January 31, 2009

Its HOT in here!!

So as I said... people in California think that 80 degrees weather is cold. WTF?

Going to Van Nuys today to bring some stuff to some relatives, then hopefully we'll make it back in time to hang out with the gang.

OMG... last night, they were SO retarded! It was some of the guys' birthdays so they all came over to Sam's place and they got a little bit too drunk. Four out of nine of them pretty much threw up in the bathroom... I was surprised that they made it to the bathroom in time! Hilarious guys!

Earlier when they were here, Sivhui, Lily, and I (the Brides to Be's) went to go see "Bride Wars". We heard that it wasn't that good, but surprisingly, we really liked it! Maybe we can relate in some ways... I don't know. I love both Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, so maybe thats the reason why I really liked it? HAHA!

Went to the grocery store with Sam's Mommy this morning and the lady checking out spoke English to me. Then, I responded to Sam's Mom in Khmer and she said she was afraid to speak Khmer to me because she thought I was "Americang"! HAHA... well at least she didn't say Mexican this time!

Okay, time for Pho... and then we're heading out! Not sure what we're doing tonight, but I was hoping for some D&B... but I guess the guys don't wanna. Maybe some Karaoke since the guys were being gay and sat there singing along to some old school music all night last night. Hehe... they're funny. Paline suggested Massage, but we'll see! Okay... PHO time pho riels!!

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