January 15, 2009


I think that I'm slowly but surely kissing my MySpace goodbye. I'll always have it... but I've noticed that I rarely even sign on to approve comments and such anymore. All of my friends are on Facebook anyway... well, most of them. Sam refused to sign up for Facebook because he said that he barely signs into MySpace anyway so he wouldn't even sign into Facebook much. I think he's missing out and he'd actually like Facebook a lot more. LOL! Oh well... he can't spy on me if he doesn't sign up, so its all good! :D

*** I started to write something, but decided to delete it. You never really know who can be reading your blogs... or do you? LOL... either way... don't feel like hurting any feelings today. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. You can check my latest Myspace blog, where I posted an article about Facebook. So far, 4 of my Myspace friends that I didn't have on Facebook have added me now. If I could get about 90% of my Myspace friends to join me on Facebook, I'd probably delete Myspace.

    FB is just so much easier, to me. It's like, when I'm on Myspace, I *have* to check up on people, read bulletins/blogs and return comments. It's too much work, sometimes. So when I don't feel like doing that, I just don't log in to Myspace @ all, and have gone weeks without it. But with FB, I just sign in, and have it open in another tab, while I'm doing something else. And whenever I do look @ it, the updates tell me what everyone is up to. So it takes no effort.

  2. Yeah... I love Facebook! I think I'm going to retire from MySpace completely! I feel no need for it anymore... except to check up on my Fiance', of course! LOL