January 9, 2009

I'm Ready...

Though I got sick yesterday (from my own pictures, sadly), I am ready to party like a rockstar tonight! :D

The girls are already plotting something against me, but I am determined to be the last one standing! They'd better watch out now! LOL

Its times like these when I really miss my Vany. She would totally get a kick out of everything and she's the best at teasing me. "Thyda Freakin' Lim"... as she calls me! LOL

I still can't believe that Unie still uses the word, "crunk"! I'm gonna start using it with her too! The thing is, she really thought that was the latest lingo. No honey, but we can make it happen! She has some of the coolest lingos around like, "K.O." instead of Knock Out!! LMAO!

Ranny said that since I'm coming tonight, she's bringing an extra pair of panties and suggested that Unie do the same. Don't get nasty... its not going to be wet in THAT way. She means she usually laughs so hard and wets her panties just a little. LMAO! Whatever I can do to get them back!

I miss my Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! So very proud of him and the new job! It was a long and hard process (and wait), but so very much worth it. I'm going to miss him while he's away (I mean FURTHER away), but I'm sure I'll go over there and see him after his graduation. LOL! Hopefully I'll get to see him before... ahhh!

Seven more months... very much looking forward to it! :D


  1. LOL, I did see your pics on Facebook. What the heck did you have to drink that night?! Looks like you had a blast though!

  2. LOL... I drink anything and everything... I don't discriminate when it comes to drinks! LOL! Wish me luck tonight!