February 25, 2009

Red, Red, Wine...

Mom, Sister, and I were talking about this last night: wine is good for you and helps you sleep. Last night, I gulped down a glass of red wine with the girls... and it wasn't so bad after all! I usually hate the taste of it and opt for white wines or hard alcohol (if available.. hehe), but I sort of forced myself on the reds last night. I just got back from the grocery store to stock up on groceries because it is snowing (again). What else did I treat myself to? Some cabernet sauvignon! Haha... I had to look at the bottle to spell it out... honestly.

So cheers... to good health and possibly wealth! :D

EDIT: As it turns out, I didn't drink by myself afterall! HAHA!!

OMG... that was one of the funnest nights on KC. Should have seen the pager messages. Some really were feeling sick! Hate to admit it... but so was I! LOL!!!

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