January 23, 2009

Schweitzer misses me...

So I'm not in Schweitzer, ID with the girls as I had planned. Turned out that the trip was going to cost a lot more than I had thought initially and with my trip to California next week and a wedding to save up for, I came to my senses that I just couldn't afford this weekend. Sad, huh? Unie ended up not going last minute either due to the excessive FUN we had on Tuesday night. Its okay though because this worked out and they were able to take one large SUV rather than two. YAY! For sure though, I know I'm missing out and you know damn well that the girls are missing me! I mean... how could they not? LOL!

That means I'll be able to join in on a few festivities in Washington this weekend. Unie asked me to be her date to her company party... and how do I ever turn down a nice dinner and drinks? Especially another opportunity to dress up? Yeah... count me in! (She was going to miss it for snowboarding in Idaho, but since we're both not going to that, we might as well do the damn thang!) Also... its Brother Seung's birthday. I was looking forward to some BBQ and bowling, but really... company parties are hard to miss! LOL! Will get to join them for some fun afterwards though... yay!! The last time I've ever been to Fuel was for Lang's birthday.. many many moons ago. Wait... was that FUEL? I don't even remember! HAHA!

How ridiculous is it that a cop knocked on our door today telling us that someone reported a non moving vehicle in front of our house. Its my Brother's car! He carpools to work now and doesn't use his car as much. First off, there are four parking spots in front of our driveway and enough space on the street to park four cars in front of our house alone, and thats not even counting across the street. The reason why my brother's car is parked out there is because the driveway is often used by my Dad and it would be hectic to move my brother's car back and forth every single time he needs to pull in, so it is more convenient to park it on the street. Yes, could have moved it into the garage, but the garage is often used for other things and its hard to get around it with a car blocking half of it. Ugh. The cop said that this was reported today and he is not going to make us move it because it is in no way violating any laws and he sees no problem with it being there. He said that he's not sure if it violates any Home Owners' Association rules, but if so, it has nothing to do with him. He just wanted to let us know that someone tried to report it just so that we'd be aware, but again, he has no problem with it. Whoever reported this really needs to find something better to do with their time. Its so effin' ridiculous! Someone's gotta be THAT bored, right? Oh... and another thing... EFF YOU, HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCIATION! What the hell are you doing with our money anyway because I don't see you doing jack sh*t with it. Really. I'm not the homeowner, but maybe I should check out one of those meetings in my Parents' place. Just to see. I sort of miss our old house and neighborhood and our freedom there. No homeowners' association to deal with (not that I know of, anyway). IMO, it was more spacious too. I just love that house... growing up there for 15 years? Yeah... it grew on me. This house my Parents bought for 6 years now has got NOTHING on it. NOTHING!!! LOL... okay I'll stop. Appreciate what you have, Thyda! Gosh!

My nephew's teacher called the house today. I had a nice chat with her and she praised my nephew about how well he's doing in class. Even I'm VERY impressed! She said that he reads well over 80 words per minute and comprehends it all. Amazing, right? He's probably even better than me! She thanked us for everything that we've been doing at home. :D Last night, I caught my nephew reading one of his chapter books and laughing to himself. He's so cute! My niece Rachanny reads flawlessly at the age of 4, so I can't wait until she actually goes to school! She knows more about a lot of things than I do. Yes, I'm admitting that shamelessly. Ooooh... maybe I should record her reading one day. YES! PROJECT!!!!

Speaking of reading... maybe I'll get to catch up on some of my own this weekend? Hopefully! *sigh*


  1. Haha, that's so retarded but it can't beat your broken car window incident. LOL! Don't get me started on HOA and stupid, old and grumpy neighbors.

  2. omg i totally forgot about that time. idiots!!!

  3. hahaha lang's bday at fuel was ages ago!!! and i didn't know that i had a word verification thing...-_-