February 18, 2010

Being a BAD GAL!

I am being a bad girl and am in a shopping mood again! But then... when am I not in a shopping mood? I shouldn't be doing any shopping, but how can I not? I was probably born to shop or something, but I just haven't realized it yet or I haven't found a job that will pay me to do so. I should have kept the Personal Shopper job at Nordstrom many moons ago, huh? Nah... I don't see myself living in Cedar Rapids... thats just nuts! (No offense to anyone who lives there now)

Though I am in a shopping mood... even though I wouldn't be doing any real shopping, online window shopping, I can't seem to figure out what it is that I want to (online window) shop for. Anyone who knows me knows that if I don't have anything in particular that I need, you can probably find me in the cosmetics department! AND... that is where I am.

I love the cute little packaging and themes that different companies come up with. One of my favorites (for its packaging AND prodcts) has got to be Benefit! Whoever is the designer for it all is genius and must have a bubbly and fun personality! I haven't tried all of their products, not even most (can't afford to), but I've tried and loved quite a bit. Check out some of my faves:

Bad Gal Lash... how cute is that? I love this mascara... and you can get a small size for only $9 just to try! Even drug store brands cost almost the same as that. Totally worth a try if you ask me!

SO cute!! This thing really does work! It practically dries up your zit or pimple and within a few hours, its once considered a mountain bump is as flat as the plain (the rest of your face). I highly recommend... but please don't use it all the time or all over your face because as I mentioned, it dries up your skin wherever you apply it.

The packaging itself is a turn on! Oh my! But wait until you actually try the product. Lets just say that the packaging is NOT misleading. *giggles*

Ahhh... I love this! For a nice, subtle, glow... and its not heavy or too thick like a lot of highlighters... very easy to blend and you can mix a drop with your tinted moisturizer for a soft, dewy, glow.

Ever wondered how some celebrities have ultra smooth and sleek looking legs that don't seem to have any scars or discoloration at all? Almost looks like they are wearing pantyhose, even? Well, I think I may have found their secret!

Now... here are a few things that I would like to try... seems so interesting!

Why its called Dear John? I really don't know but it surely caught MY attention!


  1. You are a bad girl. LOL.

    I love it.

    I am the same way, but I need to get my spending under wraps, since I need to pay off my loans more aggressively.

  2. I think this is my addiction. Please... tape my hands so I can't click on these mouse and input my credit card number! ahhhh!!

  3. oh my. its my addiction too! thats why i loved this post so much. with online shopping and normal shopping. online because its just so darn easy!

  4. Madi... I love and hate it. Its too easy to just walk away because its sitting there on my laptop, just waiting for me to return and click "PURCHASE"!

  5. i want that boo boo zap! mostly because of the name. and the dr. feel good. ha! who comes up with these names! i love it. :)

  6. I love shopping as well - when you find a job that lets you shop for yourself and pays you let me know because I will want to apply.

  7. Adri - I have NO idea... but whoever it is, they are doing a great job!

    Monique - I will keep my eyes peeled for that dream job of ours and I will let you know when I do come across it! :)

    Have a great day, ladies!