February 24, 2009

Girls' Time...

I feel like I haven't seen my friends in AGES! Finally, we were able to catch some happy hour tonight (yay!!). It was nice to finally sit down and sort of catch up with each other. Great news from everybody, it seems! I can't wait for the girls to move back down south and be closer to me! You know what that means? More FUN together. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing... haha... but they'll definitely help me a lot with the wedding stuff. We have PLANs already! I am really crossing my fingers for Sandy and Ranny. So proud of them and oh man... I know that Ranny is gonna miss me lots... I know it! So damn proud of that girl... ahhh!

Cancun is SO not ready for us! I can NOT wait... ahhh! I'll be back and TAN just in time for my wedding. I think that I am having the hottest Bridal party that anyone will ever see. I love having hott ass friends! HAHA!

Parents going down to Long Beach for a wedding in two months and my Sister is coming up next month and wants me to go back down with her. Hmmm... we'll see!

Oh... forgot to mention... we should get our facts straight before we accidentally start spreading rumors, huh? Jenn and Mary had a little miscommunication and word was almost out that Eddy was doing drag shows at EQ! LMAO!!! They were talking about two totally different people and didn't even realize it! Hilarious! Five months ago, I woke up and stepped on a pair of WET pants on the side of the bed and was just about to tell the girls that the girlfriend of a friend's that slept next to me pissed on herself that night. Little did I know that it was my friend's pants from when she was running outside in the rain the night before. HAHAHA! Double check before we speak, shall we? Damn... I should take my own advice!

I hope I don't get addicted to Twitter. LOL!

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