January 18, 2009

Sleep? Doubt It!

Yep... still haven't slept in a few days. I don't know whats wrong with me. This addiction is getting a little out of hand, but I can't seem to stop or fight it.

Good news is that apparently, I only have abut 700 minutes of it. HAHA... thats 11 hours and forty minutes if I don't take any breaks. In which, I will.

Speaking of breaks, I just took a short break to mess with my Sister and Nephew a bit. I LOVE annoying my nephew and trying to tease him any way I can... just to see his reaction (evil, I know!). One of the things he said to me was, "Man, you're crazy!" LOL... I didn't even know he talks like that (using "man")! Then, I pretended to dance to NO MUSIC at all and he goes, "eww... you dance disgusting!" HAHAHA... HOW do I feel offended by that coming from an eight year old? And NO... I was not getting nasty or low or anything... just being silly and shaking myself to some mute music that only I could "hear". My Sister was cracking up at his comment and yeah... so was I! If he wasn't so cute, I'd punish him for sayin gthose things!

Sam's back from Vegas. HAHA! This morning, he text me with, "Hi Babe. I have a question. How come you text me with 'I love you' with an LOL last night?" HAHA... because I really was LOLing last night and for what reason? I really don't know. Maybe I AM going crazy!

Or MAYBE I just need sleep?

Sam fell asleep on the phone awhile ago (not sure if I'm offended... haha) and he started snoring SO loud! I recorded it and plan on sharing it with the world when he's mean to me. So far, he's been the perfect sweetheart. :)

Okay... BACK to my addiction now. Wish me luck on some sleep tonight! Maybe.


  1. dude, sounds like you do need sleep

  2. HAHAHA... oh my gosh! You would NOT believe what happened after I text you! LOL... let me blog about it!!!!

  3. LOL. reminds me of me and my bf before I moved to Cali. Just a few (maybe more) more months Thyda and you'll have him all to yourself every night! =)