January 12, 2009

Ate... So... Much!!

Did NOT want to get up this morning. Was still recovering from my FOOD COMA!!

Seung and Nara had postponed their holiday get together for a few weeks now due to the crazy weather we'd been having. Finally, it happened last night. They're my favorite host and hostess EVERRRRR! Never too little food at their place and they never let you bring anything. Well, if you were to bring anything, there would be too much food and no room to put it all! Seriously! LOL I ate so much to the point that I can barely breathe and barely move. I stayed a little bit longer because I was waiting for Seung to burn me their wedding DVDs, and I stuffed my face some more! WTF!?! AND... they insisted that I bring food home! Haha... another reason why I'm always the last to leave their place! JK!

Got home and attempted to watch the DVDs with my parents, but only one of them worked on a regular DVD player. This is probably due to me rushing Seung with the burning. BUT... we watched parts of the rest of the three DVDs on my laptop. LOL! My nephew was so cute trying to spot me and "Pu Sam" throughout it all. My Mom made fun of Sam's hair (lol)... he'd kill me if he was to read this... but its funny! After seeing their wedding video, it got me all excited for mine!! Eeeeeeeeek!! :D

Was too lazy to blog the entire weekend, so I sort of gave myself a break. I hope nobody missed me! HAHA

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  1. Our discs keep freezing when we tried to watch it.. well we only watched the first one. My mom didn't have any problems with her copy though.

    Thanks for taking almost the WHOLE ham and ALL of the cupcakes home, haha.