and neck with Sam fighting for my BFF spot. HAHA!

Okay... time to clean up and pack up. Sam gets off work early today so its our last "date" before we don't see each other for another three and a half months. And yes... he brings me out on dates. Yesterday, he brought me on a really sweet date and I looooooove days like that. :D

I know he doesn't EVER read this damn thing, but I'm gonna miss you Baby! Love you so much!

February 10, 2009

I'm Going To Miss Him...

Sam and I have been packing these past few days. He's going to Georgia and I'm going home to Washington. We'll be even further apart than we've ever been... with a time zone difference. This is going to be hard and the three and a half months are going to be drags. I'm really wishing that someway, somehow, I can just speed it up already. We're both sad packing. Yesterday, I cried in the middle of it all and I can also see the hurt in Sam's eyes. Breaks my heart. Sam rarely ever cries and when he does, I feel the life being squeezed out of my heart. I know I may sound dramatic, but I don't expect anyone who hasn't been in this type of situation to understand.

I Don't Like Animals...

UNLESS I never have to touch them or be chased by them.

Okay I admit... I liked Sam's old dog and my roommates' old dog. But other than that, dogs are just NOT my thing. Well, except that cute little Yorkie I saw in L.A. or cute little Shih Tzu's that look like old grandpas! Oh... and Pookie Lok is cool too! I like cute little dogs, not scary ones. Ugh! HAHA....! I keep getting chased by Sam's Brother's little puppy. Its a little pitbull but I swear it looks like a freakin' hippo slash rat. Its so fast too! I swear it just KNOWS that I'm scared of it so it loves to chase me.


I think that the only people who feel like this towards animals... more like house pets... are my Sister and BFF Jennifer. I think that I'm not as bad as Jenn. You should hear her. HAHAHA... she hates them with a passion. Thing is... Joe is a DOG lover like Sam. We both made the boys choose... its US or the DOGs. Hmph!

February 9, 2009

Almost Time To Go Home...

I'll only be here for a few more days and so will Sam. That makes me sad. That makes US sad. :(

I learned how to make Nom Bajok on Friday! It was goooood and the Poker guys helped finish it when they came over. LOL! Hung out with my nieces and nephew for a bit and I discovered that my nieces are in many ways like me. :) I got started on my book that night too. Can't put it down anymore!

We went shopping for some wedding stuff on Saturday and were unsuccessful. Boo! It rained that day (and Friday and Sunday) so I was sort of too lazy to really do anything. Though... we got lots of ideas! Met up with my Sister and her Boyfriend later for some Korean BBQ. Yum! The coolest part is that the bathroom had a little mouthwash dispenser with little cups and everything!! I surely took advantage of that and even took a couple of pictures! HAHA... easily amused, as you can see!

Then, we went to go see "He's Just Not That Into You". I liked it... it was a cute movie and I cried a few times and even got so frustrated at the big screen a few times... haha! Sam and Trevor laughed through the movie too and Sam kept nudging me because apparently, I do some of the things shown in the movie. Ugh... whatever! Honestly though, I expected a bit more. I really liked the book and the movie wasn't half as good. Maybe I'm just a pessimist and didn't expect the happy endings. Okay... I'll shut up now! HAHA!

Went shopping with Sam and his Mommy on Sunday (yesterday). I'm upset that there isn't a Lee's Sandwich in Washington. Dude... SOOOOOO much better than the typical Vietnamese sandwiches found at the Asian grocery stores up north. AND.... they cost about the same. Ugh... if they had a Lee's Sandwich up there, I swear that I'd eat it every single day. Seriously!

Sam made some yummy crawfish and his Mommy made some crabs. I was in heaven as the TASTER!!! Ahhhhh... salivating at the thought of it! I don't think I've ever ate so much. AND... ended the night with some strawberry mochi's and some fresh durian. OMG... I'm telling you... it was a little bit of heaven for me!

Brought some crawfish over to my Sister's place and Chris was hysterical because it was SO damn spicy! (I love it!)

Sam and I both leave on Thursday morning. Boo hoo... miso sad!! :(

February 6, 2009

The District

Oh My Gosh!!

If you watch The Hills or The City, then you will probably get a good crack out of this!


Baby Duckies!

Sam had been wanting some baby duckies (balut) for awhile now and supposedly, they bring in new ones on Thursday. We'd been waiting for Thursday to roll around and when it finally did, we were ON it!

Went to pick up 40 duck eggs (at 90 cents each... LOL). Ate them during the Lakers game. OMG... I ate FIVE of them and was just about to die! One of the duckies was SO big that I just couldn't eat it and made Sam eat it for me. You can see the beak, the wing forming, and the EYEBALL and everything! I kid you not! It was black with a little bit of white. Gross, huh? Yeah... Sam ate it. It was so good though. There were 6 of us, and we almost finished them all. YUMMMM!

Sam's Momma taught me how to make shark fin soup! OMG... can't wait to make some for my parents and my nephews when I get home. Actually, I'm going to write down all the steps now so that I wouldn't forget. LOL

My Baby's sick. Boo! At least he's sick before he leaves to training. Man... I'm gonna miss him like crazy. This sucks ass.

Its raining over here now. So much for escaping Seattle rain, right? Boo!

SO much to do this weekend before I go home. A bit overwhelmed, actually.

February 5, 2009


Last night after bringing me to Yogurtland (yummm!), Sam and I went shopping for some things that he needs to bring with him to training. Afterwards, we SOMEHOW ended up at the mall. He asked if he can dress me and I told him that if he's buying it, then I'm wearing it. Needless to say, I am very pleased with his choice (and purchases) of some sexy red heels, and two tops. I wonder if he's going to give me the same offer today since we were only there for less than an hour before it closed. *crosses fingers*

Yesterday, Mommy called me and asked to speak to Sam's Mom to ask how much of a pain I've been since my stay. Dude... they were on the phone for almost two hours straight. My phone nearly died and I even missed Sam's calls and texts to pick him up! HAHAHA...

February 4, 2009

* drools *

I just learned how to make some Prahok Ktis!! YUMMMM!!

I can't wait to get home and show off my new skills to my Mommy! HAHA.. she's gonna be SO proud!

Spent all day hanging out with Sam's Mom today. We even went over to her homie's house and even MORE grocery stores! Matter of fact, I didn't even shower yet! Ooops! Okay... better shower before Sam's off work! HAHA...!!


Oh my gosh... totally forgot that I was in the middle of writing something for reals... then I got sort of distracted!!

I had a lot of fun exploring downtown Long Beach all by myself yesterday after having lunch with Sam and his coworkers again. Then, I found my new LB hot spot and ready to hit it up again today. After Sam got off work, I had to come home and work on something on the computer real quick, then we went out and played until we got hungry and found ourselves some papaya salad and prahok ktis at home. OMG... I don't think I can EVER get sick of those two dishes. Seriously... my favorites! Yummmm! Sam's parents laugh at me for loving prahok ktis so much and how I'm not tired of it. Sam's Mom is so sweet... she always always makes the best food. And since her Baby (Sam) is leaving for three months, she feels so sorry for him and keeps making EVERYTHNG that he requests. Spoiled ass guy! Its okay though because I get to eat it too!

We watched some Khmer karaoke with his Dad until about midnight last night. Good times. His Dad and I have the same taste in music. He bought MY Dad some DVDs. I got sort of jealous and asked him why he buys it for my Dad and not for me. :P He laughed and said that I don't need it! LOL!

This morning, I ran along the beach all by myself. OMG... amazing! If I lived here, I would run along there ALL the freakin' time! Makes me want to live here even more! Then, went to visit my Sister and my Nephew.

Okay... going to hang out with his Mommy now! Toodles!

February 2, 2009

So Sleepy...

I just dropped Sam off at work and now back at home and tempted to go back night night. Miso sleepy!

GREAT weekend... as expected. The gang decided to have dinner at Kim Su, as we usually do because its BOMB! Its like our birthday dinner spot here or something and we even have a "usual" order. It took us awhile to decide what we wanted to do later since almost all the guys were already too drunk the night before. They were all partied out. Old asses! HAHA... jk!

We finally decided to come over to Sam's place and do some karaoke-ing. We got EVERYONE involved except Mikal because he got a little bit too drunk off the "Margarita Shots" that I made. HAHA... they were so cute and they really did take them as shots! After a few, its safe to say that they got as drunk if not even more drunk off those than the regular margaritas because they took them so fast! I also made some lemon drop shots... yummy! Poor Birthday Boy Mikal was SO red... it was SO funny, dude! He kept on trying to get someone to sing Beyonce's "Single Ladies" so I can do the dance. Sorry dude... I only do that in the kitchen while making drinks where only you and your wife can see me. HAHAHA! I was a great song chooser! We even got Sam to sing our wedding song to me, "Making Memories of Us"... and D.Long sang, "Everytime I Close My Eyes" to Lily! Sivhui and Mac sang a duet! Soooooo freakin' cute! Should have heard Lily sing "Lady Marmalade" and Lyna sing a Britney Spears song for me! Hehehe... Paline was PRO... fo sho! Gooooood times! I tried not to cry when the dudes were singing to their ladies... including Sam! HAHA... awww... my Baby!!

We had our engagement photo shoot yesterday with Mikal in Laguna Beach, "on top of the world"! The location itself limited us to not very many photos, but I'm excited to finally get something for our invitations. YAY! Can't wait to see them! Afterwards, Sam brought me to Laguna Beach and I just wanted to SLEEP there and get my tan on. It felt SO good! There was so much traffic on the way back on P.C.H... and when we tried to get back on the other highway (not sure which one it was), it took forever and a day! I got a good hour and something nap just on our way back. AND... I got my new phone! Thanks Baby!! If I drop this one in the toilet, he's going to kill me for sure!!

I slept all throughout the Superbowl, but I hear that Cardinals didn't come out on top. :( I think every Washingtonian is anti Steelers since the last Superbowl with Seahawks VS Steelers. Should see all my friends' updates right after the game.. they were all so pisst!

Then last night, we went to hang out with my nieces and nephews for a bit. Awww... I've missed them. I can't believe some of the shit that they have to go through. Now, I feel guilty for being angry and pisst off at them from time to time. I love them and they are a lot stronger and braver than I am.

Okay... gonna see if I can squeeze in a nap before I go have lunch with my Baby! Toodles!