January 16, 2009


I have a new addiction!! LOL...with all of these addictions, you would think I'd be in rehab by now, right? Hehehe... but I'm not. Not yet, at least!

Looking forward to dinner with my sister and stuff tonight! Crab legs... yummy!

Sam's leaving to Vegas tonight with the boys. LUCKY! I guess his friends don't like the fact he's going to be gone for months because that means a PAUSE in their Friday Poker Nights ritual. I can never understand how people can play poker over and over... week after week and not get tired of it. I guess its the same for me and dancing and going out with the girls. I will never get tired of it. Someone tried to convince me that it will be over and it will change after I get married. HA! Not even! Heck... even Sam knows that! :D

A little late on my coffee fix this morning. Now, I am hungry. If I don't eat a Big Mac today like I did yesterday, I'd be okay.

Got tons of books I need to get reading on... but my new addictions are so hard to push aside right now. LOL!

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