March 10, 2010

If you need entertainment... THE GYM!

So we all know that my rendezvous with the gym doesn't happen very often. There are times when I am on rolls and hit the gym every day for at least three days straight (hey... thats a lot and an accomplishment for me). Since I've moved down to California though, it had not happened after many failed attempts because the gym that I have a membership with is too far and by the time we drive down there, it would be a workout in itself.

Finally though, Sam added me to his family membership thingy (although I still have my membership that is still withdrawing money... $30 every month for the past 8 months I haven't been there... what a dumb ass I am for not canceling... still not canceling but yet have the time to sit here and blog about it). We hit the gym two days straight... whoo hoo! That streak has to end because I am leaving today for almost a week. LOL... yep... another excuse! Anyway... I was so entertained and learned a whole lotta.

  • If you want to know the latest middle aged Cambodians of Long Beach gossip, just spend some time in the womens' locker room. I swear, within three minutes of peeing and washing my hands, I learned about a Husband cheating on his wife, a Sister who lost her house due to gambling, and another cousin who is upset at her friend for borrowing her car and getting it in a wreck. Holy crap... I couldn't help but giggle walking out of there. Not because of others' misfortune, but because I couldn't believe the information I heard in only two minutes. If I was to post the actual conversation in both languages, you'd have a good giggle too.
  • Ladies, if you are going to wear tight pants while working out, do not stray to lighter colors. In fact, to hopefully stay on the safe side, stick to black pants. After an intense 20 minute workout on the bike where your back and buttcheeks are pressed against the chair is bound to make you sweat. We do not need to know where you sweat, but the sweat stain on your crack is just screaming at us as you walk away. And yes, we are looking... we are ALL looking since our machines all face the same direction that you are walking towards.
  • Wearing makeup to the gym is not going to make you look cute. In fact, if you really are there to work out, then it will make you look worse... will make you look dirty. I can understand if you just left work and you still have some makeup on, but please don't make it too obvious that you just spent at least 15 minutes of your workout applying it. Its obvious and yes, we can tell. If you are there only to look cute and not break a sweat, then apply away!
  • PLEEEEEEASE wash your hands after the gym. Its gross. All those sweaty palms... and some of the guys who need to move around in their shorts (if you know what I mean)... all grabbing and touching and sweating their germs on the same machines that you are going to be grabbing next. Ick!
  • Deodorize. Please. I don't care how much you think the fan on that treadmill will prevent your sweat, you WILL sweat. And even if you can't see yourself sweating, the people next to you can smell you sweating. Please, please, please.

Oh man... two days at the gym and I am already b*tching about it. This is NOT a good sign.

The upside to the gym? I get to buy clothes and shoes with a new excuse, "to go to the gym".

I've tried many and this is one of my favorite work out shoes... or running shoes:

Asics Gel Kayano 13

I think I am due for a new pair because mine has been through quite a bit. Surprisingly, I might just get the same ones in a different color. (although I kinda like that Periwinkle color) Yeah, they are that good for me to want them again.

OH OH OH... and I got an invitation to be a Yelp Elite! LOL... I responded with a YES, YES, YES... and now waiting on approval from the higher beings in San Francisco. Wish me luck... I've been wanting to attend these Yelp parties with FREE FOOD for awhile. LOL... I'm serious.

SO much to do today and I promised myself to stay off the computer as much as I can. My To Do list seems never ending, but I guess its what I get for procrastinating. My plane leaves right when Sam is off work. Yikes!

Okay... maybe I will be back after cleaning, packing, cleaning, organizing, leaving things for Sam to work on and preparing a lot of his lunches and dinners (or try to). We shall see but wish me luck!



  1. those shoes sure do look comfy...i bought some new balance shoes a couple of months ago, with the intentions of going back to the park...yeah - it never happened. my shoes are still brand new. I'll let you know when i start going to the park, or using the elliptical machine that's in my bedroom, or using the fitness room at my brother's girlfriend's apt which happens to be two blocks from my workplace...all so convenient

    Also - i do find it high-larious that you were well informed with the dramas of other folks all while you were peeing and washing your hands.

    and oh-em-gee....the ladies that wear the light colored spandex...I wonder if they think it's THAT cute? one time - way back, when i was going to the park on a regular basis....this lady ran the opposite direction (so like running towards me) well her front side-down there was all sweaty...mega gross!

  2. There are lots of Ethnic Indians in my neighbourhood, and they all frequent my local YMCA.

    When they have B.O., it has this strong smell of Indian food spices and curry. It's an awful depiction, but it is very, very real. Esp when I was marathon training, and these guys came in and ran next to me in jeans... I could smell the curry embedded into their jeans.

    So gross.

    And don't get me started on the jocks who sweat and don't wipe their balls or something. Smells like mildewed towels!

  3. You know whats crazy? I actually like the smell of curry. LOL... I'd rather smell curry than SOME B.O.

    And thats another thing... why would you go work out in jeans? If I was to forget my workout clothes, I'd just go to the In & Out next door and say "f*ck the gym" for the day. LOL!

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to the jocks and their sweaty balls!

  4. omg thyda! you'll get back into the gym mode! i pushed myself to go 5-6 days a week! ive been going ever since the new year started!! i have withdrawls if i dont go at all!!

    i usually go for 1.5-2 hrs... cardio 1 hr and then 30-45 mins of weights! it just feels RIGHT and GREAT after youre done!

    YES! people NEED to stick to wearing DARK sticky pants... goodness we DONT need to know where people sweat. SO GROSS!
    just last night at the gym... i was on one of the machines and usually i have my headphones on and look around if the tv doesnt have anything good on and OMG... this dude was totally digging for gold up in his nose on the treadmill!! it was GROSS! im thinking HELLO!??! there are PEOPLE around you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES people NEED to deodorize! i know i sweat buckets... its just gross and i ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS spray and wipe down the machines that i use... most of the time i wipe it down BEFORE i even get on the machine. i watch people get off the machines and WALK AWAY and NOT wipe it down. its SO GROSS.

    AND! being on the phone AND "working out" is NOT WORKING OUT! if youre gonna talk on the phone... talk elsewhere that is not in the gym area... man i swear! there are some girls that jump on the machines and start chatting away... COME ON! hahaha ok maybe that's just me...

    i go to 24 hr downtown bellevue... and boy you start to see who is a regular there (yah im one of them... i go pretty much every night) and there is this GAY couple... theyre buff. they ALWAYS work on weights. then one of the guys would go up to the other one and start to run his hand down the other's back... OR theyre MAKING OUT IN A CORNER. GROSS! im sorry but really? at the gym?? man there are some characters up in there! OH! and i dont like the people who "stretch" on the mats but really they're reading a damn magazine. go read it else where! i have a workout to do IN Your spot. i COULD pick any other spot. but when i see that happening, i want THEIR spot... im just that spiteful. hahaha. im crazy =D

    another thing, usually in the evenings, the gym is not as packed- that's why i usually go at that hour. so the gym is pretty much empty AND machines are wide open. i HATE it when i go to use the hip abduction/adduction machines (there are only 1 of each) and there is a girl that is just sitting there... texting. or just sitting there. not even using the machine. i sit in the next machine and sometimes i just mean mug her. but now im going to say something to her. omg. its like GET OFF or USE IT! AAAAAAAAAAAH! hahahaha yes yes i think im for sure crazy =D

    goodness... i usually go to the gym to just work out and get out. but some people... man they bring their pda and phones in for a show. baaaaaaaaaah. hahahaha im so crazy =D

    and i agree... if i forget my gym clothes, screw the gym! go tomorrow =D