January 2, 2009

Snow... again?

I can NOT believe I just woke up to snow again!! I honestly did not expect it at all. There were NO signs that snow was going to happen yesterday. All took me by surprise.

I wanted to go running this morning, but with the snow, homie can't do that!

I've been thinking about my wedding a lot lately and I'm really really looking forward to marrying my Baby! He'll make such a great Husband and am so blessed to have him in my life. He makes me laugh and smile over and over again... and he doesn't even know it!

I have a bad habit -- eating when I'm NOT hungry. WTF is wrong with me? I'd get bored and next thing you know, I'm shoving handfuls of hot cheetos down my throat! A few of the girls and I were talking about this. We can't eat and do the things that we used to when we were seventeen anymore. I didn't realize how old I am until this discussion came up.

Oh... forgot to mention my aunt's New Years party the other night. I stopped by for a bit to eat and hang out with the fam before heading out. EVERYONE was there and it was so good to see relatives I haven't seen in awhile. A part of me didn't want to leave, but the bigger part of me knew that the old folks wouldn't even stay up past midnight... but surprisingly, I heard they did. I had a few too many champagnes and wines. My parents aren't drinkers, but my Mom wanted to buy beer for the party since she knew that my older cousins and stuff usually drink. So... she asked me to go pick some up for her. My Dad goes, "you're old enough to buy beer?" LMAO! My Dad is so cute! Yes Daddy... I'm still your little girl and I have never bought/drank/spilled alcohol in my life! (sarcasm) My little cousin and I poured the bubblies over and over for the elders. It was so much fun! I think we went through about 10 bottles of champagne within 15 minutes! :D Love my family too much.

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