January 8, 2009

My friends are EVIL!!

How dare they threaten me on Facebook!?!?!

Okay that just means I can NOT be the first one out this weekend. Must get some sort of blackmail material on them too. I'm just sayin... payback is a biatch!! LOL

Soooooo excited!

Mary texted me seeing if I finished OUR book yet. I honestly haven't but she's dying for me to finish because she needs someone to talk about it with. LOL! So funny!

Our second book club meeting is in three weeks and I haven't even gotten that book yet! Tsk tsk to me!!

MySpace is SO 2003... yeah.. I've been on there since then! I loooooooooove Facebook too much now. Its so funny because everyone and their mamas are always on, it seems! Probably from their phones, but still... its fun! Such a distraction! About to leave MySpace. Actually, I think I'll always have it... just not get on it so much because it is so lame now. I used to think Facebook was lame, but I've had a change of heart. LOL!

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