February 26, 2009

Twitter Twatter!

I decided to join Twitter the other day. WHY? I don't know. LOL... its interesting. I haven't really gotten a chance to explore it much, but I will soon.

Curious? http://twitter.com/thyda

Okay if there are people who actually really read this blog, you will see that I have the twitter updates on the side of my page there. Not sure if I should keep it. At this rate, I might be able to get rid of my blog(s) altogether. Whoo hoo! I mean... why would I want to post in so many different places anyway? Competing with myself at this one man popularity contest. Who will win? Thyda or Thydsterz? LOL... okay I'm getting delirious.



  1. Oh crap I didn't know you can post twitter on your blog! I have twitter too: twitter.com/msbettynguyen. See you on yet another networking site! So many damn ones we have to keep up with.

  2. I didn't know either! I'm learning something new everyday. OMG... at this rate, I should know everything about you by now, huh? LOL

  3. Hello Thyda!

    Thanks for following me on Twitter!