March 1, 2010

Victoria's Secret Panties... hmmm... which ones to pick?

I cannot believe I am posting this right now. Actually, I can believe it because it is MY blog and posting it makes me happy and if anyone has a problem with it, then screw you and stop reading and familiarize yourself with the little "X" box in the corner (or if you have a MAC, the little red circle in the upper left corner).

And if you are viewing this from work, then I am sorry for you and wishing you luck that the little I.T. guy around the corner doesn't catch you. I especially hope that your boss doesn't walk in on you looking at this. *giggles*

Now... on to the good stuff! :)

I got this in the mail today:

Not really a big deal, right? Yeah... but it surely made my day!

"No purchase necessary" is probably my second favorite set of three words put together. :)

So I was bored and was just browsing online since I haven't been in the store since the last time I overloaded on 10 panties... which wasn't too long ago. I wanted to see what my options were. I have this $8.50 budget (LOL), but hey... its better than nothing, right?

I found my options:

No worries... there are many more prints and designs along with each panty you see so just click on it if you want to see more options. Victoria's Secret is pretty good with their variety of prints and styles.

Sam hates my Granny panties but I LOOOOOOVE them! They are so comfy and because he hates them, for some reason, I love them even more. I guess I have this natural ability to spite people unintentionally. *shrugs*

I must also admit... posting this made me drool a little and reminded me that my diet was SUPPOSED to start yesterday. Oops!


1. Did you get a coupon in the mail?
2. How often do you shop for panties?
3. What is your favorite style?
4. Are you a plain panties type of girl or a wildin' out in prints type?
5. Do your panties always match your bra? (If so... HOW do you do it?)



  1. I gots my free VS panties thing too!!!! and oh what fun - cuz for christmas, i gotted me some gift cards for VS. I heart VS panties over any other brand that I've bought. I usually buy the cheekies. I can't find granny panties that fit me right. My lack of junk in the trunk causes what's meant to be granny panties look more like saggy maggies. I can't see the pic you posted cuz VS is blocked on work comp. I used to have bras match my panties...but i outgrew that. Most of my bras are black. And I buy every color that they have in the cheekies style. The last time I went to buy some, I realized I already had all the colors of the I walked out with nothing.

  2. i just realized that you are not helping my "gotta shop less, save more" goal for twenty-ten

  3. 1. i didnt get a coupon in the mail =(
    2. i shop for panties whenever i feel that there is a need to restock/a necessity to add to one's collection/just because. meaning i always have to buy 6 pairs when i go into vs! (and its still 5 per)
    3. my favorite style has to be the cheekier look from the pink collection- accents your booty cheeks and i think it makes you feel cute and flirty!
    4. i have all sorts! prints, solids, laces, as long as it doesn't make my butt itchy and it's cute, then my butt is happy!
    5. goodness, it is VERY tough to match my bra and undies because the undies that i own are all sorts of colors and styles! the bras that i usually buy i buy because i like the color AND i try to buy practical colors, ie: nude color, black, white. then of course you have your cute colors like purple, blue, pink, green, all sorts of other colors! however i do own a very small amount of VS sets that are sold together as bra and undie, sometimes those are saved for special occasions =D

    btw, i own over 150+ undies. i plan on purchasing 100+ this year (strange goal but it's something i must do to satisfy my undie collection!). am i crazy or what? i sometimes go through my collection and throw out some that i feel are not cute or "new" anymore. some girls can have their shoe craze, i have my undies craze- gotta have the right undie for all situations!!

  4. HAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHA! And this is why I love you!! :D Saggy Maggy? Is that what's been hangin' onto my butt this whole time?

    I love cheekies too!! :)

    Oops for messin' up your goal. Sorry!


  5. OMG Kim AKA WInniepedia!!

    I thought I was the only one with the panties obsession! I lost count of my panties too but some time last year, my Mom freakin' raided my room and decided to do all my laundry (even the clean ones in the drawers just because) and she counted my panties and asked WHY I have so many! Well, I do have to buy 5 pairs at a time (sometimes 6 when they have the specials) to take advantage of their deal!

    And DUDE... so true on the shoe obsession replaced by panties obsession thing! Panties are more affordable! :D

    Ahhh... so glad I posted this because your responses totally made my morning!

    Love y'alls!

  6. I don't generally shop, but when I do, it'll be like H & M or Victoria's Secret.

    I dont' like shopping in stores. If I get a bra, it'll generally be one that I was fitted for at VS. I have a size that's hard to fit. (32C)

  7. There is no comparison The cheeky family is this way to go! haha!
    Those free panties are the best thing ever aren't they
    I personally look forward to them so i can get a new pair without feeling guilty lol.

  8. I agree... they are the best! They need to give them out once a week or something! :P

  9. I just got a VS Giftcard for my birthday...hmmm maybe I should order some new undies...we don't have VS in Canada so I usually go to La Senza.

    I tend to buy a lot of undies all at once but only a couple times a year.

    My favs are the bikini style ones. I find that I'll buy sexy matching undies to go with my bra but always end up wearing the comfy ones instead. So no, I don't always match my bra and undies...only when necessary. :P

  10. You guys don't have VS in Canada? I had no idea.

    Honestly, VS doesn't have the best quality panties (in my opinion) so I get a lot of mine elsewhere... but they do have cute ones.

    Happy birthday! (Not sure when it was/is, but hope its a great one!)