February 13, 2010


I have decided to give the laptop a break and float around in the bathtub for a little while. If there is one thing that makes my day better and allows me to truly unwind, it has got to be a bubble bath! If it was later... and by that I mean, later than 11am, I would have poured myself a big glass of wine. However, that might make me a little more tense with my fear of drowning. And yes, I have drowned before. (in a two feet pool in the nearby park of my old house, to be exact).

Right now, my only fear is of dropping this phone into the water and getting the dirty looks from people learning that I have gone through yet another phone. If it does happen, let me just clarify that it is not my fault if it suddenly decides to jump out of my hands!

Okay... just saying it got me even more scared. Let me continue when the water gets cold because that is when I will be done. Toodles!

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