January 30, 2009


Been frying and eating some eggrolls with Sam's Mommy all morning. Its yummay!! Need to bring it over to Sam's work for their potluck in a little bit. He is one picky ass guy!! He just called to make sure that there's no shown oil and no broken ones! Grrr! If I had it my way, I'd let it sit in oil and bring it in like that for him... broken! His Mom is too nice! He should know that BEGGARS can't be CHOOSERS! What a punk!

So... I guess we're just having dinner with the guys tomorrow for the birthdays and then playing it by ear. I just wanna see everybody already!

Not sure what we're doing tonight but I really hope it has nothing to do with poker. Ugh!

Excited for our engagement photos... finally! I have NOTHING to wear!! Ahhhh!!

Okay... back to more eggroll frying for my picky ass Fiance! Ugh!! LOL


  1. LOL @ Sam. Can't blame him for wanting to impress his coworkers.

  2. Can you stop by the Bay Area before you head back to Seattle and drop off some egg rolls for me too? Tell the pilot you have to make a special delivery. Thanks Thyda!