February 2, 2009

So Sleepy...

I just dropped Sam off at work and now back at home and tempted to go back night night. Miso sleepy!

GREAT weekend... as expected. The gang decided to have dinner at Kim Su, as we usually do because its BOMB! Its like our birthday dinner spot here or something and we even have a "usual" order. It took us awhile to decide what we wanted to do later since almost all the guys were already too drunk the night before. They were all partied out. Old asses! HAHA... jk!

We finally decided to come over to Sam's place and do some karaoke-ing. We got EVERYONE involved except Mikal because he got a little bit too drunk off the "Margarita Shots" that I made. HAHA... they were so cute and they really did take them as shots! After a few, its safe to say that they got as drunk if not even more drunk off those than the regular margaritas because they took them so fast! I also made some lemon drop shots... yummy! Poor Birthday Boy Mikal was SO red... it was SO funny, dude! He kept on trying to get someone to sing Beyonce's "Single Ladies" so I can do the dance. Sorry dude... I only do that in the kitchen while making drinks where only you and your wife can see me. HAHAHA! I was a great song chooser! We even got Sam to sing our wedding song to me, "Making Memories of Us"... and D.Long sang, "Everytime I Close My Eyes" to Lily! Sivhui and Mac sang a duet! Soooooo freakin' cute! Should have heard Lily sing "Lady Marmalade" and Lyna sing a Britney Spears song for me! Hehehe... Paline was PRO... fo sho! Gooooood times! I tried not to cry when the dudes were singing to their ladies... including Sam! HAHA... awww... my Baby!!

We had our engagement photo shoot yesterday with Mikal in Laguna Beach, "on top of the world"! The location itself limited us to not very many photos, but I'm excited to finally get something for our invitations. YAY! Can't wait to see them! Afterwards, Sam brought me to Laguna Beach and I just wanted to SLEEP there and get my tan on. It felt SO good! There was so much traffic on the way back on P.C.H... and when we tried to get back on the other highway (not sure which one it was), it took forever and a day! I got a good hour and something nap just on our way back. AND... I got my new phone! Thanks Baby!! If I drop this one in the toilet, he's going to kill me for sure!!

I slept all throughout the Superbowl, but I hear that Cardinals didn't come out on top. :( I think every Washingtonian is anti Steelers since the last Superbowl with Seahawks VS Steelers. Should see all my friends' updates right after the game.. they were all so pisst!

Then last night, we went to hang out with my nieces and nephews for a bit. Awww... I've missed them. I can't believe some of the shit that they have to go through. Now, I feel guilty for being angry and pisst off at them from time to time. I love them and they are a lot stronger and braver than I am.

Okay... gonna see if I can squeeze in a nap before I go have lunch with my Baby! Toodles!


  1. I knew you got a new phone. FB told me!

  2. HAHA... FB tells everybody everythaaaaang!!