February 28, 2010

CROSSPOST: When is a good time to say Goodbye?

(I just HAD to cross post from blog.teedaloo.com )

How often do you replace your makeup?

If you're anything like me, then you are probably a little embarrassed to answer this question. Am I right?

Supposedly, lipstick is supposed to be tossed after one year... after two years at the very most, but that is really pushing it. Mascara should be tossed after 3 to 4 months of use. Foundation goes bad after a period of time, but it really depends on what type of foundation it is. But come on... who really follows all of these rules?

Lipstick can run up to $20 (and up) per tube. BUT... how do we stick to only one tube? Personally, I like to buy a lot of cosmetics just to test it out and it takes awhile to find ones that I really love. Different occasions call for different lipsticks. A red tube may look perfect when paired with a sexy little black dress for a special night, but you can't really expect anyone to wear the color to the office Monday-Friday, can you? (No offense to those who do) If I buy a tube of lipstick for... lets say... $14 and I have worn it about 3 times all year, then no way in hell am I going to toss that little sucker. I want to get my money's worth!

A tube of mascara can easily run up to nearly $40 per tube (hence DiorShow... which I love). BUT... I also have other mascaras that I like to use... again, for different occasions. I am not going to toss my mascara that I've used about 5% of... I don't care if its past the three months mark, I am keeping it!

Maybe some of you might think that its gross or whatever, but thats fine... I'm not forcing you to use my cosmetics.

I like to get my money's worth on everything that I buy... and that includes makeup. Although I may not toss my beloved tubes after a few months, I know when its time to let it go. If I am on the verge of adding different types of liquids to any of my makeup to moisten it, I know its time to say goodbye.

After writing this post, I think I ALMOST came to my senses that I should give myself time lines as to when I am allowed to buy certain products. Maybe that will be my new project this upcoming week? (Go through all of my makeup and part ways with some)

So lets hear it... how long do you keep your makeup for? Are you guilty of saving the goodies longer than you should? What is the product that has been in your drawer the longest and WHY is it still there?

This should be interesting!


  1. hmmm I think i'll need to make that my project too...it won't be a bad thing though, cuz i can use this as an excuse to raid Sephora. A girl's gotta replace her lost loves - in this case, make-up. Now where did i put my Beauty Insider card?!?!?!

  2. Oh my gosh!! LOL... you should always know where your Sephora Insider card is! I find myself using it more often than I use my ID card! LMAO!!

  3. When replacing think of Revelon.... they do so much for Cancer research......

    (and I am guilty...)

  4. hmmm, i usually run out of mascara after a few months anyways, just because its the main make-up i use! as for lipstick, i only own a pink and a red. and i can only wear it with certain things, so i plan on keeping them a while :) i never even thought about all these make-up rules til today!

  5. There are far too many makeup "rules" to keep up with. I say as long as you keep yourself happy and healthy, then you are in the clear! :)

    How do you stick to only one mascara? I need to learn how to do that. I actually bought a case of 10 different mascaras at once (blame Sephora and their promotions) and have only tried each one once or twice.

    Someone... please slap some sense into me. Okay not really.

  6. I definitely keep my make up a lot longer than I should, especially lipstick. They say lipstick and blush = 2 years.

    I started getting bright neon label circles and put a permanent marker in my make up drawer. As soon as I open a new package or a new make up, I put the big neon dot on it, and put the date on it. Most items have a little picture with like [6M] on it, anyway, that tells you the longevity of the product's efficacy... So I use that as a guideline and then emphasize it with a BIG ASS GREEN or PINK dot.

    But I for sure guilty of holding on to things I should have let go a LONG time ago!

    Speaking of beauty, check out the most recent beauty review I did on thereafterish.. Feel free to link to it on Teedaloo. I'm also going to be hosting a give away of the same item later on this month! I hope you enter!

  7. Thats a good idea, but sounds like a lot of work! I spend too much $$ on cosmetics... probably 10000% more than I should, so I'd hate to throw it away if I haven't really used it yet. o_O

    And cool review, I must read it more when I'm not in food coma and maybe before a glass of wine next time. I'd probably feature it once I find myself on your blogroll, woman!! I feel so unworthy at the moment. LOL