February 22, 2010

Wakin' up in Vegas!

Wow. After being home for nearly 12 hours, I sit here and continue to reminisce about this past weekend. I've been to Vegas many times, but this one has got to be one of the best ones because of the balance and the fact that I got to do a lot more than usual in about half the time that I usually spend there.

Before the trip, there were some issues where people made me feel like I wasn't going to enjoy my trip. Thank goodness it didn't affect it too much. In fact, despite the little bit of awkwardness I felt, I think something good came out of it. Its healthy to be honest about your feelings and speak your mind rather than have people play a guessing game. I know that I often joke that the world revolves around me but it makes me wonder if people really truly feel that the world revolves around them. Whatever it may be, I say screw with it and do what makes YOU happy. If people choose to moan and groan over situations rather than try to do something about it to change it, then there is nothing that I can do about that. Like I usually say, "sounds like a personal problem to me"!

Anyway... when it came down to the trip, I had such a blast! The "party train" tolerated my loud and annoying self, somehow. Big props to them for being able to do it and having such great sense of humor.

We stayed at the lovely Bellagio and we certainly had a front row center view of the water fountain that gives a remarkable water show every 30 minutes. Breathtaking and beautiful... I loved it!

Our first night there was short because we got in so late, but we made the best of it at the timeshare that our friends were at. SOOOOO much fun! We didn't get back to our room until about 4am and all of us knocked out pretty quickly. Woke up early the next morning and had really good dim sum that seemed to give a few diarrhea, but it didn't really affect me. In fact, I wanted more! Yummm! Went shopping and my sweet Husband insisted I pick out a purse from Michael Kors. Honestly, I've been looking for a style that I saw ONCE and have thought about since. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that one but fell in love with another. He insisted. (I told you he loves me!) If I develop a handbag obsession, he is to blame. LOL!

I just took these pictures real quick and don't feel like looking for the pictures online.

(found this online in brown. mine's "vanilla")

Its simple and SO me. I love it and it does everything I need a purse to do.

I've never been a HUGE fan of COACH or any of the other brands because I would much rather pay for high quality leather than the same amount for canvas. I also am not fond of signature monograms. I like my bags plain and simple and this is just perfect for me. What I love most about this is the feel of the calf skin leather. I usually love lambskin leather a lot more... but I am not going to complain about this one. *swoons* Thanks Baby!

Went back to our room for the water shows. Found ourselves at the Wynn buffet. I hate to admit but it wasn't my favorite in Vegas. I had high expectations but was left pretty disappointed. Oh well... first time for everything and I wouldn't know that I didn't like it if I didn't try it, right?

Hustled and got into Tryst and cut everyone in line at XS... without paying a dime. Whoever told us that everyone has to pay and there are no special treatments were lying or weren't so lucky. I've been wanting to check out XS for a long time now and this is the first time I actually made it (I hate and usually refuse to wait in lines). The club itself was beautiful and I had so much fun dancing in the water... but I wasn't enjoying the overcrowded dance floor so much. I would much rather be at a smaller club or lounge with better music and more room to dance. Oh well... I hope I don't come off as I am complaining because I'm not. I had a great time and glad that I went. I just think I would rather check out other clubs the next time I get a chance.

OH... and I got to meet up with an old friend of mine since my middle school and soccer playing days. It was so great to see her after so many years. I wish we would have had a chance to actually sit down and talk and catch up, but she was such a great sport and met up with us for the club and stayed for about an hour or two. She's a Kindergarten teacher down there and its great to see that she is doing so well nowadays. I've really missed her and our other friends. We will definitely have to have another reunion with the other girls soon. We went back to the hotel and some of the others gambled while a few of us crossed over to Planet Hollywood and got our munchies at Earl's. By far my favorite sandwich shop and I was waiting and anticipating visiting this place again after contemplating seconds back in September when I first tried it. YUMM! If you haven't tried it, you much! In words of one of the girls, "it was definitely worth the walk".

The next morning, we had to say our goodbyes to Vegas. After packing, we went to check out the new city center at Aria. BEAUTIFUL place! I didn't realize how much I loved interesting architecture. The place was amazing and I fell in love with everything there except for the prices on the mochas. Ugh... my first $7 cup of WCM... but it was pretty darn good.

We had lunch at the famous Pink's. I'm not a big fan of hot dogs... but this one was pretty damn good. I know it doesn't look so appetizing but it really is YUM!

Chili fries... with onions (my own addition). Mmmmmm!!

We went back to Aria after lunch and did a little gambling before hitting the road. I lost $16 on the slots after about 3 minutes and called it quits! I've never had luck in gambling... sucks. Sam loves craps (the name of the game still makes me giggle) and so I joined him at the tables. I got there and thats when he started coming up. It was his turn to roll and the older men at the table were cheering him on and telling him that the lady next to him must be his good luck charm. He agreed. He bets small... but after the end of his rolls, he cashed out and was $463 richer. Whoot! I was a happy camper and he was a lot sexier when he wins! HAHA... totally kidding!

We ended our trip over dinner at a pho restaurant in Placentia. This is how I ended it:

It would take me forever to go through all the details but although the trip was mellow, the laughing was nonstop. I love my party train and really look forward to our next trip together.

P.S. I'm not allowed to get into details on the most memorable parts because what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but the memories live on in my heart. Always.


  1. I am so glad you put up pictures of your trip! It sounds like you really had a wonderful time. And yes Vegas is the place to be as loud as you can be!!

  2. Purse looks amazing and that it'll hold a lot.

    Glad you got to see a lot of interesting stuff, and get your groove on. DAMN YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS.

    All that food looks really gross, but definitely something I'd eat if I were still a meat eater. Except the hotdog. It's got a nipple sticking out.

    Maeko ~ thereafterish.

  3. Monique - Thank you! I had a GREAT time!

    Maeko - The nipple sticking out scared me a little too! I had Sam eat that part! LOL

  4. I love all the photos girlie. I cant wait until our next trip. Always a great time with you people.
    Mikal Lok

  5. Hey Thyda,

    I've stumbled upon your blog and now I'm a new follower... :) Its nice to find another Khmer person on here. Like your Vegas post. I'm going there in May with my girls!


  6. Hi Yean!! YAYY!!! I'm glad you found my blog and like you, it is so nice to find another Khmer blogger. I'm following you back and looking forward to your posts. I love Vegas and I have a great time every single trip I take down there. Have fun and who knows? Maybe I'll see you down there in May? JK... I wish! Teedaloo!

  7. Thyda,

    I miss you and the party train and it's only been a little over a week. Urgghhh. That was my best Vegas trip ever. I had so much fun with you guys. Let's do it again soon!


    P.S. Did something spread after the buffet? Haha...Love you!

  8. Paliney Weeney!!

    OMG... it was my best Vegas trip too! I had so much fun and to be honest, I LOOOOOVE the party train!

    I'm still crossing my fingers for Bahamas... or maybe a cruise with you LongLoks this time so we can do more spreading!! *wink wink*

    I just laughed out loud and I think my neighbor heard me. HILARIOUS, you!

    Love you much!