March 30, 2010

Pointless and Random... SERIOUSLY.

So... I think my interview went pretty well.  It was for something that I have never done, so I am excited and nervous to hear back from them.  I don't want to say too much about it because I would hate to jinx myself.  You know what they say... "don't count your chickens before they hatch".  I'm crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that I get the job.  Thank you readers and friends for the good luck wishes!  Much appreciated!  *hugs*

As I was walking towards my apartment, sprinklers on both sides of me came on suddenly and I got pretty soaked.  Good thing I was heading HOME and nowhere else.  It was such a hot and beautiful day that I didn't mind it too much.  In fact, I got inside and couldn't help but laugh!  Again, it looked like it could have been a scene from a movie!  :)

My sweet Husband brought me to get something that I loooooove... sushi!  My two favorite rolls are still the Sexy Girl Roll (love the name) and the Unpopular Roll (I wanna make it popular).

Sexy Girl Roll - shrimp tempura and jalapeno on the inside, wrapped with mango and topped with a sweet and spicy sauce, masago, green onion, and crunchy flakes

Unpopular Roll - fried albacore, wrapped with avocado - don't know the sauces atop, but it was delish!

We ate so much because we ordered two of each and then some!  LOL!  Also decided to share a pitcher of beer, which took forever to finish.  I don't like the taste of beer, but I'd drink it just because... haha!  I am really lightweight now and got a bit tipsy after just one cup.  Lame, I know.  It took us forever to finish the pitcher!  The Lakers game was on (they lost) and surprisingly, I was getting into it too.  I guess the Lakers fan in Sam rubbed off on me and I somewhat am into the games too now.  I used to never watch any sports on TV and can only pay attention when I am actually at the games, but I guess I am learning.  I miss having a home team to cheer for (Seattle Supersonics).  I really hope we get them back so they can whoop these Lakers' ass and I can start talking smack to the guys here.  Haha!  Maybe thats why people don't like watching games with me on TV because I talk too much... too much smack.  OH... and I usually like to go with whichever team they are opposing just for a little competition and laugh.  I know I will get my butt kicked one of these days.  I'd better watch out!

Anyway... we came home and took a nap and then actually hit the gym together!  We tried to let the food set and sleep off our tipsiness (is that a word?), but I didn't sleep and watched "Say YES To The Dress" instead.  Sam woke up drunk... but he is a trooper and agreed to go to the gym anyway.  I didn't get to run the distance I had in mind because that beer was starting to come back up and was settling in my throat (gross, I know)... but I was so close!  Hey... at least I tried!

AND.... I can't believe this!  Even after the free panties I got last month and even after their 7/$25 panties sale, Victoria's Secret STILL sent this to me:

Really though... what are they trying to say?  That I need more underwear?  Not that I am complaining because I love free stuff and you already know I will be redeeming mine... but seriously?  LOL!  I hope they send me one every few weeks.  Thanks in advance, Victoria's Secret Angels!

Its the kids' spring break back at home and I wish I was there to spend the time with them.  I am secretly jealous of my Sister who lives so close to home (well, not really... a good three hours) and gets to visit them often.  I'm glad she is there though because we get along and she usually tells me what is going on back at home that my Mother tends to not tell me.  It used to be the other way around when I lived at home.  Haha!  I miss my Family... AGAIN.  I also miss my friends.  I haven't really seen any of them since I've been back.  I've also just been lazy and just wanna lay around at home and watch movies with my Husband every evening and fall asleep early... or really late after a very loooong conversation laying in bed.  I like having someone to talk to every night.  Actually, I like having someone to talk to at all times!  :)

Tomorrow is my first ever Yelp Elite event!  I'm soooo excited to take advantage of the free food and drinks and from the looks of it, there are going to be so many different businesses there catering to us "Elites".  I've heard great things about these parties, so that is why I am sooooooo excited!  Eeeep!  I mean... Yelpppppp!!

Okay... I know this post was probably meaningless and pointless, but oh well!  The randoms of me!  Have a great day, everyone!

March 29, 2010

Weddings... can you feel the love?

I woke up this morning to the sun rays beaming through my weak shutters and birds chirping.  Thats how I knew it is going to be a great day.  And even if it isn't a perfect day, I am going to try my best to make it a wonderful one.  Got an interview this morning... and so do 29 others who are fighting for the same position that I am going for.  I know that it sounds like a lot and is a bit intimidating, but I am trying not to let it get to me.  I have nothing to lose and the least that I can gain from this is practice.  I always learn something new, and I am ready for that at the very least.  

Looking on my calendar and I can see that wedding season is kicking in.  I have at least one wedding to attend each month for the next 6 months.  Wow.  I love weddings and I am not complaining one bit, but it makes me feel giddy inside to know that my friends are falling in love and taking this step into their future.  I can't explain how happy I am to know this and I hope that I can join each and every one of them on their wedding day... though this might be difficult since the weddings are held all over the world, it seems.  I just found out that my cousin's son (who is 21) is getting married in May!  Personally, I feel that 21 is a bit young, but who am I to say?  I don't know their relationship and as long as they are happy and in love, I couldn't be happier for the little twerp I call my "nephew".  (all of my cousins' kids are my nieces and nephews to me... the whole second and third cousin thing is just way too confusing to remember with a huge family like mine)  There is something about weddings that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  :)

My best friend is getting married this summer... the same weekend as my wedding anniversary (so we can celebrate our wedding anniversaries together in the future, duh!).  They are so in love and one of the most loving couples that I know!  She calls me for tips and suggestions on a lot of the wedding plans, and I am loving it!  Although I am a thousand miles away, its nice to know that she still comes to me when she needs a second or third opinion.  I'm glad that even when we are so far away, our friendship still grows and we still make time for each other... even if its for the half hour morning commutes to work.  Anyway... wedding planning is so much fun when its not your own.  As indecisive as I am, thank goodness I am not the one who has to make the final decision like I did for my own wedding.  I am one of the people who can come up with a million ideas and suggestions but if you were to ask me to make a decision, my mind goes numb and blank.

I look forward to the little things like the Save-the-Dates, the details on the invitations, the centerpieces, the guestbook, the cake topper, the wedding favors, the details on the dresses... you know, all the fun stuff.  OH... and I especially look forward to the food and the dancing!  (How could you not?)  Inevitably, I am going to need waterproof mascara.  I don't remember going to a wedding where I did not cry at.  Yes, I am a sucker for love and a walking ball of emotions and tears.  My friend asked me to help her find some readings for her ceremony, and I was crying while coming across some things I found on Google!  Yes, Google makes me cry!

Let me reminisce my wedding a little bit...

Daddy and Mommy pretending to cut my hair.
Laughing and crying tears of joy because I adore my Parents so much!

Mommy kissing me and whispering in my ear in Khmer how much she loved me as she was blessing me... I couldn't hold it in.

SOME of the elders in my Family on stage as we all gave our "thank you" speech.  Mommy kissing me as I spoke and tried to hold in my tears.  Thanks, Mom... you just defeated the purpose and made me cry more!  LOL

Dancing with my HANDSOME Daddy.  He doesn't dance and kept trying to tell me to cut it short.  No way, Jose... we are dancing until the very last tune!  He is so adorable and still to this day, the Man with the biggest heart anyone has ever known.

Resemblance? Its in our personalities and our upper lips (they disappear when we smile)... LOL!

Hitting the dance floor with my Friends and Family.  The Man in te black suit and the big smile is my loving Uncle... who I love sooooo much!  I tend to get silly with all of my Family members and I don't think I'd ever grow out of it and they still see me as the silly little 7 year old without any front teeth!  :D

and finally, with my loving Husband.  (nuff said)

Okay... reminiscing some of the happiest moments of my life set the mood to an even greater day and now I am going to knock the socks off whomever is interviewing me.  I hope they're ready for this!  :)

March 27, 2010

The REALITY of My Life at the Moment

Can you believe that we are wrapping up the first quarter of the year already?  Again, where does the time even go?  I keep on thinking to myself that 2010 is a new year... but it hit me today that its not so new anymore.  In fact, its getting pretty old... 3 months old.   
How has the year treated you so far?

For me, its been... okay.  Yes... just okay.

The job searching continues and hearing/seeing the news about the job market everyday is sort of depressing.  If you're currently employed, then consider yourself lucky.  There are many people out there struggling and fighting for most any job that comes available on the market.  About 2,300 teachers and 600 nurses were pink slipped last week in California alone.  These are people who are educated, experienced, and devote their lives to better the community.  If this doesn't worry you, then I don't know what does.

It is easy to tell people "don't worry, things will get better" when you are not in their shoes.  How do we not worry?  How are you so sure that things will get better from the looks of where everything is headed right now?  Yes, its great to be optimistic, but you also have to be realistic.  Its wonderful to hope, but don't give false hopes to those who are struggling.  Having expectations will only set you up for disappointment... and with that, a sense of failure.

Don't assume that people are "lazy" or "unmotivated" unless you sit there next to them 24/7.  Job searching and applying can often be more work than someone who has work.  There are people who put in 12-16 hours of job searching and mass submitting their resumes in a day and still struggle to get one response by the end of the week.  I put in about 3-6 hours of job searching a day and am just now hearing back from an employer I contacted back in January.   I know that the hour count doesn't sound like a lot to you and you probably wonder what I am doing with the rest of my time, right?  Well, I can honestly say that I spend the other times balancing the internal depression by doing things that make me happier to keep me sane for the moment. 

"How can I be there for someone going through the same thing you are?" 
By being there for someone who is going through these hardships, you can just listen when they need to speak or vent.  Try to understand their situation and struggles without judgment or criticism with the "you should have...." and the "I told you so...".  OH... and if you do happen to ask someone about their progress and hearing that they are not doing so well, please refrain yourself from boasting about how awesome or fantabulous your life or career is at the moment.  We probably do want to hear about it and more than likely, we are HAPPY for you... really.  Its just a rub/smack in the face to those who are less fortunate in that area... no matter how unintentional it is.  I'm sure a lot of people understand this already, especially if they were ever on that short end of the stick.  But you'd be surprised at how inconsiderate and self-centered people can come across for saying these things.  I'm not saying that you have to mope and be depressed with the unemployed, but just take a moment to step into their shoes and try to empathize.  OH... and don't make a fuss about the bad coffee at your workplace or make it sound like being in a two hour long meeting is the end of your world because either way, its NOT the end of your world.  The person listening to you would feel privileged to have a place to call a workplace or have a meeting they must attend.  Again, empathize.

I don't know how others feel, but for me, I don't like to talk to others about the situation because it is depressing.  I am usually a happy person and I like to talk about the happier moments (hence the fact that I often reminisce of my past) and the other aspects in life that makes me happy.  Unemployment, job searching, the market are all depressing and trust me... it is constantly on my mind.  Its on my mind when it doesn't seem like it is.  Its on my mind even when I talk about unrelated topics.  Its on my mind when I shop.  Its on my mind with I am with my Family.  Its on my mind when I am with my Friends.  Its on my mind when I am alone.  Its on my mind when I eat.  Its on my mind when I shower.  Its on my mind when I blog.  Trust me... its on my mind.  Its on my mind so much that I just want a distraction or an escape from the reality of it all.  This is probably why I blog about other things that make me happy (family, friends, fashion, makeup, shopping, celebrities)... I just need something that will try to take my mind off from the depression I feel caused by this... even if its only for a few minutes or a couple hours of my day.


Now that I put it all out there and let you all know what I am going through at the moment, I hope you have a better understanding of me.  Those who know me personally can testify that I am a "bubbly" yet VERY emotional person.  I may seem happy at almost all times because I choose to be that way and I want to be just that... happy.  It is easy to put on a facade and try to convince others (and myself) that my head is always held high and my life is perfect... but I am not an actress.  I am vulnerable and I am fragile. 
Most importantly, I am REAL.

Beautifully Said - SELF LOVE

I woke up this morning thinking to myself, "its going to be a beautiful day!".  Now, I know for sure that it will be because I woke up to something so beautiful and uplifting, I'm going to have to share it with all you readers!

LaLa at simplest form of an elle reminded me (and so many others) to love ourselves.  I know that it sounds kind of cliche, but she truly is an inspiration.  She started "Love Your Body Month", which is coming to an end, but we know that self love will never end.  Anyway, check out her beautiful post here .  Thanks LaLa for the reminder.  And yes, you ARE beautiful.  :)

March 26, 2010

Thinspiration & Playing Virtual Dress Up... again!

Currently my motivation to hit the gym and starve myself:

Victoria's Secret Models
Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio
(photo via BauerGriffin)

Seriously, I can't decide which girl is most gorgeous.  It is unfair to bless someone with such beauty and then leave people like me with manly hands, big feet, excessive muffin top, lopsided breasts, uneven ears, huge pores, without an upper lip when I smile and oversized cheeks.  SO unfair!

Seeing this picture and others of women this pretty makes me want to throw in the gym towel (forever) and indulge in a cupcake or four... maybe with ice-cream on the side.  Arghhhhh!

Just kidding.  I am going to use them as my motivation.  I don't think it is possible for a body type like mine to be this thin.... but how I wish!

My other motivation?  I want to be one of those girls who can wear a skin tight dress that fits like a glove and look flawless without a bulge hanging off in the wrong place.  Perhaps a simple dress like this:
(Though I wouldn't say that its the nicest dress ever, it seems to be a very form fitting dress 
and if you've got the right body to put in it, then its simple and sexy.)

For now, I have to stick with these type of dresses with lots of loose fabrics to hide my bulges.  This one in particular looks... fun.  If it was in white, you can probably pull it off for a toga party!  :D

I ADORE this dress!  You probably can't tell in this picture, but it is a sequined silk-chiffon dress.  I know that its simple and you can probably find something similar elsewhere for a fraction of the price, but I was on the website earlier and am so intrigued by the details of the dress.  Ahhhh... I want, gimme gimme!

Its official.  I DO have a jacket/coat/trench obsession.  BUT... look how chic this is!  I can already think of 8363974 different things to wear it with!  Again, I am so in like with the details!  Ahhhh... I really do need to win the lottery... quick!

Okay I think that is enough of me playing Virtual Dress Up for the day!  I think I'm going to start calling it that and giving it its own category on my blog because I do it often and its just so much fun.  Of course, I can't afford these pieces in real life, but there is nothing wrong with playing pretend, right?


Good Friday Morning!

First off, let me just say that I have the best followers and readers!  Thank you folks so much for commenting on my posts and making me feel like I'm not talking to myself afterall.  You make it fun to blog and always put a smile on my face and make my day.  I LOVE reading your blogs as well and through them, I feel like I am getting to know all of you... little by little and I enjoy it so much!  *hugs*

Speaking of getting to know each other, its funny that I was going to post this anyway... what a coincidence!  A few weeks ago when I went back home to WA, I brought my old photo albums and scrapbooks with me.  Its interesting to look at pictures that were printed out before digital cameras and social networking websites were accessible to everyone.  I got a bit nostalgic as I reminisced through each picture.  Ahhhh... good ol' times!  I wish I had a scanner to scan the pictures that I have left.  There was one sad day of my life that happened shortly after high school when my car was broken into and stolen.  My car(s) were stolen many times and I sort of got used to it, but one time, it really broke my heart.  All of my loved possessions were in there.. tons of my clothes and my hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars worth of makeup (I usually drive back and forth from my Parents' place to mine at the time and was usually too tired by the time I got home to unload everything out of the car back into my apartment and told myself that I'd wait until the next morning).  Most importantly, thousands of pictures in at least 5 photo albums and all of my yearbooks from middle and high school were in there.  :(  I had those photo albums and yearbooks in my car at the time because I was just bringing them from my Parents' place to mine that night.  There goes all of my beloved friends' and family's pictures that I couldn't recover because most of them were before the digital camera era and it would be impossible to go to each person and ask them for the negatives to the pictures that they have given me.  My classmates' pictures that were so precious because each person was only given 24 or so of their wallet sized pictures to give to those that they are closest to... me being one of the lucky ones.  Gone.  My precious yearbooks and all the memories written throughout the pages by friends and classmates... gone.  I cherished those years and those people and the friendships and the pictures were visual memories of all the good times we shared.  I was torn.  A huge lesson (never leave prized possessions in your car) learned but left me broken hearted.  *sigh*

There was ONE scrapbook that was saved (I already had it at my apartment at the time)... and it was my Personality Scrapbook that was a high school project for my Psychology class.  I go through it often because it had some pictures (definitely NOT all) from my younger years.  There's one portion of it where I had to ask 5 people to fill out a short personality survey that shows how they perceive me.  Its funny to read what they have to say... and it always makes me smile.

Ever wonder what people's first impression of you were?
I was shocked!  I didn't realize people THOUGHT I was mature, old, stuck up, and "weird"!  LOL... its good to know that their perceptions of me changed after getting to know me.  :)

Do you ever take the time to just sit back and reflect on your past?
When were your happiest moments and what are some of your favorite memories? 
Are you a dork like I am and enjoy going through old pictures and try to relive the moments?
Tell me more, tell me more!

March 25, 2010

One Word Quiz!!

Thanks Winniepedia for the distraction!!

1. Yourself: full
2. Your life: sucks (lol... its the first thing that came to mind for real!)
3. Your nails: ugly
4. Your sister: gone
5. Your brother: grump
6. Your favorite item: laptop
7. Your dream last night: forgot
8. Your favorite drink: moscato
9. Your dream car: white
10. The room you are in: messy
11. Your skin: eww
12. Your money: none
13. What you want to be in 10 years: rich
14. Who you hung out with last night: hubbs
15. What you're not: working
16. Muffins: blueberry
17: One of your wish list items: house
18: Time: watch
19. The last thing you did: read
20. What you are wearing: jacket
21. Your favorite weather: sunny
22. Your favorite game: ouija (wtf... i don't know why that came to mind. its scary)
23. The last thing you ate: gyro
24. Your life: good
25. Your mood: amused
26. Your favorite body part: head
27. What you're thinking about right now: answering
28. Your under garments: panties
29. What you are doing at the moment: typing
30. Your summer: tanning
31. Your relationship status: married
32. What is in your DVD player: FRIENDS
33. What is the weather like: sunny
34. When was the last time you laughed: now

Okay I know that my answers kinda suck.  I am not very good at one word answers because I am so damn long winded!  But now its your turn!!  LOL.

Playing Virtual Dress Up...

Loving this dress right now and I can't finger point as to why, but I just think its pretty.  I wish I had some sort of semi-formal event I had to go to this weekend or next.  I know it looks sort of plain and my Husband would think that it looks "Granny-ish" as he does with most pieces I like, but what does he know about fashion anyway?

I am also loving the coral/salmon colors right now.  Maybe its Spring that got me infatuated with the color.  Just seeing the color brightens up my day and makes me HAPPY for some reason.  I love this dress... simple, yet elegant...
Now... where can I find a cheaper (MUCH cheaper) version of it?

I know you're probably thinking that I'm such a plain jane, right?  Well, if you are, then you're right.  I've tried to convince myself to like lots of patterns and graphics, but I can't.  I just can't.  I can't seem to pull myself away from my usual solid colors.  Is there a solid colors treatment somewhere?

OH... and look at this adorable jacket:
Lambskin leather... my fave!!  I have a jacket obsession, I think.  I am beginning to think that I like jackets more than I like purses and shoes.  How strange because I love purses and shoes a lot... so this ought to say something.  I've spent way more $$ on jackets than I have purses and shoes combined.  Speaking of, I still need to put one of my never worn Valentino pieces for sale.  I must have been drunk when I ordered it online one day.  Freakin' Intermix and their 14 days return policy.  Grrr... another reminder not to procrastinate, Thyda!

Speaking of procrastination, I better stop playing virtual dress up (though it is SO much fun) and actually do something productive for a change.  I got a response from one of the jobs that I applied to back in January (finally)... so wish me luck!  :D

Do you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth?

WHY do people fake the funk?  WHY do they put on an act like they care or are interested in what you have to say?  WHY do they have to put on a show like they are the greatest of people and care so much about you when in actuality, they really don't give a damn about what you are going through?  WHY? WHY? WHY?

I guess I am just growing very annoyed by those who are self absorbed and don't really genuinely care about others like they claim to be.  They are in it all for themselves.  I know it... and they know it.

If someone really listens to what you have to say, then they would understand what you are going through and where you are coming from.  Smiling and nodding does not make you a great listener or someone that I would want to go and talk to.  When the conversation isn't about you, it would be nice if you make it a little less obvious that its going through one ear and straight out the other.  Its rude... and it is really wasting my time.  If what I say is just "blah, blah, blah" to you, then why do you even bother?  Oh yeah, thats right... you must be brushing up on your acting skills.  One thing is for sure... you got that "the world revolves around me" and "my shit doesn't stink" role down to a T.  You're so good at it... a natural, even.

Arghhhh... !

So... how does everyone like their morning coffee?  Black and bitter... or creamy and sweet?  I usually like mine creamy and sweet, but this morning's just black and bitter.

March 24, 2010

Dreaming... Quadruplets!

Yesterday was Sam's day off.  FINALLY.  The sun was out and I wanted to explore a little bit.  One of his coworkers told me that I should check out Old Town Pasadena because its a fun place to roam around and hang out.  So, I dragged my loving Husband out of bed to bring me!  (Now I feel really bad because we are both sick... he is worse than I)

After an hour drive, I was sort of disappointed.  I had no idea it was a downtown area for SHOPPING.  When I hear "Old Town", I was thinking of a cool old town with historic buildings and such and a feast for my eyes.  Blah... oh well... lets make the best of it, right?  Y'alls know that I love to shop but feeling a little woozy and sick, I wasn't really in the mood.  We grabbed sushi and sake instead because we were sort of hungry.  Needless to say, we got a bit tipsy together from the sake.  Yeah... and I know that we're sick, I just thought that alcohol would kill the sick germs.  LOL.  On a full stomach now and still nearly two hours left in the parking meter, we shopped around a bit.  I like it when Sam brings me shopping when he is tipsy.  Because of that, I got three new jackets from H&M.  Thanks Baby!!  If you didn't already know, there's a sale going on.. $15 off jackets and blazers for men AND women.  Great deal, if you ask me... BUT it ends today so if you're reading this, hurry up and get to an H&M today!  Sucks that you can't shop online in USA though... sucks really bad.

Stuck in traffic on our way home, but decided to drive down to Santa Ana for groceries because I've been craving mangoes!  I was disappointed to see that they didn't have very many good ones left.  Hmph!  :(  Came home after grabbing some boba... and thats when it hit us that we were both getting sick... worse than earlier in the morning.  Boo!

Now... let me tell you about my dream!!

I dreamt that I was pregnant.  I was about 5 months along and then all of a sudden, I gave birth... to FOUR babies!  I had quadruplets!  They were 4 beautiful girls and for some reason, their names were, Lexie, Kenzie, Violet, and Iggy.  WTF and why they were their names, I don't know.  I think Lexie and Violet was because I was thinking about my cousin's daughter whose first name is Lexia, but we call her Lexie and the other side of her family calls her Violet, which is her middle name.  Also, because Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was on last night and one of the kids' names was Violet... the girl who turns violet.  LOL.  Kenzie probably because I love the name, "MacKenzie" and is the name I wanted to name my daughter whenever I have her.  Iggy... I don't know... but WTF, right?  LOL!  I woke up and told Sam... I think he's scared.  My poor Husband... he really wants a baby right now, but understands that I am not yet ready and would still like to do more before I have a baby.  :)  BUT... my dream was so real and it was such a long dream that I fell so much in love with my daughters and I miss them right now thinking about it.  I can't describe the feeling, but man... I can't wait to be a Mommy one day.  One day.

Now... I think I'm gonna go back to bed and let me head rest a bit.  I just wanted to share my dream because it is really making me smile right now.

March 22, 2010

Breaking Out...

Since my trip to home in Washington, I've been breaking out.  WHY?  I have no idea.  :(

My Sister and I both have been breaking out (and we live in different states, if you are wondering).  We found our ways to Sephora because I originally wanted her to try:

I wasn't as impressed with it as I used to be, so then I tried asking one of the Sales Associates there what he recommended.  He gave his speech and seemed very passionate about this product:

My breakout's weren't too bad at the time, but my Sister got it and is going to try it.  I asked her the other day if she tried it yet, and she said NO.  Has anyone else tried it?  I want to try this line because from what I know, its all organic and highly recommended by the Associate (which by the way, was VERY helpful).  

I guess I might just go snag myself a bottle and give it a shot.  I'm starting to break out more than ever.  I wonder if its the heat and the sweat... or is it because of my Mother Nature's Monthly Gift is due.  Well, whichever it is, I hope it goes away.

Wish me luck!  OH... and I have another dentist appointment today, so wish me luck to that too!

March 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday Funday... MAYBE.

Yesterday was such a loooooooong day!  I originally had a date with a few of my girlfriends to go see Alice in Wonderland at the El Captain theater.  I had already seen it with Sam, though... and some of the other girls couldn't get out of some of their other engagements so we sort of canceled.  Thank goodness because I was trying to figure out how I was going to stop myself from poking myself in the eye or stabbing myself trying to watch it a second time.  Am I the only person in the world who didn't like it?  Well, I've never really liked the story of Alice in Wonderland to begin with, so... I should have known.  OH... and the 3D portions was for about 3% of the movie.  I would NEVER see this movie again.  Sorry to all the Alice in Wonderland fans... thats my truth.

Sam had to work a 12 hour shift.  Poor guy... and then on top of it, he had to stay another hour behind.  Grrr... what are they doing to my Husband?  He had called me in the afternoon to tell me that he was bringing me out on a dinner date (yay).  So... I got ready and waited.  I got bored while waiting and this is the result of that:

He finally got home and to be honest, I was so lazy and didn't really care to go anywhere anymore... I just wanted to crack open a bottle of Riesling and watch FRIENDS.  Yup... thats what I find enjoyable nowadays.  Boring, right?  Anyway... we went out to dinner anyway because Sam had bought a gift certificate type of thing from that we needed to use before it expires.  Food was decent, but I would never want to go there during that hour again because the music is too loud and we couldn't even hear each other speak.  We were frustrated and I had to stop myself from marching up to their sound booth or whatever and turn down the volume.  I just wanted to get out of there.  Don't get me wrong... I'm appreciative of Sam trying to be sweet and bring me out on dates, but now we just learned that its not really a good place for date night.

I think I ate a bit too much for my own good because I came home and passed out in my makeup and contacts.  So much for my resolution of showering in the evenings and always taking off my makeup at night, right?

My Sister is coming over tonight to pick up her license plate tabs that I got for her from WA.  Yeah, her license plate is still a Washingtonian... just like we are.  Always and forever, baby!  She asked if I want to join her and her former coworkers for dinner and drinks.  I am torn because I would love to go, but I am just lazy and don't want to interfere on them catching up.  I have this tendency to change subjects and blurt out random things and that would be RUDE of me to do it to strangers who might have real things to talk about.  However, I could go and network... bat my eyelashes and release some of my charm on them and maybe they'd hook it up with a job?  I hope and I pray and I wish and I hope.  To go... or not to go?

I told myself that I was going to go jogging this morning.  Instead, I am sitting here in bed watching people run in the LA marathon.  Does that count?  o_O

March 19, 2010

Sunshine Award...

Catching up on my Google Reader all day and I found such a pleasant surprise!  Madi at short shorts & sunshine awarded me with the "Sunshine Award"!!

I've never gotten a blog award before, so I was just THRILLED!!  I was on the verge of skipping all my reads, but something told me that something good was in there and I was missing out on it.  This MUST be it.  :)

Now, I am going to have to pass this award on to Winniepedia because her blog always makes me giggle because it always reminds me so much of me.  And you know... anyone who is anything like me MUST be cool!  :P  OH... and I can always count on her to let me know when I should get new underwear.  *giggles*

Thanks again, Madi... and great goin', Winniepedia!!

March 18, 2010

Catching my breath...

I'm home. Actually, I've been home. I have two homes... one in Washington and one in California. Home is where the heart is and right now, my heart is split and remain in both places. Its tough having parts of your heart over a thousand miles apart.

I have so much that I want to say and share about my visit to my Washington home. I just don't know where to start and sometimes, I am filled with more emotions than I can find words to describe. However, I promise myself to try my best to jot it all down... even if some entries have to be private, I WILL jot it ALL down.

Since I've been back here in California, I'm just DRAINED. I don't know if its because I am missing my Family back at Washington home or if I am just worn out from running around trying to do too much during my much needed and too short of a stay.

Today was spent trying to catch my breath and unpacking and organizing. Right now, I am heading to the gym to sweat out some stress and anger (some of it built up from tonight's basketball games) with my Husband. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much more productive and expressive day.

Until then,

Up in the air...

(via phone during my flight back to California yesterday)

A plastic cup of chardonnay... compliments of Horizon Air. I hate Horizon Air for the cramped airplanes but the complimentary select alcoholic beverages certainly makes up for it and makes the ride a little smoother. And if I happen to fall asleep from it, then it would make the ride shorter.

I am sitting here on the plane next to an older lady who is quietly enjoying her book. I want to give her a hug, but that would be too weird to hug a stranger on a plane. Why? Because the assholes sitting across the aisle from us deserve a smack upside their heads for believing that their days would be better and lives are more grand if they were to give others a miserable time... and actually acting on it. As I was boarding my plane, I saw the sadness in her eyes as the jerks laughed and made rude indirect comments about her weight. I saw that she was in my seat and I looked around to see if there was another seat available. There wasn't. I let her know quietly that she was in my seat and as she struggled to get up to let me through, the dimwits laughed and made absurd sounds... again, in mockery of her weight. I snapped a quick turn and gave them this look... a stare that without words, told them to shut the f*ck up. They turned it down a little and tried to contain their immature laugh. Even so, I know that my b*tch stare worked. Little did they know that if I could have, I would have taken off my belt and choked them with it. We are halfway through our ride now and they are drinking the complimentary beer. How I wish I can just pour it all over their heads.

Now, you might think what I just said was mean and harsh, but you'd have to admit... its well deserved. Who are you to judge and mock someone the way that they did? People are fighting battles every day. What it is, only they know... the story behind it all, that is. Why add fuel to a fire that is already burning someone's emotions? What are you benefiting from it?

The battle that the "jerks" are fighting, I don't know what it is... but I can tell you that making others feel bad about themselves is not going to help them win.

If I am sitting here typing a blog with my phone (too lazy to try to get my laptop from the overhead compartment), then it shows how upset I am.

Hypocritical of me to give them labels like "assholes", "jerks", and "dimwits", huh? Heck... what do I know? I am fighting my own personal battles and just trying to help one with hers... silently.

March 10, 2010


I cannot believe what just happened!

Today was a hustle and bustle for me. You wouldn't believe how much shit I gave myself for procrastinating with so much that I needed to get done. I had to clean, pack, and clean.

I was so excited to go home that I was calling up my Parents and Siblings and doing a happy dance over the phone as I was trying to pack. One of my best friends who currently lives in Florida called me and I literally jumped on the bed because I was so excited to talk to her AND tell her that I was going home.

My niece works at this cupcake shop down here and she wanted me to bring some cupcakes back to the kids. I was giving her a hard time because she was supposed to drop them off and she was running late and I was running out of patience because I just wanted to be on that plane already. Sam came home and I rushed him to bring me. My nephew and my brother in law came over for the ride with Sam to go play basketball.


I finally got to the airport about 35 minutes before my flight. Luckily I am learning how to pack light and I didn't have any check in's this time. If I did, I'd be doomed. I rushed to the counter with my big ol' box full of cupcakes, my laptop bag, and my carry on. "Am I too late?" The lady at the counter looked at me and asked, "Seattle? What's your last name?" I spelled out my last name to her and she couldn't find my reservation. I told her she probably spelled it wrong and its not with an "N", its with an "M". Again, she said that she did not find my reservation. Annoyed and was so sure that she spelled my name wrong, I handed her my I.D. She looked it up again and as she predicted, she didn't find my name. How strange! I told her that I booked through a different website and maybe thats why she couldn't find my name. Nope... that wasn't the problem. She asked if I had a confirmation number and I had to whip out my phone and go through my emails for the confirmation number (which I should have had in the first place). Anyway, I read out my confirmation number to her and she says, "Oh... your flight is tomorrow!"


I was so embarrassed. I actually had to call Sam and the kids and have them pick me back up. They laughed and laughed... and made me feel even more stupid. I called my Sister, my Nephew, and my Mom to tell them what happened. My Mom laughed really hard and I heard her shaking her head.

MAN... that is what I get for giving everyone crap about making me run late. Although I was a bit embarrassed, I got a good laugh.

These two boxes of cupcakes (Anna brought me two boxes and I decided to share a box with the Husband and the boys)... are now all mine and will be gone. I'm gonna need another box tomorrow.


If you need entertainment... THE GYM!

So we all know that my rendezvous with the gym doesn't happen very often. There are times when I am on rolls and hit the gym every day for at least three days straight (hey... thats a lot and an accomplishment for me). Since I've moved down to California though, it had not happened after many failed attempts because the gym that I have a membership with is too far and by the time we drive down there, it would be a workout in itself.

Finally though, Sam added me to his family membership thingy (although I still have my membership that is still withdrawing money... $30 every month for the past 8 months I haven't been there... what a dumb ass I am for not canceling... still not canceling but yet have the time to sit here and blog about it). We hit the gym two days straight... whoo hoo! That streak has to end because I am leaving today for almost a week. LOL... yep... another excuse! Anyway... I was so entertained and learned a whole lotta.

  • If you want to know the latest middle aged Cambodians of Long Beach gossip, just spend some time in the womens' locker room. I swear, within three minutes of peeing and washing my hands, I learned about a Husband cheating on his wife, a Sister who lost her house due to gambling, and another cousin who is upset at her friend for borrowing her car and getting it in a wreck. Holy crap... I couldn't help but giggle walking out of there. Not because of others' misfortune, but because I couldn't believe the information I heard in only two minutes. If I was to post the actual conversation in both languages, you'd have a good giggle too.
  • Ladies, if you are going to wear tight pants while working out, do not stray to lighter colors. In fact, to hopefully stay on the safe side, stick to black pants. After an intense 20 minute workout on the bike where your back and buttcheeks are pressed against the chair is bound to make you sweat. We do not need to know where you sweat, but the sweat stain on your crack is just screaming at us as you walk away. And yes, we are looking... we are ALL looking since our machines all face the same direction that you are walking towards.
  • Wearing makeup to the gym is not going to make you look cute. In fact, if you really are there to work out, then it will make you look worse... will make you look dirty. I can understand if you just left work and you still have some makeup on, but please don't make it too obvious that you just spent at least 15 minutes of your workout applying it. Its obvious and yes, we can tell. If you are there only to look cute and not break a sweat, then apply away!
  • PLEEEEEEASE wash your hands after the gym. Its gross. All those sweaty palms... and some of the guys who need to move around in their shorts (if you know what I mean)... all grabbing and touching and sweating their germs on the same machines that you are going to be grabbing next. Ick!
  • Deodorize. Please. I don't care how much you think the fan on that treadmill will prevent your sweat, you WILL sweat. And even if you can't see yourself sweating, the people next to you can smell you sweating. Please, please, please.

Oh man... two days at the gym and I am already b*tching about it. This is NOT a good sign.

The upside to the gym? I get to buy clothes and shoes with a new excuse, "to go to the gym".

I've tried many and this is one of my favorite work out shoes... or running shoes:

Asics Gel Kayano 13

I think I am due for a new pair because mine has been through quite a bit. Surprisingly, I might just get the same ones in a different color. (although I kinda like that Periwinkle color) Yeah, they are that good for me to want them again.

OH OH OH... and I got an invitation to be a Yelp Elite! LOL... I responded with a YES, YES, YES... and now waiting on approval from the higher beings in San Francisco. Wish me luck... I've been wanting to attend these Yelp parties with FREE FOOD for awhile. LOL... I'm serious.

SO much to do today and I promised myself to stay off the computer as much as I can. My To Do list seems never ending, but I guess its what I get for procrastinating. My plane leaves right when Sam is off work. Yikes!

Okay... maybe I will be back after cleaning, packing, cleaning, organizing, leaving things for Sam to work on and preparing a lot of his lunches and dinners (or try to). We shall see but wish me luck!


March 9, 2010

Let me tell you about my coffee maker...

Its the best kitchen appliance that I had ever bought. I already got my money's worth after only a couple weeks of owning it. I use it every day... 3 or 4 times a day and I'm saving about 4 bucks a cup... 2 or 3 cups a day... you do the math.

If you don't already have a self dispensing coffee maker, I suggest you get one NOW. I once upon a time had a traditional coffee maker, but I broke one too many of those glass pots that they come with. This thing has changed my life.

Coffee maker, I love you more than... nevermind. I don't want Sam to get too jealous. :P

Last week... through pictures!

Its been a long time!! Okay not really... its been three days, but thats a long time to me! :D Let me sort of tell you about my week through pictures (or try to at least)

Okay this was from last weekend, but here is Sam and I on our way to eat dinner with my Sister and her Boyfriend. It was this picture that made me realize how much my teeth have yellowed... I blame the coffee without the straws! My teeth are too sensitive to whiten at home... wahhh!

For a non-sushi buffet, this place had a great selection. Yummm... *licks lips at the thought of it* I love sushi... a little bit too much for my own good. Talk about carb overload. I blame my many weight gains on my love for sushi and rice. I can eat rice with anything! WHITE rice! I've given brown rice many tries and I can't seem to force myself to fall in love with it. Love cannot be forced... not even with food. (I can't believe I have to try to force myself to love any kind of food. Weird.)

One of the dinners we had last week... papaya salad. Yummm again! This could have been a little bit more spicy though. Living with Sam and eating with him every single day has heightened my tolerance for spicy foods. I love it! Fire in the hole though... haha! Sorry, TMI!

Just wanted to show you my mornings. Cereal w/ strawberries and on my laptop... literally. LOL. It can only keep me full for so long though. Its only a matter of minutes until I find my way back into the kitchen for other foods.

I thought about going back to post all the foods I've tried to cook in the past, but I said, nah... forget it. There are times when I cook better stuff but forget to take pictures. BLAH. BUT... here are some that I took recently.

One of the dinners last week. I made chicken fettuccine w/ homemade pesto sauce and turkey bacon wrapped asparagus. Can't wait to make it again because I loved it! OH... and I throw tomatoes on everything, so don't mind it. :)

An after work snack I made for Hubbs... calamari. So fattening... but we love calamari. OH... and I tried to replicate this "hot" sauce from this one restaurant and it wasn't exactly like theirs, but its pretty tasty. One day, I will patent it.

We don't have a fondue thingy... YET... but I made it work and it was delish! LOL. What I did was I boiled water in a small pot and this ceramic bowl fit perfectly over it and just melted one of my Ghiradelli chocolate bars in it and VOILA! Worked like a charm! Wish I had more fruits and marshmallows. Next time, I'm gonna try a cheese fondue! Wish me luck!

I think we were on our way to go shopping... not sure. BUT yeah... we did some damage at South Coast Plaza. I love that place... its not TOO overcrowded with teenagers (not when I went, anyway) and there are just so many things that I can't afford. Therefore, I wouldn't really spend that much or as much as I would like. Sam sort of splurged, but he really deserved it. I'm not so much in a shopping at the mall mood anymore because lets me be lazy and shop and find exactly what I want from so many different stores all at once. Love that thing! ;)

The last three pictures were from a restaurant that could possibly be my new favorite restaurant in So.Cal. Sam actually already requested to have his birthday dinner there this year. LOL! The ambiance was amazing and the customer service was incredible. I loooooved it. And surprisingly, its an Asian restaurant. The food was so delicious too! I need to yelp it... find it on there later, will yah?

Hot Pot Sunday lunch at home... I had to add my picture coaster in the picture, just because. LOL. We eat way too much for our own good. Oh well... we only live once, right?

Sunday... the day of the Oscars, I forced Sam to bring me hiking at Runyon Canyon. I've been wanting to check this place out in forever and I miss hiking! The hike itself was about 2 miles round trip, so it wasn't bad at all. Sam and I took about 45 minutes to hike it round trip, but it sure is a sweat buster. Sam sweated a gallon... at least.

The good ol' Hollywood sign. So many nice houses below that thing that I can only dream of being any closer to. *sigh*

Don't be fooled. The stairs didn't make the hike any easier. In fact, it made it harder (in my opinion). All I gotta say is that my buns better be steel after another hike at this place!

Its nothing like hiking in Washington since the whole trail is paved, it seems, but it was still a nice work out and worthwhile.

Helicopters were surrounding the Kodak theater. LOL... no wonder there weren't any celebrity sightings on this trail!

Okay... sick of my pictures yet? I'm just trying to clear up some pictures on my phone and getting it ready for the week back at home. Pictures of my kiddos... thats for sure! I'm sooooooooo excited, I can't hide it! My nephew called me the other day and asked me "how many more days is it going to be until you come home?" I told him, "three more days", and he goes, "Yayyyy!" That almost made me cry! Then I asked him if he had eaten yet... well, here is how the conversation went:

Auntie Thyda: Did you eat yet?
Nephew: Yes... I had spaghetti.
Auntie Thyda: Who made it?
Nephew: E-Peou (my sister, his other aunt)
Auntie Thyda: Was it good?
Nephew: Mmmm... yours is better.
Auntie Peou In The Background: EXCUUUUUSE ME?

LOL! That boy knows how to make my day... always! I can't wait to see him and have him hug me to sleep... he's the best at it! If I have a kid, I want him to have a heart just like my nephew, Justin. Words can't explain how much I love that kid.

So right now, I must clean up and start to pack for my 5 days back at home.

I hope everyone else has a great week and I think I might just come back on when I'm done to talk about my Alice in Wonderland experience yesterday. LOL


March 6, 2010

Rainy and Love

You would think that moving from Seattle to Southern California, I have escaped the cold and rain, right? Wrong! Apparently, I brought the rain with me. My Sister said that kit never rained this much or even flooded the past few years she had been here until I moved here! What can I say? Even the rain loves me! :)

Speaking of love, I can't wait to see the first true loves of my life next week. I have not been back home since my Family Reunion back in November. I miss my Parents and kids (as in my nieces and nephews) so much that it hurts. There are nights and even days when I sit here and worry about my Parents... to the point where I am in tears. There were nights when I cry in my sleep because I miss them and I would wake up waiting for the sun to come up so that I can call them just to hear their voices. If I called in the middle of the night, they would think that something is wrong and would worry about me... which is not what I want at all. Ever. Ahhh... I just can't wait. Going to give both of my Parents long massages (very much deserved), bring them out to eat (they love seafood), bring my Mommy to get her eyebrows waxed (she loves that), make and drink coffee with both of them, maybe my Dad will have me cut his hair again (lol)! Ahhh... just so excited! And my kids... gonna cook up some spaghetti with them... and bake cookies (they love that) and play some random games with them. I will probably force them to sing and dance for me (they hate it, but I love it). Man, the week is going to fly by too darn fast. I must cherish the moments... savor it all.

Distance really makes the heart grow fonder. Trust me, I'd know.

March 5, 2010

I Want You...

For some reason, I still want this thing:

I know it will NEVER happen (look at the price tag that it comes with), but its okay to dream, right?

But damn... you know what I can do with that money? A whole lotta...!!

I wonder if Santa Clause can hear me yet. He needs to work more days than just one and dammit, finally find me at the correct address this time! Grrr...! (I know he had gifts for me the past 25 years, he just got lost along the way. I forgive him... maybe.)

Foto Friday?


I know I neglected this blog (somewhat) awhile back and didn't really post TOO many pictures. Well, I'm going through Facebook and looking at my "tagged" pictures and reminiscing. Let me share some with y'alls. (Its Friday... FUN Foto Day, remember?)

Can you find my name?

And again here?

These T-Shirt pictures were posted by a childhood friend, Danny. He tagged us in these because they were from fourth grade and fifth! Instead of yearbooks (high schoolers), we had T-Shirts... and it was so cool! I wish I knew what happened to mine and still had them. I think my handwriting still looks the same. LOL! Ahhh... the memories!

From my 24th birthday... an 80's roller skating party. A lot of my friends thought I was joking when I wanted this party, but I wasn't. It was soooo much fun! I'm such a kid! :D

I wanted to take a picture of my hair before the commercial shoot. This was in the wardrobe trailer. SO much fun!

At Elisa's wedding with Sister of the Bride. LOL... can't wait to have lunch and catch up with this Woman next week! :D

The girls before Guppy's... how I miss that place and the popcorn chicken and the shaved ice and the brick toast. Oh boy... we need another night like this!

This picture just cracks me up... had to throw it in here. LMAO!
NOTE: I really do like broccoli, but that thing was coming at me fast!

Oh HALLOWEEN! I miss you already!

Its my birthday dinner, so we're allowed to be silly! o_O

New Years' Eve waiting for the Red Bull guy to jump his car over the ramp and water. One of the coolest things I've ever seen!

We hadn't messed with Photobooth in awhile here... just making sure it still worked! ;)

Showing my FISH EYE to Mikal's FISH EYE! LOL

The PARTY TRAIN... whooooooo! Miss them!

It was hard to smile normally... so I had to do what I do best (ruin pictures).

No, I'm not PREGGO... just finished with the buffet. What else is new?

Dancing in the water at XS with friends... some old, and some new we met that night... 10 seconds before this picture! LMAO!

Oh, the memories! Lets make more of it and cherish every moment of it, shall we?

I hope everyone has a great day... and weekend! YES!!!