January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Last night was fun. Unie's holiday party was fun with some really yummy food and some BLAH drinks... which was great for me! Well, I had a cosmo at first, which tasted a lot like Hawaiian Punch! Seriously... maybe the bartender forgot the alcohol? Then, I had a martini and I forgot how strong/gross martinis are that I didn't even drink it! Yuck! I was just inspired by Gossip Girl's drink of choice chosen by all the characters and decided to give it a shot. Yeah... bad idea. What a waste! We left right after the speeches because I wasn't feeling so great and wanted to go hang out with my friends at FUEL for Brother Seung's birthday and Unie also wanted to leave... so we did! YAY! LOL

I hadn't been to FUEL in so long. Luckily I found parking right in front of it before the holiday party and then Unie picked me up and dropped me back off. The guy at the door tried to tell me that there's cover and I told him that I'm not paying cover because I'm stopping by for a birthday party (dive mode! lol). He asked me what the password was, and I was like... "gas? fuel? i don't know!". He laughed and let me in anyway. I found out later that the password was, "Sam's my Daddy!" LOL! (Sam's the other birthday guy) Hell NO I would have said that... I only say that when... nevermind! :X

I'm kind of sad that I missed dinner because I loooooooooooove BBQ and I heard from everyone that it was good and I missed out! Boo! I hate missing out! Nara kept saying that she's so full and sleepy! LOL! Birthday Boy was all over the place! I was able to get a few videos of him dancing all up on his Wifey with Nara's camera. She better not erase it because it was so freakin' cute. Awww! He told me that he wanted Malibu Rum and Pineapple so I got him a shot with a chaser. I didn't know he wanted the mixed drink! Oops! I didn't drink at all because I wasn't feeling so good and am sort of growing paranoid. I actually had to drive home this time and after the last time I got pulled over... yeah... no good. I did get pressured into taking a sip of Grace's shot. Ewww. Yuck. Jeff freakin' called me out for drinking on a Tuesday night but not a Saturday night for Seung's birthday. Guy had a point and I was really tempted to just f*ck it and drink, but I couldn't. My headache was just pounding and telling me No, No, No, No, No!!

I got to dance for a little bit, then I decided to head out and call it a night. Head was about to explode! As I was leaving, Seung pulled me to the side and thanked me for coming and was telling me so many great things! LOL... I was so flattered because he told me that I'm so cool and that he's happy for Sam and I. He also said that being with Sam is the best decision I've made in my life as long as he'd known me. (I agree! But don't tell Sam that. He doesn't read this blog, so whatever) OH! He also said that after I move, he and Nara are going to come visit me ALL the time! HAHAHA... I don't care if he was drunk while saying it, but I'm going to hold them to it anyway! :D I went downstairs and said to Nara, "Your man is f*cked up!" LOL... then I came home and updated my Facebook status and went night night. Nara commented saying that Seung was wheezing over the toilet and she didn't know what to do. HAHAHAHA... now thats when you know that he'd had a GREAT birthday! :D

I better get ready. The FAM is heading down to Olympia for Chinese New Years at my aunt and uncle's place. I haven't been there in SO long! Pray that I will get a cute little red envelope! HAHA! I'm serious, too!

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!! :D


  1. LOL.. last night was crazy. Well... actually more like FUNNY. I guess I'm starting to enjoy watching other people get CRAZY. Don't worry... I won't delete the videos. I've never seen Seung behave that way before, haha.

  2. LOL, my friend Sam had his birthday at Fuel last night who had the "sam's my daddy" password. hehe.

  3. Celebrating Chinese New Year is the one thing I miss most about being married to a Chinese woman. Now I've got no one to celebrate with. Oh well.

    Glad you had a good one!