March 5, 2010

I Want You...

For some reason, I still want this thing:

I know it will NEVER happen (look at the price tag that it comes with), but its okay to dream, right?

But damn... you know what I can do with that money? A whole lotta...!!

I wonder if Santa Clause can hear me yet. He needs to work more days than just one and dammit, finally find me at the correct address this time! Grrr...! (I know he had gifts for me the past 25 years, he just got lost along the way. I forgive him... maybe.)


  1. If you want .. buy it... I use to never wear my diamond earings for fear of losing them... guess what.. life after cancer... i wear them every chance i get...

    how is your name pronounced..

    ok have a grest Sunday no running around in your bloomers... LOL

  2. My name is pronounced, "Tee-da". Sort of like "Tina", but replace the N with a D! Tada!!!! Thyda! LOL!

    I love this bag even more after seeing it in person, but come on... over a grand for a purse? That is a whole lotta for someone who is currently unemployed. Now, first paycheck... my mind might change! ;)