January 6, 2009

So Tired Of It...

SOOOOO tired of the cold nights all alone. So, so tired of it.

Time just isn't flying by fast enough at the moment. Ugh.

I wish I can move all my friends to California with me. A few of them say that they'll be willing and wanting! LOL! I know its easier for them to say than do though. Diane is there now... can't wait to hang out with her again!

I'm just so afraid that the friends I make in my new "home" wouldn't be the same as the friends I've had and held onto all my life. Even Sam said that my friends are hard to find. So, so true.

We're having a "Revenge of the Hot Nerds" party this weekend to kick off Jane's return back east. Very excited because its never a dull moment with them. I feel that I can totally be myself and they wouldn't look at me like I'm crazy or embarrassed by me. Thats what I love most! Well, they can't look at me weird or say that I'm embarrassing because they're the same as me... if not worse! LOL!

I didn't realize VisionShock entertainment was geared towards the Asian crowd. LOL! No freakin' wonder!!!

Dancing to: Bottle Pop by Pussycat Dolls... just can't help it everytime I hear it!


  1. Well, you're not really alone. The ghost is keeping your cool.

  2. OMG what a punk!! I was just gonna go to bed too!! HAHAHA! You guys who all made that comment on FB that night are all punks!