January 21, 2009

Oh MAN...

So last night, we got invited to this private party to celebrate our new President and also for the Verizon Blackberry Storm launch party. I know that it was a Tuesday and sort of early in the week, but dude... FREE COVER and best of all, OPEN BAR? Meaning FREE drinks? Of course I'm there! Thing was... open bar was from 8:30pm-11:30pm. The girls and I got there at 10:30ish. Managed to squeeze in 7 or 8 drinks each, took some pictures for the Verizon promotional thing, and was drunk off our butts. Not that I'm really proud of it, but how the hell did we all manage to drink so much within an hour? Never ever doing that again!

Joel Madden from Good Charlotte was hosting the party. He looked better in person and I was really looking forward to seeing his wife, Nicole Richie somewhere, but was disappointed. Joel Madden and I made eye contact... I swear! For a loooong time too! LOL!

We seemed to be the few Asian people there, but I was glad that the club wasn't as crowded as it would be on regular nights.

Somehow, Mary's elbow ended up bleeding and there was blood everywhere. We don't even know where it was from! CRAZY!

We got little gift bags and each got a Verizon Blackberry Storm scarf. I snagged one for Sam since he actually has the phone and I don't.

I love private parties now... but man... people at those parties are so stuck up. Or at least last night's party. Oh well... I don't care. We had so much fun! A little bit toooooooooooooo much fun, actually.


Sandy and I got invited to this other private party on Thursday night. From what I know, we can each have plus one. If I go, Mary's my plus one! LOL... she came a little bit too late and the girl approached Sandy and I and only had two tickets to give away. Boo! Not sure if we're going. I sort of need a break. But man... I've heard about this private party before and from what I hear, its the best. We'll see how I feel that night. HAHA!


  1. Enjoy time with your girls! Because once you move...there will be no more private parties with your besties ;(

  2. Ahhh... I know! Okay for that reason, Thursday night it is! LOL! Thanks Betty!! :D

  3. lol no problem! Anytime you need a reason as to why you should go out...let me know! I'm good at convincing. haha.