March 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday Funday... MAYBE.

Yesterday was such a loooooooong day!  I originally had a date with a few of my girlfriends to go see Alice in Wonderland at the El Captain theater.  I had already seen it with Sam, though... and some of the other girls couldn't get out of some of their other engagements so we sort of canceled.  Thank goodness because I was trying to figure out how I was going to stop myself from poking myself in the eye or stabbing myself trying to watch it a second time.  Am I the only person in the world who didn't like it?  Well, I've never really liked the story of Alice in Wonderland to begin with, so... I should have known.  OH... and the 3D portions was for about 3% of the movie.  I would NEVER see this movie again.  Sorry to all the Alice in Wonderland fans... thats my truth.

Sam had to work a 12 hour shift.  Poor guy... and then on top of it, he had to stay another hour behind.  Grrr... what are they doing to my Husband?  He had called me in the afternoon to tell me that he was bringing me out on a dinner date (yay).  So... I got ready and waited.  I got bored while waiting and this is the result of that:

He finally got home and to be honest, I was so lazy and didn't really care to go anywhere anymore... I just wanted to crack open a bottle of Riesling and watch FRIENDS.  Yup... thats what I find enjoyable nowadays.  Boring, right?  Anyway... we went out to dinner anyway because Sam had bought a gift certificate type of thing from that we needed to use before it expires.  Food was decent, but I would never want to go there during that hour again because the music is too loud and we couldn't even hear each other speak.  We were frustrated and I had to stop myself from marching up to their sound booth or whatever and turn down the volume.  I just wanted to get out of there.  Don't get me wrong... I'm appreciative of Sam trying to be sweet and bring me out on dates, but now we just learned that its not really a good place for date night.

I think I ate a bit too much for my own good because I came home and passed out in my makeup and contacts.  So much for my resolution of showering in the evenings and always taking off my makeup at night, right?

My Sister is coming over tonight to pick up her license plate tabs that I got for her from WA.  Yeah, her license plate is still a Washingtonian... just like we are.  Always and forever, baby!  She asked if I want to join her and her former coworkers for dinner and drinks.  I am torn because I would love to go, but I am just lazy and don't want to interfere on them catching up.  I have this tendency to change subjects and blurt out random things and that would be RUDE of me to do it to strangers who might have real things to talk about.  However, I could go and network... bat my eyelashes and release some of my charm on them and maybe they'd hook it up with a job?  I hope and I pray and I wish and I hope.  To go... or not to go?

I told myself that I was going to go jogging this morning.  Instead, I am sitting here in bed watching people run in the LA marathon.  Does that count?  o_O


  1. Maybe... I do feel like a Pina Colada today! LOL

  2. so is this your new haircut? i like it. it looks really good on you! :)

    don't worry...i always tell myself i'll start working out but it never happens...:P

  3. Haha its not really "new" because I've had this cut before, but yes... this is the result from my last visit to the hair salon. I think working out will be on my 2011 New Years' Resolutions list because I obviously couldn't stick to it this 2010. :(

  4. thyda! its never too late to start resolutions! i wouldnt even say "resolutions" sometimes that word is evil and you dont want to listen to it! maybe "goals" haha.

    i have to agree. sometimes you just feel like being not social. when youre going to go into a situation setting like meeting strangers, you have to put on your best behavior. ah! i want to blurt out random things and sometimes interruptions are not intentional! they just happen! and you gotta spill it out now!

    you know it is tough to have a date night at a loud place. matt and i would usually try to stay in and cook or go out some restaurant and sit next to each other rather than across- more closeness-ness. haha then you can still get your elbow room on with the grubbin grub grub.

    oooor we would get the food to go!

    you and sam ever have the problem of picking WHERE to go and eat? and WHAT to eat?

    matt and i always seem to find ourselves indecisive AND we would resort to "well i picked the last place, you pick this time!" haha i suppose we like to be fair in decision making.