January 19, 2009

Oh My!!

So... I was eating out with my Sister and Nephew earlier tonight. We were getting ready to go see a movie, right?

Well, I went to the bathroom before we left the restaurant and had my phone in my back pocket of my jeans. I was EXTRA cautious and decided that its probably not a good idea to put my phone in my back pocket because... WHAT IF it fell in the toilet? So what did I do? I smartly put it in my jacket pocket.

As I pulled down my pants and bended over, I heard a LOUD ass PLOP!!! It couldn't have been ME or any of my "wastes" because my butt didn't even land yet. Luckily I didn't set my butt down because my PHONE freakin' fell into the toilet and took the toilet seat cover with it. WTF!?!?!?!

It fell down so deep into that toilet hole that I literally had to DIG for it in that damn hole. Thank goodness I didn't actually "GO" yet, because I really had to DIG in there... like... DIG DIG! It was so gross, but my phone was still alive when I took it out. HAHA! I even rinsed it REALLY quick because I was not about to have it settle on my face with toilet water residue! I turned off the phone to dry it up, and haven't resurrected it yet.

Wish me luck tomorrow!!

HAHAHA... I know I've had bad luck with phones, but this has gotta be the worst and the nastiest. Eww.