December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009

I had to sneak away from the party people for a minute to make this post. I just HAD to make a last post of 2009. I wanted to reflect and elaborate more, but there were just not enough hours of the day today. Ahhhh...

Okay, so here's a toast to all the good times that we had this past year. Much has happened and changed, I can't even begin to explain right now after a few sips with my friends.. but I must say that this had been a memorable year. Although there were many downs, there were also many ups that I cannot dismiss or forget.

Again, more to come tomorrow, perhaps... but lets say THANK YOU to 2009. So long, farewell.. its time to say goodbye! You will be gone, but not forgotten.


December 30, 2009

A Rainy Day...

With everyone having the day (or week) off, we had planned to go to Six Flags (Magic Mountain) today. Unfortunately, Mister Rainshine decided to come out to play too and there is no way I am going to wait in line and run around tryin' to hop on rides in the rain. No way, Jose!

Instead, we are going to get some errands done. YAYYYY!!

Taco Tuesday last night with Lily and Durand... then they came over to watch the Lakers' game at our place while I was trying to distract them with some of my favorite music videos. LOL!

Okay... just wanted to say HELLO to the universe somehow, someway...! I shall be back later... or soon... maybe! We shall see!

Hope everyone has a great day and is ready to bring on the New Year! (Glad we didn't go to Vegas. I'm pooped!)

December 29, 2009

My FAVORITE brush!

(I had to take a break from reading and learning... a blog post would be a picker upper and fix)

Anyone who knows me or has at least seen my makeup stash, you'd know that I have an obsession for nice makeup brushes. I never realized how important or how big of a difference a makeup brush can make. When I was younger, inexperienced... long before the day I fell in love and the birth of my obsession , I thought that people overpayed for makeup brushes and were ridiculous. Seriously... I was like, "who the heck would pay that much for some hair glued to a stick?"

I was WRONG. So, so SOOOOOO wrong!

Why do I love good brushes? Let me count the ways... or reasons... LOL!

1. You don't shed on me. Seriously... an annoyance of mine is when the makeup regime is going smoothly and then you look closer and see that a few strands from your makeup brush have found their ways and stuck on to your face below the otherwise would have been flawless foundation. FML moment, right? Ugh... then you have to pick it off your skin... then the once nearly flawless foundation had lost its smooth. Grrr!

2. You don't make me look like a kid had just got done playing finger painting on my face.

3. You allow me to blend so smoothly and freely. Ladies (and some boys)... come on... BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!! Hard lines to separate your foundation, blush, eyeshadows, bronzers... they are NOT okay!

4. You don't make my hands sticky and dirty. Imagine if brushes didn't exist. You'd have to use your hands to apply something... then wash it in between every product application... and so on, and so forth. We were only given two hands. Brushes... we are given (or sold) hundreds if we'd like!

5. I just love you, okay!?!?!

I have tried using some cheap brushes... you know, the ones that you can get for 99 cents? Or often times, free!? (Don't get me wrong... there are some great quality brushes for cheap, but you know what I mean? The ones that you only purchase just because its cheaper! You'd be lucky to get good quality brushes for free... I always do a happy dance if that is ever the case and so should you!) Anyway, there are some brushes that LOOK good, but are horrible!

Do NOT go for hard bristles that can possibly scratch your skin! Okay... I ordered these brushes from eBay once and I swear, I felt like a cactus just jogged across my face. Never again am I ordering brushes that I have never felt or tried... I don't care if its $1 with free shipping... never ever again! Thats a waste of a dollar I could have spent on a McChicken!

Do NOT just look for soft brushes. Yes, I know it sounds contradicting, but finding the right brushes can be difficult. There are many soft brushes up there... but do they pick up any pigment? Nope. So... why do you have them again?

What do YOU look for when you shop for brushes? Just curious.

My favorite brush that I actually am needing another one of at the moment?

M·A·C at ShopStyle

Yes, I do realize that its $42 for a full sized brush. BUT... if you find it in a set (usually the anniversary or half yearly sale at Nordstrom or other MAC stores), then jump on it right away! Sure, its $49.50, but you get 5 brushes (usually) and if it comes with this duo fibre brush, then you can't go wrong. TRUST ME! I have tried a few other "duo fibre" brushes, but they are just not the same. People use these for powders... which works great! But personally, I like it for liquid foundation because it gives you a nice, soft blend and it doesn't cake on thick like how most other brushes that are made for liquid foundations. If you are looking for something to apply a heavy look, this might not be for you, but it is for someone who wants something light and natural looking.

I've been through so many of these... not because they fall apart or anything, but because I usually lose them by misplacing them or mixing them up with friends' when they come over or we go out or on vacation or something. (Sucks, I know) I used to give this baby away to my sister whenever it came with a set that I buy because I figured I already have one, but man... these things are precious and I will never ever give one away again. Not because I am selfish but because... okay fine... I am selfish and I want to keep it for myself. Sue me!

I still have an old one that came with the first set I've ever bought in 2002... and I still use it today... 2 days before it flips 2010! 8 years... I need to put that baby to rest. Its also frustrating because when I use liquid foundations, you know that it gets dirty in the brush and I'd have to wash it EVERY day and this can get harsh on the bristles. BUT... I love it too much to apply foundation any other way. Therefore, I should just have more of these and switch them up, right?

Give it a shot, and if you don't like it, hand it my way! OR... you can just get two... one for you and one for me? THANKS... you are so kind! ;)

New Years' Resolution #1

Two more days until the new year and I have yet to come up with any real New Years' Resolutions. I told myself that I wasn't going to make any this year because I never follow through with them and disappoint myself every year. BUT... you have to have a resolution, even if you don't stick to it (unintentionally, of course)... its exciting to have a goal... even just for a day! LOL

I'll have more, but my first one will be...

1. Be nicer to the Husband

Okay I admit... I am a mean girl. I don't know how he does it but I know that if I was my own Husband, I wouldn't be able to handle me. I love him... therefore, I should be nicer, right? I'll try not to be so stubborn and try to be a little bit more patient.

There... I said it! And now, I have to really stick to it! Ahhhh...

MORE to come later! Got some things to work on today. Ciao!

To more good times like these in 2010!!

December 28, 2009

PRIME... all the TIME!

A few years ago, I participated in a Smashbox Model Search type competition online. It wasn't anything serious and honestly, I just wanted to win some free makeup after a photographer told me about the contest and prize and encouraged me to enter. Yes, I did remind people to vote for me (thanks, by the way) and I made it to the Top 50 nationally and won about $300 worth of makeup! YAY me!!

One of the products that I won was this:

Smashbox at ShopStyle

I fell in LOVE with it and it was the first time I had ever used a face primer and since then, I swear by face primers! They really do make a huge difference and they are great to wear alone!

After spending how much ever dollars at Sephora, I was rewarded with a sample.... and one of them was this:
Tarte at ShopStyle

Okay... I found a new love! The other day while I was at Sephora, I treated myself to a full bottle of this baby and am currently stroking my face as I type this! (You're welcome for the visuals... lol) I love the feel of it because its so silky feeling and absorbs so well!

Don't get me wrong... I love the Smashbox primer still, but I go through those things so quickly that it can get really expensive! Another thing that I don't like about both of these is the packaging. You usually can't use it to the last drop unless you are lucky enough to find it in a pressure type of pump (not the regular one, but the one that actually literally pushes the product out of there). Good luck with that!

Anyway, I highly recommend both of these, but if you are like me and want to save a few bucks, go with Tarte! They're both fabulous but I feel that the Smashbox one is lighter if you don't want anything too heavy. However, the Tarte one is extra smooth and silky feeling and the heavier side might be beneficial for those with rough/dry spots on your face (like me around my nose area).

Let me know what you think about them! Happy face priming!

I Trick You!

My niece just moved into her new apartment and as I was searching for something for her, I found so many cool house decor that I loved! Let me share one with you...

Pottery Barn at ShopStyle

How cool is this? Okay... so they are flameless candles made of real wax and runs on these tiny batteries. The one that I have are scented, but for some reason, these aren't. They also flicker and everyone who had been to our place since got fooled into thinking that they were real candles! What is cool is that you blow at the candle to switch it ON and OFF. Thats right... just blow at it like a regular candle to blow it out, but if you want to turn it on again, forget moving it to turn on a switch... just blow at it as you would when you want to turn it off! ITS SO COOL!!!

The ones that I got comes with a stand and rocks... and its just fabulous! I think I'm going to stock up on them and use them as house warming type of gifts or just have them around my place in every room (when we get a big house one day, of course!).

Avatar Day... highly anticipated and so worth it!

Yesterday was one of those days that I truly enjoy. Just a nice day of relaxing and being in good company. The great food we had played a major role in it too, of course!

Sam had been making a really big deal over the movie Avatar. To be honest, I had NO idea what it was nor did I even want to bother with it. I actually suggested that he goes see it while I go see Precious because it is more my type of movie. He actually got pretty upset and was probably irritated by the idea that I didn't even want to give it a try. I heard good things about it, but I had no idea what it was about. All I really heard was that it was about blue people... and it was somewhat of a cartoon. I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi type films and almost always fall asleep in them. But fine... I'll give it a try!

I heard that tickets were sold out almost instantly, but we figured that it couldn't be THAT bad two weeks after it hit theatres. We planned on meeting up with the Lok's and the Long's around noon to purchase tickets for the 3pm show. Got a call from Durand at 10 something saying that those tickets are already sold out. WTF! We wanted to make sure we see it in 3D and on IMAX and we weren't going to settle for less. So... the next showing was at 7pm, and by 10, it was halfway sold already! Alright... no more risks... we got the tickets! We met up for some Korean BBQ at 12:30pm and I am proud to say that Sam and I were NOT the last ones there! YAY us!! The food was pretty good but I admit that I wasn't full to the point I had to readjust my belt like I usually do going to a Korean BBQ, but I was satisfied!! We had a few hours to kill afterwards, so they picked up some King Crabs in Santa Ana and brought it over for them to hang out in the sink while we planned on taking a nap on our comfy couch. I think all 6 of us were too excited to even fall asleep so time flew by and we left our place since 5pm! We got our Starbucks and waited in line without sitting down from then until 7pm because there was already a long line to get in the theatre by that time. People are crazy and love their movies, I guess! Anyway... I won't spoil the movie but all I can say is that it was a GREAT movie and I would have been so mad at myself if I really did miss it. A little longer than I had liked, but I barely noticed because I was so into the movie. You MUST see it in 3D... there is just no other way. The graphics and animation is just amazing and I can see why it took so long and cost so much money to make. Worth it though... especially since they already made their money back within the first couple of days, I heard. Amazing! Go see it... please!

I was worried that the crabs that were hanging out in our sink found their ways back to the ocean since it was only two blocks away. Luckily, they were still in the sink ready to be our dinner. I know it sounds cruel, but those suckers were tasty and Sam made a really good dipping sauce for it. OMG... I'm salivating at the thought of it! We killed almost all 6 of the huge crabs... I can't wait to have it again. Hopefully soon? Ended the night in food coma and ice cream. Had to save the brownies for another time. Too bad Sam had to work early this morning so everyone left around 12:30am. We should have partied longer! JK!

See... a nice and relaxing Sunday with good company. It doesn't get any better! :) Can't wait to have more relaxing and fun days like that again.

December 27, 2009

I Run To You...

Its been awhile since I posted anything about music because I've been hung up on good ol' Christmas songs that I often catch myself listening to in July. Hey... the songs make me happy and give me a warm feeling inside... is that okay with you? Gosh! Alright... but since Christmas had come and gone, I am back into my easy listening music that gets me going. If I like a song, I usually listen to it nonstop until someone MAKES me or just breaks the source so I wouldn't get to listen to it anymore (hater).

Not too long ago, I heard this song and thought that it was beautiful. I never got a chance to look up the video or anything but for some reason, I woke up early this morning thinking about it and so I youtubed it and fell even more in love with the song... and the video. I can't seem to find the music video that allows embedding, so here is a good ol' traditional link to the video on youtube:

I hope you enjoy it as much as you do. And trust me... the video is pretty touching but it doesn't make me depressed. You get it? I love country music... if you can't already tell by my wedding's 'first dance' and 'father/daughter dance' songs. :D

Dig or no dig?

December 26, 2009

Hope... my new obsession!

I've always loved philosophy's line... especially with their cute packaging that was simple, yet catchy and different and interesting. I always felt like their product was too expensive (though I have spent more on other stuff, unfortunately), so I never really gave it a shot except for gift sets I would get from people or small gift sets that I would get for myself.

After trying a small sample of this, I was in love:

philosophy at ShopStyle

I just HAD to go back and get some more because it was something that really worked for my dry skin that seemed to be more of a problem in cold weather (as it is for most). Its the only thing that really keeps my nose area hydrated all day long without making my face feel sticky, heavy, or icky. I love this thing!! I admit... the smell isn't very pleasant, but you get kind of used to it and its not that bad after awhile considering the miracles that its doing for my skin, bring on a skunk and I'd be okay with it! (Okay not really)

Its a moisturizer that hydrates, exfoliates, and protects... what more can you ask for? LOVE it!

If you haven't already, give it a try and let me know what you think because personally, I love it! Sure, its a bit more expensive than the moisturizers that I can afford, but it really is an investment if I only have to use a quarter as much prodct as I would my usuals. And to find something that actually works? Priceless!!

Have you tried it? Use it? Love it? Hate it? What do you think! Do share!

Cheapo Thydo!

Call me cheap, but I have never really been a fan of overly priced handbags. Yes, I do indulge in certain things and often times, they are pretty unreasonable. I admit, I have my over the top moments where people can just look at me like, "WTF"? Haha... I like seeing what people's responses might be! :)

Anyway... handbags... is an accessory! It is nice to have nice things (such as handbags), but what is really the purpose of that when you really wouldn't have any real value in there anyway? I mean... would you really spend more than you have on a handbag and then really not have a dime to your name left in there? I think not. Besides... again, its an accessory, people! I guess I shouldn't really single people out for liking nice handbags, but I guess I just see it differently.

First off, I don't want to pay more money to promote for a company that is in actuality, really jipping me. You would think that companies would be more likely to give you a discount to promote for them rather than charge you more for a right to promote for them. Makes sense? Anyway... my point is that I am too damn cheap to spend an arm and a leg for a handbag. I like to switch things up and in this case, quantity over quality! :D I can't live with just one bag for the rest of my life... I need variety! That is why I always opt for the less expensive bags so that I can afford 10 of them rather than 1. You get it?

One bag that I am currently contemplating is this:


I think its cute, simple, inexpensive, and I don't have a navy bag... yet! I love satchels... a big bag type of girl because I like to carry everything that I own everywhere with me. Haha... what do you think? (You can click on the image to see more pictures and views because this one probably doesn't do it all its justice) Likey or no likey?

I'll probably try to check it out at my nearest Nordstrom today. We shall see. Sis is bringing me shopping... gotta love that, right? ;)

Away from Home on the Holidays

This past Christmas (yesterday) was incredibly hard for me. I am so used to being home with all of my family and the little ones, but this year was different. As much as I wanted to be home, I knew that it was too much to ask and want considering the time and finances. My family understands and they would hate for me to spend five times as much as I would if I was to fly out there any other day or week. Nevertheless, it was still very hard. I would cry after getting off the phone with any one of my family members because I'd miss them like crazy and it was just too much to bare. My emotions couldn't handle the feeling and still keep strong enough to fight the tears.

Next year though, it will be different and I am going to be home for Christmas no matter what. I will make it up to everyone then.

For everyone else, I really hope that you enjoyed your time with your loved ones and cherished every moment and every individual. Don't take them for granted and especially don't take the precious quality time for granted. Trust me.

On a lighter note, my Christmas this year was mellow and something that I am not used to... but it was still nice. Its always nice to see people smiling, laughing, and most importantly, happy.

My 17 year old niece came by for her presents later. Its amazing how much she had grown and matured over the years. Its hard to accept the fact that in only a few months, she will become a legal adult... scary thought. I may not express my love for my older nieces and nephews as much, but I still care for them and love them deeply. I just can't "mother" them like how I do with the younger ones because I never did to begin with when they were younger so its hard to just "mother" them at such an older age. I wouldn't want to anyway... teenagers are a lot different to deal with than kids. They know too much for their own good.

Family, I miss and love you... so so so much.

Old Indulgences

After a day full of eating food coma prone foods, I can't seem to fall asleep and found myself browsing the web. Okay I admit, I was somewhat shopping online on my favorite website, and also just looking at pictures from my birthday. Stole some pictures from Jenn's FB, (thanks honey) and as I was saving this picture:

I noticed that I was wearing something that I've had for years and seems to still be on the market. Its one of my old, wreckless indulgences that I soon after regret making the purchase of but later learned how to appreciate it more and more. Its my Mike & Chris lambskin leather jacket!

And yes, Jenn sort of raided my closet, but as you can see, all my clothes are just way too big for her. That skinny mini!

Anyway, although I've had this jacket for years, I still love it and wear it often. Someone once asked to buy it from me for half the price (which was quite a bit), but I just couldn't part with it.

Curious? Its here... just that mine is in a dark brown rather than the black that is shown here:

Mike & Chris at ShopStyle

I would never even pay 1/10th the price of that jacket on a jacket nowadays... not even close. I'm a lot smarter and poorer than that now. Anyway, I am considering selling it, but I doubt anyone would still be interested although stars like Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus, and so many more are all rockin' the Mike & Chris now... but I don't know if I could ever part with it. If anyone is interested, let me know. Its a size small, but for some reason, it feels bigger than that.

Oh man, I don't know if I could even part with it anyway. Forget about this post... screw it!! :( I don't part with objects that I love very easily. *sigh*

December 23, 2009

Wake up and smell the flowers... even if its rotten.

I think I came to the acceptance that the world is a scary and dangerous place. I wrote how I felt about the tragedy that took place just last month where four innocent Lakewood police officers were shot to death at a coffee shop before they were even on shift. The other day, two other Tacoma police officers responded to a domestic violence call where they were shot by a man who was shot dead at the scene. The officers are both in critical condition, but thankfully, they are still alive and breathing at the moment. I understand that the field is a dangerous one and they all know what kind of danger they are putting themselves in by choosing those particular fields, but the loss and pain is still very heartbreaking. It annoys me when I see that people disrespect and mock those who are actually protecting us and are genuinely concerned about our well being. Why else would anyone put themselves in that kind of danger? It is because they are selfless and willing to put others before themselves. The world really needs more people with these hearts.

The first thing I usually do is check for updates and news hoping to see good news, but I am often left disappointed. I don't know why I do this knowing that I am a scared chicken, but I can't help myself. I like to know whats going on... especially real things that are happening or have happened because you never know what is waiting for you around the corner (literally and figuratively). My heart is still in Washington and maybe that is why I am more cautious and aware of things going on over there than over here in California. Most of my Family is back in Washington, of course I am concerned! These recent crimes resulting in death are just too close to home that I feel this ache in my heart as I learn about each one of them. I don't try to be a pessimist with these situations. In fact, I was usually known as the optimistic one in any situation, but I guess real life is just hitting me... hitting me hard.

I watched the 15 Most Unthinkable Crimes and am now watching the 20 Shocking Unsolved Crimes. Some of these crimes are just unbelievable and heartbreaking. What scares me most is knowing that some of these crimes are not yet solved so those sickening murderers are still on the loose and walking the streets. Not to overanalyze, but its only natural for me to do so... but can you imagine how many other people are out there with these sickening thoughts and the possibilities that crimes such as these can and will happen again?

The world is a scary place and I understand that we should not stop our lives because these things are happening, but we should also be very cautious and aware of our surroundings. It is important to learn what is going on with our communities and keep everyone (not just those that we care about) informed on what is going on. You never know who/what will strike next and who the next victim will be. Therefore, lets try our best to keep our communities safe and aware. This is the least that anyone can do. You can't point at a person and deem them the next murderer, but you sure can remind people to be more observant and aware of what is going on so that they can avoid dangerous situations that are life threatening.

Its great to be optimistic and see the goods and positives of life, but we also have to be realistic and accept that we live in a twisted society. Are these type of behaviors and cases welcome? Of course not, but it seems to find its way in regardless. I'm not saying that we should put our lives on pause and dwell over it, but just keep it in mind and don't forget. Sadness, sorrow, and death are also parts of each life. Don't ever take a moment or person for granted... its hard (if even possible) to take back.

Mmmm... hmmm!

So I am sitting here contemplating what I should do next. And no, I am not referring to any projects that I may be working on or any deadlines that I need to hit. I'm talking about how i should react to someone during a certain situation.

Don't you hate it when you try to be nice and considerate of someone but they totally take advantage of it and are anything but considerate of your time and feelings. Makes you just want to grab them by the throat and twist it counter clockwise until the twisted flesh that holds the body and the head together is no thicker than a red vine licorice. I know that I sound pretty psycho right now and its sort of scary, but I'm glad that you are now somewhat acquainted to Cruella ThyVil!! :)

I'm trying to calm myself down with a nice glass of moscato and I think that I am enjoying it too much. My body is getting hot and my cheeks are burning up... but that could probably be from the blasting heater that I am too lazy to get up and turn down. HAHA!

As strange and ironic as this may seem, but I am really enjoying this. Wuahhahahaha... thats my evil laugh! Get used to it!

December 21, 2009

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!

Did I ever mention that I made up a dance that goes with practically EVERY Christmas song? Seriously! I tweeted about it awhile back, but don't remember elaborating on it here. Well, its just a really simple and silly move that you just do in different paces depending on the beat and rhythm of the song. Sam is my witness that it goes with every Christmas song... and he is still trying to find one that it doesn't go with. I doubt he will find anything to prove me wrong with because... I am never wrong. If you are going on a drive and if you are ever bored or just want to see people's reaction, I suggest doing this dance to every car that passes you. Better yet, wait until you get to an intersection and then start doing it towards the people sitting and waiting adjacent from you and facing you. Or you can just do it if you really want to embarrass the driver. In this case, Sam is the lucky guy! :D

Sam already gave me my early Christmas present! How wonderful is he? Thanks sweetheart! He really is the best! He could have easily gotten me a purse, a pair of shoes, a pair of earrings, a jacket... oh wait... he already got me all those things regardless for no particular reason or occasion. (Oops!) This is far more thoughtful and useful for me... and I am forever grateful! Love that man with all my heart... *sigh*.

Procrastination is a... not a good thing. Christmas cards shall acquaint themselves with the mailbox and mailmen (or women) today! I love getting cards and was never really good at being a card sender, but I am determined to change that soon. We're all so caught up with technology and so dependent on it that it is always a pleasant surprise to get a thoughtful card in the mail (by that, I don't mean email) every now and then. I am inspired by my friend Judy from San Francisco. She never fails to put a smile on my face with her sweet and personal cards that obviously take a lot of time, effort, and thoughts. She's the sweetest... I miss her! Maybe one of these days, we'd pay her and Mike a visit? I hope that time comes soon!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great hustle and bustle before Christmas type of day today, tomorrow, and the day after that! Then, I hope everyone enjoys their holidays with the ones that they love. Though the ones that I love most are so far away, they are always closest to my heart and I know that I am to theirs. No doubt about it! I love my Family... I really do.


December 19, 2009

My Current Want/Need/Must Have

Lookie how CUTE these are... and they are less than $50 and no worries... they have them in my size!! (8.5 WIDE or 9 Regular PLEASE)

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

December 17, 2009

Clear Space, Clear Mind

I never knew that it would make such a big difference in my life since I was always a messy and disorganized person. I refused to have a place for everything because that just made everything so bland and boring and there wasn't such a thrill in finding things when I needed them. I secretly get a rush whenever I am in a hurry and am on a mission to get something done. Its like this little game that I play with myself to see if I can actually complete the task. And if I beat the clock, then I am a winner in my eyes.

I have accepted that the little game that I played had caused me time, stress, and frustration. Time that I don't have, stress that I don't need, and frustration that nearly makes one of the vessels in my brain pop and pour straight out of my eyeballs. I know that sounded pretty graphic and dramatic, but thats how I imagine it and the thought of it haunts me nearly everyday because I feel like I am on the verge of reaching that state. Pray for me. It doesn't hurt to have all of my pens and pencils in one place. Having a jar for my loose change rather than all over the floor and in various pockets of my jeans and purses makes me feel richer than I really am. Not having to stress about the dishes in the sink or the overflowing laundry basket gives me a piece of mind and gives me time to stress about other things that are more deserving of my thoughts. I guess adding some organization and tidyness into my life isn't so bad afterall. I'd have to come up with new games that will somehow act as motivation. Like a child, everyday is a game to me and I wonder who would win. So far, it hasn't been 'game over' and like most other games, if I complete a task or accomplish something (no matter how small), there is more time added to my clock and I get a boost of energy and life. Whoever said that people who like to play games is silly.

Life is a game. Play it how you like to and don't give up... just make sure you enjoy every moment of it and don't forget to pause it for short potty breaks.

December 16, 2009


Before I go, let me share an article that truly touched me yesterday and that left me utterly speechless and nearly in tears. Bittersweet.

(there is a video included on the link and may be more touching than just reading the article that I am about to cut and paste)


Posted on December 15, 2009 at 6:13 PM

MONROE, Wash. - It's a cold and unforgiving place - a place you'd expect to find nothing but bitterness and hatred toward police. But at the Monroe State Reformatory, the heartless killings of four Lakewood police officers are softening even the most hardened criminals.

"The first thing that went through my mind was, 'oh no, not again'," said triple murderer Tony Wheat, who killed three gas station clerks during robberies 44 years ago and who is serving a life sentence at Monroe.

He's part of a prison organization called "Concerned Lifers" where those serving life terms try to mentor young convicts and keep them from reoffending. Wheat says the Lakewood killings shocked many inside the reformatory's walls.

"We thought, maybe it's about time we start showing some appreciation and concerns, and doing what little we can and show that even though we are removed from society, we are a part of it," he said.

Wheat and a small group of convicts, most of whom will never set foot outside the prison's walls, are now organizing a fund for the families of the Lakewood officers.

Lifer Herb Blumer earns less than 50 cents an hour making furniture for state offices. He wants to give all he can to the cause, realizing in a case like this it really is the thought that counts.

"I felt that this donation might be a message to let them know that we share their grief and we share their pain," he said.

Maurice Clemmons executed four Lakewood police officers as the say sipping coffee and going over reports earlier this month, leaving nine children without one of their parents.

Inmates say they want to honor the officers' families with donations, but also their legacies by making sure another Maurice Clemmons doesn't come out of Monroe.

Three-strikes felon Curtis Caton says there are plenty of prisoners who are indifferent or even happy about the Lakewood murders. And those are precisely the people he wants to get to donate to the cause.

"Then we can hopefully change them and say 'look, you don't want to be like that. There's a better life for you out there'," he said.

With lifetimes yet to serve in prison, these fundraisers have little to gain in their cause. They simply hope to help heal broken lives... and perhaps themselves as well.

"When that cell door closes on your cage at night, day after day, year after year, you think about the impact your crime had on the victims," said Blumer. "This is a way to seek redemption. It's a way to give back and atone for the things that you've done."

Losing track of time...

I can't believe that there are still days when I don't realize what time it is because I am so hooked on doing something. My Sister pointed out to me that I have an addictive personality... not a personality that people get addicted to, but more so a personality that gets addicted to everything and anything. Good thing I don't smoke, right?

The habits that I have tried to form before... ehhh... could have been better. Now, I am going to cut myself some slack and give an extra couple weeks and say that I am determined to make them my new years' resolution. My new years' resolution is to keep my resolutions. Does that make sense?

I know I've been slacking off with the posts lately, but not like they are ever really read anyway, but I will definitely post more when I have more time.

By the way... I am addicted to Sam's phone. I love my BB, but I love his Android more. Sad, huh? I should have waited. Oh well!

9 more days until Christmas... and I am so not ready.

Mom called and told me that a relative by marriage recently passed away. Took me by surprise because she's so young and healthy and you'd never expect her to get a sudden illness like this. May her soul rest in peace and may comfort be with her young children that are deeply missing her at the moment.

That is another reason for the title of my blog... just cherish the moment. Cherish those you love and care about and cherish every moment that you have breathing and enjoy your life as much as you can while you can. We don't know what is waiting for us around the corner or where our fate leads us. Therefore, cherish the moment.


December 14, 2009

25 and so ALIVE!!

Although my birthday is only one day of the year, my loved ones always manage to make me feel like it is a month long celebration. At home in Washington, there are always many festivities with different groups of very loving and caring friends... to the point where I feel guilty for having a birthday considering all the hard work and thought that was put into making me feel as wonderful as I always do. This year was no different.

My Husband always wants to make me feel like a Queen, and he did just that and more this year. Initially, I was a brat and pissy about what I thought would happen the day of. But with the help of his Family and friends, my celebration couldn't be any more fabulous than it was! It took me awhile to realize what a brat I have been to him and of course, I told him so. It was a very emotional and relieving process... but it made me realize how much I truly love and appreciate everything that he had done for me, not just for my birthday.

I honestly had doubts that my friends would get into the spirit and dress in black and white as I had requested, but I couldn't have made it any easier with my choices of colors. They all looked so sharp and beautiful, truly a kodak moment! Dinner was fabulous and I even had TWO cakes for me... how awesome is that? One was homemade and I know that a lot of hard work and effort was put into it. A red velvet cake... my first one, actually! It was delicious and although we were all full from dinner, we had to make room for it! Another was a beautiful bundt shaped cake that was just too pretty to ruin or eat... it was definitely a sight to see. My first ever bundt cake that was decorated soooooo "Thyda". Thank goodness for thoughtful and loving friends... I can never say it enough, but I am truly blessed!

A very memorable birthday... and the greatest gift of all is the reminder of how precious and special my life truly is with all the wonderful people in it. Thanks to everyone who thought of me on my birthday. That is so much more than I could ever ask for. Thank you.

After dinner... and ready to go party with the rest of the party people!

We had to take a picture with the pretty lights...
it was too bad the others already left to the party because
it would have been a great picture if they were all there.
Nonetheless, this is still a beautiful picture! ;)

December 11, 2009

I'm So Young and You're So Old!

Okay... here goes my first blog entry at the age of 25. Yikes!

Am I losing my hair? No really... am I losing my hair? I don't mean it metaphorically either... I mean literally... AM I LOSING MY HAIR? Waking up to a few strands of hair on the pillow is fine and its really nothing to really worry about or fuss over. BUT... what if I run my fingers through my hair and although it runs smoothly with no knots or tangles in the way, I find what seems to be a handful between my fingers. Sickening, isn't it? I know that its natural to lose hair as we age and also as we stress... but this is just too much. I used to scare all the hairdressers away as I walk into the door because my hair was just too thick for anyone to like to work on because it takes three times as long as other people's hair. You wouldn't be able to grab ALL of my hair with one hand either... I hated it. I used to wish that my hair was thin and soft like most of my friends' hair. I guess this is one of those times when the good ol' "be careful what you wish for" saying holds truth. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! I know that this all sounds superficial and there are many other concerns in the world, but really... you'd be lying if you said you didn't think twice about your appearance. Moreover, I am starting to wonder if this is a health concern. Or maybe its just paranoia and the thought of getting old and wrinkly and hairless is taking over me? Who knows?

Usually I'd be excited for my birthday. This time around, not so much. I teased all of my friends who are older every now and then, especially the ones who turn 25 not too long before me. I would tell them that its downhill from there and that they are now part of the old farts' club and although their insurance is cheaper, its totally not worth the wrinkles and saggy skin. They'd tell me that I'm getting there too, but I refused to accept it. It hit me the night before my birthday that I really am getting old! I used to look at 22 year olds and think that they were ancient because I believed I would be 16 for the rest of my life and I don't see myself getting any older. Now, I am beyond 22... meaning I am beyond old. You know what that means? That means that I am really really old. (No offense to those reading and older than me) Sam tried to butter me up to the fact that the next day was my birthday, but I was not having it and instead got into tears at the thought of it. I know it sounds stupid and I don't know the true reason why I got so emotional, but I did. I actually applied night cream and anti aging cream on my face because I can already feel like I'm getting OLD. At 11:45pm that night, I went to bed because I wanted to savor a few more hours of being 24. Haha... its silly now that I think about it now. Sam woke me up at midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday... grrr!!

He took that next day off (on my birthday) and brought me out to lunch and then to go get a nice hour long full body massage. It was my first time ever getting a massage from someone I didn't know... and it was an older man! How uncomfortable, but luckily Sam was right next to me getting a massage too. It was nice and relaxing... but I think that Sam does a better job at times... although his massage sessions last no longer than 3 minutes. What a punk! The massage was much needed followed by some good ol' shopping! You know that always makes me feel happy, but at the same time, I questioned myself and wondered if I dress to young for my age since I see teenagers dressing the same way I do often times. BLAH.

He made reservations at this place called The Sky Room in Long Beach and I found out... and made him cancel the reservations! I know that he was just trying to be sweet and bring me to a nice place on my birthday, but I can't justify letting him spend $35 - $50 on a piece of steak that probably doesn't taste too much better than ones he can cook himself... and thats not even including any salads or appetizers that come with it. HELL NO. I told him that I'd be a LOT happier if we just went and got sushi... and we did! Guess how much our bill was! About $30.. and thats for the both of us and we were stuffed and satisfied! I told him that the rest of the money that he would have spent on our meal at The Sky Room can go towards my Yogurtland fund! Call me cheap, but our bill would have easily ran over $100... probably $150 if we order wine at the nice restaurant which I'm sure Sam would have considering the occasion and the nice place. Again, HELL NO. Maybe I am getting more mature... or maybe I just get cheaper and cheaper by the minute? Either way... I'm glad I refused The Sky Room because... do you know how many things I can get with that money? LOL... I really am looking forward to my yogurtland trips to come considering how much we saved!

The guys usually play basketball every Wednesday and since we were nearby with some time to kill, we stopped by the court. They all stopped to say Happy Birthday to me... how sweet! :D I tried to distract them and tease them every chance I got while watching them... and they knew how to push me away. By saying to me, "TEAM JACOB"! Oh heck no... I quit! LOL! Sam couldn't play since he didn't have his clothes and shoes. Thank goodness because it was freezing cold and I was ready to go home. Wait... we HAD to stop at Yogurtland. How could we not? And we did... and Sam and I hung out there for a bit and talked about some of the most random things ever... but it was nice! Then we realized that the Lakers game was on and I knew he wanted to see it... so we came home.

Overall, it was a nice birthday and I know that it was mellowed out, but that is all going to change tomorrow! I'm so excited for my birthday dinner with some of my coolest friends... and then of course, my cocktail party!! We'll see how it goes because it will be the first one we're throwing... or Sam is throwing for me! :D Did I mention that my best friend Jenn is flying down here with her fiance? Yup... they get in at... well... they'll be here in about 13 hours! I'm so excited and can't wait to see them! We'll do some celebrating tonight after we pick them up at the airport... then its all up in the air from there! Whatever we do, I just know we're going to have a great time! She called me early that morning to sing to me... and she said she practiced for an hour! HAHA... its this thing that we usually do to each other... more like a competition to see who can sing the ugliest version of that song. Every year, it just gets uglier. I don't know how she's gonna top it next year! Hehe... love her!

Oh... did I mention that it was very nice to wake up to see so many texts and emails and messages... and close to a million Facebook comments!! Okay... not really a million, but I felt like it was pretty close and it did make my day and make me feel special. Of course, most of them only knew because of the Facebook reminders thing, but thats okay because I will admit that I don't remember all my friends' birthdays although I'm trying. Sometimes, its just a simple and easy gesture that can really make a difference. My friends are awesome... and that includes my Facebook ones! Haha!

I guess nothing has changed when it comes to my writing even though I am "older". Some things just don't change, I guess! Ranns told me that I will always be a kid at heart and thats what makes me special and thats what people love about me. She's sweet for saying it... I only hope that its true. Let me know if that changes, kay?

More to come later... but I really need to get some things done for my weekend. The list is longer than the neck of a giraffe and I have yet to cross anything off as FINISHED on that list. Ugh.


By the way... there will be some changes coming soon and something to look forward to by next weekend. With too many things going on and so many projects I want to accomplish, I find myself spreading myself so thin that I can't just get one thing done with all the distractions. After this weekend, its FOCUS time! I've learned a lot these past couple of months and have gained a lot of interest. Where is the time stopper when I need it most?

Anyway... I hope everyone has a great weekend and stay warm out there! I know that its freezing in Washington and its pretty wet here (although rain seemed to stop for now). *hugs*

December 8, 2009

Fallen Lakewood Police Officers Memorial

The Memorial Procession for the four Lakewood Police Officers is today, held at the Tacoma Dome. Again, so close to home, a piece of me is there with them and my heart just aches watching the procession live online.

Its bittersweet to see that there are people all over the world, police officers in particular there to show their love and support to the family, friends, and fellow officers of the fallen. There are many who flew up from Oakland and Los Angeles amongst other police departments around the country to show their respect for our fallen heroes. Its sad to lose loved ones... officers or not. Its just heart breaking to know that these are innocent people who were working to keep our people and communities safe, yet their lives were taken in such a senseless and cruel way. I hope that this will work as a wake up call for everyone that they need to have respect and appreciation for those in law enforcement. They are not just there to give you a hard time, they are there to try to protect us to the best of their ability. Even before this tragedy, I was always annoyed whenever people didn't show appreciation for those who genuinely cared for our well being... such as police officers.

They will always be remembered and honored... may their heroic souls rest in peace. My thoughts are with their loved ones today.


FMAO -- Freezing My Ass Off!! (got that from Kelly at People's Revolution... haha!)

I can't believe it can be this cold in California! I spoke to my Mom last night and she told me that it was ridiculously cold up there too. I can tell by the tweets from my still Washingtonian buddies!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Or... its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! I will miss being at home for the holidays this year... but maybe there will be some miracle and we'll end up being up there afterall!

Plans for my birthday are done! Well, for Saturday at least. I'm looking forward to it, but really hope that it all goes well and everyone has a good time. I'm stuck at a weird age where I can't decide if I want to party hardy or mellow out... and this should be the in betweeney! I definitely need to figure out what I'll wear though since I'm making it a point to dress up for everyone. HAHA! I'm going to be really upset if someone doesn't stick to the theme because it can't get any easier than that!

Jenny's birthday is today and she's in Disneyland (lucky her)! I should have just made Sam take the day off as he had planned, but now its probably too late. I wonder where he's bringing me for our date! My birthday gift was a shopping spree... he knew I wouldn't be happier with anything else since we have different taste in almost everything (I'm serious!). I already enjoyed most of my shopping spree... haha... but maybe it will continue tomorrow? *fingers crossed* I almost had to stay home alone last night while he works a 16 hour shift, but thank goodness he didn't have to stay for the full. YAYYYY!

Ever wondered what draws people to making up bizarre stories for no reason? Two girlfriends and I had lunch last week and we just pieced together some of the most crazy stories you'd ever hear from anyone. Why they do it? Well... we came up with a conclusion! It seems that the people who these stories are told to are people like myself... gullible and easily amused! I think people get a kick or a high off of my reaction or something. One of the girls is very much like me (I'm sure most can figure it out) and there's so many situations where we are together and we get told some of the craziest things anyone had ever heard! Don't lie... because then, you're going to have to make up more lies to cover those lies and so on and so forth. Down the road, you're not going to remember what you told because they were all lies lies lies. It took us awhile to figure it all out, but now, we're even more amused at not your stories, but your behavior! *giggles*

Guys... sometimes they just don't understand, do they? Their way of thinking is so different from ours and they just don't get it! Ugh... so frustrating at times but at the end of the day, thats what keeps it interesting. (I guess)

I'm tired of hearing about Tiger Woods... but I am so amused (and still laughing) at the fact that he's not a Tiger, he's a Cheetah... but at least he ain't Lion!! HAHAHA... get it? OMG... I am such a dork for sitting here laughing at this line over and over... and its been weeks since I first heard it. LOL. Cheaters... Liars... WOW.

December 7, 2009

Rain, rain... go away!

I'm so surprised to see it raining right now. Since I've moved down here nearly 4 months ago, this is a first. In a way, its sort of refreshing, but at the same time... I wish it would go away because rain just makes me want to sit around and be lazy... not like I'm not already or anything.

Christmas shopping is bogus! I have more fun shopping year round than I do around Christmas. I am obviously a bargain hunter and its rare that I pay full price for anything if I can help it. (Yes... and I'm proud of it... thanks!) It seems like the stores have been jacking up the price and the items that are usually 75% OFF are now 25% OFF with a bigger sign that says SALE. Yet, people seem to buy, buy, buy because they have to since Christmas is creeping up faster than most of us would hope. Ugh. I hate shopping during this time of year! I vow to never wait to Christmas shop in December ever again... unless its on Christmas Eve or the day before when stores REALLY need to get rid of their stuff! Now, I have another excuse to shop throughout the year! :D

Okay... so enough of that! Kunthea, one that doesn't usually like to mingle or celebrate his birthday was in for a surprise when we did a little something something for him. He would have been upset if we went all out but since the guys were coming for their Friday usual anyway, we turned it up a notch and used his birthday as an excuse to celebrate and eat fatty foods and cheesecake! Then on Saturday, we celebrated Paline's birthday over dinner, dessert (yum), and some good ol' Taboo! Oh man... that game can get very competitive and sometimes violent! I don't think they'd ever let me live down the time I almost knocked Sam out with my elbow back in 2006 because he was hovering over me and trying to distract me during such an intense game. Even this time around, I caught myself yelling and even at times threatening people. I need to control my anger and remind myself that its only a game. A FUN game, that is! I love it when everyone gets into it... it makes things more fun and enjoyable. Definitely a bonding moment despite the threats and the insults. Sore losers? I think not! OH... and get this... we were Team Edward VS Team Jacob! WTF! I was loving it though! Team Edward... Blood Suckers... OH YEAH!!

I'm looking forward to having my Jenn & Joe here for the weekend to celebrate the fact that I'm getting old. 25... thats a lot. I remember thinking people who were 22 are old! Damn! Husband asked me out on a date for my actual birthday. I have no idea what we're doing or where we're going, but its supposedly a surprise. I hope I don't ruin it for myself this time. I'm excited though! Just hope that this rain goes away! Looking forward to hanging out with friends to celebrate getting old again with the friends I have down here. I've mellowed out a lot... and I really like that about myself. Hehehe... I go through my phases, so we'll see. Birthdays only come around once a year. Well, for most of us anyway... haha... my Sister celebrates like three different birthdays. WTF! But yeah... definitely something to celebrate and a great excuse to gather the loved ones for a good ol' time!

December 5, 2009


I know that its been awhile since I last posted anything. I've learned and discovered so many new things this past week that I often didn't find time to post or I would start to post something but then I get distracted into doing something else and my post never gets done. I had so much to say during those times but with the clock ticking faster than I had hoped and wouldn't listen to my requests for it to take a break, I lost it all. I just wish that time can just stand still for just a few moments when you need it to so that you have some time to absorb, process, and deliver your information and thoughts. I guess I was born in either the wrong time or the wrong universe.

The slaying of the four Lakewood police officers shook me... my heart ached as I learned more about the heartless murder. Although I do not know the victims personally, I know what it is like to lose a loved one. To lose someone that you held so dearly to your heart in this way is such a tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out to their loved ones.

I will not go into detail on the story because there are many articles written and reports that are more credible than mine and it also brings back painful thoughts trying to tell the story again. Please, if you are interested, it is a story worth researching and reading about. However, I am not afraid to express my own personal opinions about the nightmare that is unfortunately a reality. How someone can have such a cruel heart is beyond me and I am frightened to know that there are such people out there right now... everywhere. I understand that there are personal problems and possibly mental and health issues that drew people to do what they do, but that is where professional help comes in. They are there for a reason and living in a world with endless resources, this should not be an excuse or a reason to take issues so lightly.

The fact that innocent lives were taken and many other innocents were at risk of the same danger is what worries me the most. What also got me drawn deeper into this story and was at the edge of my seat during and even days after the incident(s) was the fact that it happened so close to home. I know that I need to face reality and understand that the world is not perfect nor will it ever be, but this one really hit home... literally. Knowing that the killer was still on the loose for days and could have been anywhere and learning later that he was no more than 10 miles away from my Parents' house at one point and only a few miles away from my relatives' houses at other points made me numb. I was scared, worried, and couldn't seem to do anything else but continue to follow the intense story and kept up with all the live updates continuously to make sure that my loved ones amongst others are safe. I know that being a thousand of miles away, there is not much that I can do but to relay the information that I know to those that are in danger so that they are aware.... and pray. I lost sleep and at random times cried thinking about what could happen and might be happening. I was told that I was paranoid and worried too much, but how could I not?

I was relieved to know that the killer was found and shot dead a few days later by a hero that could have easily been a fifth victim... but I can't help but continue to worry. There were people who were helping him run and hide even after learning that he in fact killed four innocent police officers. I understand that Family comes first and blood runs thicker than water, but knowing that the person did such a thing, you have to realize that there is no way out. Take responsibility for your own actions and you should help them do the same. The outcome may not be what you want, but those are the consequences that you'd have to face for what you've done. Life isn't fair... take the fallen innocents for example. If the man responsible, Maurice Clemmons, did the right thing and turned himself in or his family did, he might still be alive now and may be able to get his story out (although I don't think its very deserving, but others would probably get answers and not have to continue to wonder and guess for very long) and his family would not be facing these unnecessary convictions. I guess some would rather die than go back to prison, but that still doesn't make things better for those who cared about you. And to know that there are people out there who are supportive of him and his actions and would have the audacity to say that they would have helped the murderer and excuses him for what he'd done because he "had his reasons"... it scares me. Those people could also potentially be a menace to society.

In another case, a dead body was found in the Puyallup River in Fife, a small town that is next door to where my parents live. This was only a few days after the slaying of the officers, but I wonder if these cases are related in any way. Then to know that a black rose was left at the Tacoma Police Department by an unknown person got me even more paranoid. I don't know how others see it and I know we all see it differently, but black roses are not a good sign in my opinion. It is usually given to the dead or a sign of revenge. I take it as a threat, but I guess there are others who take it as a kind gesture to show support. That is strange to me because this rose was not left at the memorial that they had for the fallen nor was it left at the Lakewood Police Department... but at the Tacoma Police Department where the family and friends of the killer reside. Also, the killer had an intention of killing police officers... that was his main target. Am I the only one who can add up these pieces together and take it as a threat and am worried? Maybe I am looking too much into it or I am just paranoid, but I don't think that these little things should be bypassed or taken lightly after such a horrific event. But hey... what can I do? I am not there and I am not a professional investigator or detective (although I usually like to pretend that I am and believe that I would be a great one if I wasn't such a chicken). Either way, I just pray that this will be the end of it and will be a lesson to many. May it be a wake up call for all of us to understand that things and people we love the most can be taken from us without a warning or mercy. Lets not take the things and people we love for granted and just like the title of my blog, cherish the moments. Hold those you love closest to your heart and don't hesitate to tell them what they mean to you and thank them constantly because it never hurt anyone to show appreciation for you never know if you'd be given another opportunity to do so.

May the souls of the fallen rest in peace and may love, comfort, and thoughts be with their loved ones during these times.

November 25, 2009

DROID, Schmoid!!

Sam got his Droid yesterday. Yeah, I'm pretty jealous. However, I still love my BB and and still very thankful for it. Hmph! But now, who is going to BBM me? Haha...

Wish I had the funds to do some Christmas shopping right now. Boo!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have taken the initiative to cook at Sam's parents' house. Oh my... pressure pressure! Wish me luck!

When someone is in their death bed, they don't ask for their trophies and money... they ask for their Family and Friends. Now... which is more important again?

November 24, 2009

A little consideration... please?

Please note that this rambling has nothing to do with what has been happening in my life nor is it intended to refer to one situation in particular. I am speaking in general... but if the hat fits, wear it.

I like to do things that would make situations more convenient for all. Most of the time, I usually end up getting the short end of the stick because I would rather do the work than make my loved ones do the work. Does that make sense? I would stretch myself out real thin to the point where I am nearly breakable. And when I do (if ever) break, no one is there to help me pick up the pieces and glue myself back together but myself. I guess there are some people who enjoy having it easy and used to having things handed to them. So in the end, they think that things come easy and they forget that there are people who made it possible for them to experience it easy. You follow?

Next time something comes easy, just remember that it may not have been that easy for someone who made it that easy for you.

Thats all, folks!

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Missing You...

Last night as I laid to sleep, I couldn't help but miss my Parents so much. I wanted to call them, but it was already 1am and I knew that they'd be asleep and if their phone was to ring at that hour, they would probably worry and think that something is wrong. So, I refrained myself.

This morning, I called home. I just spoke to Daddy and he is as cute as ever. I think he really misses me too because the other day as I was talking to Mom about Thanksgiving, he asked if I was coming home and when I said I wasn't, he said that he was going to make the turkey this year and it would be better than mine! Hehe... I believe him too... my Dad's a great and creative cook who uses what he has and makes it work every time. Very resourceful, he is.

I wish I can be there during times like these... just being in the same room with them makes me happy. Even if they are lecturing me the entire time, its a great feeling. And the kids... I miss the kids so much, its crazy. My Justin is all grown up and I am sad I am not there to see him grow into the fine gentleman I know he will be.

My family, my love... I miss you.

November 23, 2009

Dear John...

I have never looked forward to a movie so much in my life. I read this book last year, and I cried and my heart ached throughout most of the book. I felt like I was Savannah, the character in the book. Part of it has to do with the romance being a long distance relationship for most of the story, something that I can relate to.

Last night, as we were waiting for 'New Moon' to show, this preview came on and I nearly cried tears of joy because I had no idea there was a movie being made based on one of my favorite books. Ahhh... here it is:

February 5th, 2010... I cannot wait!

(Just look at Channing Tatum!! Even if this was a silent film, I knew I would enjoy it regardless!)


There are many things for me to be thankful for... where should I begin?

  • My Family -- Thank you for always being there for me and accepting me in every shape or form. The love we share is unconditional and unspoken of, but it is there... solid and strong. This had been a rough year for all of us, but we pulled through and have proven that we can get through anything.
  • My Friends -- Thank you for all the times that you all have given me a shoulder to lean on and always willing to give me a hand when and if I am ever in need. Your love, care, and concerns for me is more than I could ever ask for. Near or far, you are close to my heart... always.
  • My Husband -- Thank you for being the wonderful Man that you are and loving me as much as you do. You never cease to amaze me with your patience and tolerance of me. Most of all, thank you for being my best friend and sticking by my side through anything and everything.
  • My Blackberry -- Oh, how you have changed my life! (Seriously...)
  • Life -- Thank you for giving me all this time to breathe and many more breaths to come. Thank you for blessing me with the greatest people I've ever known, a roof over my head, and food on my plate.

I love my life... and for that, I am thankful.

Turkey Palooza Update

On Saturday, we hosted a Thanksgiving Turkey Palooza... where we ate our hearts out and laughed our butts off with some of the greatest people we call our friends. It was a nice get together and I am still wondering how we were able to fit 21 people into our living room without anyone getting hurt.

Durand and I teamed up and made this collage for my wall while Sam was at work. It was all Durand's idea and he started it... I just added on. He's genius!

The food was great, the company was wonderful, the drinks were bubbling, and the laughs were ongoing. I couldn't have asked for more.

OH... I almost forgot to mention that we somehow came with an interesting and random game of pin the "T" on the turkey. Look at my collage above and use your imagination, its probably what you imagine it to be. Hilarious!

I also realized that I am getting old. Actually, seems like our whole crew is getting old. We were drained and half asleep by 10pm! Wow... 25... right around the corner. This is scary.

More pictures of the palooza to come!!

November 20, 2009


I am the most unorganized person that I know. I need to learn how to organize my life and my time. That will be my personal goal. They say that it takes 21 days to form or change a habit. This will be the beginning of my long and hard 21 days.

Ranny is going to come visit me for my birthday too! YAY!! My best friends DO love me! I'm excited... and now the pressure is on to really get things prepared and ready for my lovelies! Ranns is staying a few days longer so that we have time to really make quality time. You get it?

Okay so that was pretty random... but back to a few habits I will try to change starting today:

  • Wash my face every night (started this last night, actually! hehe... and I'm proud!)
  • Keep my closet/room organized
  • Work out on a regular (this will only be my 3863934728th attempt)
  • Clean up after myself in the kitchen
  • Go to bed at a regular time
  • Use my calendar even MORE (I use it now, but I need to use it more in depth)
Thats it for now. But man... thats a lot to try to change all of a sudden! Oh well... I CAN DO IT!!

I love lazy days with my Husband where we can just stay in bed forever (or it feels like forever) and just talk about different things. It surprises me how I can talk to him about certain topics that I thought wouldn't interest him! He really is my best friend!!

Turkey Palooza tomorrow... I can not wait! Need to get our place ready though. I am trying to come up with some fun Thanksgiving games to try to make them all participate in. For some reason, they weren't too thrilled about dressing up as an Indian or a Pilgrim. LOL... I thought it would have been fun!

November 19, 2009


I love to learn new things... see new places and gain new experiences. Its hard for me to focus on just one thing because I want so many things and my mind just juggles all these ideas and wonders all day long.

Seriously considering getting tested for A.D.H.D.... my Husband even suggested it. How sad is that? Just shows that even he sees it too and is concerned.

I have an addiction and need an intervention. Try guessing what it is. I need to stop feeding to my addiction. But somehow, someway, I can never find ways to refrain myself. I need more self control. I bet you're REALLY wondering what it is now, huh? HAHA... according to Mac, Sivhui helped feed my addiction yesterday. I wonder if anyone can guess it right. Its pretty simple and easy if you know me well.

I lost sleep for a night and felt like jello all day yesterday. Got some sleep last night but can't break out of my routine of waking up at 6am for no reason. Its like I have a built in alarm or something. This could be a good thing... or a bad.

I miss my nephew Justin... a lot. To the point that I just sat there and cried yesterday. That little booger told me is growing up so fast and I am sad that I am missing out on it all.

Sam and I talk about having kids ALL the time. I think that the issue comes up every single day. Personally, I would like to be a young Mom, but at the same time, I feel like there is so much more that I need to do... places I need to see and experiences that I need to live before I bring a child to this world. Sam, on the other hand, is ready for babies. Crazy guy. He says that he wants our own creation... and I pointed to the Christmas tree and said, "we have our own Christmas tree"! He didn't think it was very funny. :(

I used to dream of being a young Mom... have my first child by 24... PTA meetings at 30... shopping with my 16 year old daughter or playing soccer (according to Sam, its basketball) with my 16 year old son at 40. Thats not going to happen at those ages. I'm turning 25 in a couple of weeks... yikes. I don't want to be an old Mommy either, and I just don't know how I would play sports at 40 or if I'm still cool to shop with then. Damn, damn, damn.

No kiddos for now... but damn, how I would have loved to be a young Mommy.

So much more to learn today... hope everyone has a fabulous one!

November 18, 2009

Golden 24 Hour SALE at Virgin America!!

Virgin America is giving you an offer you can't refuse! BUT... its only for 24 hours and has to be booked by TONIGHT!!

Flights starting at $39 each way! Check it!!

Details HERE (not on the website, I believe... top secret, right? hehe)

Courtesy of Yacky!!! Thanks woman!

November 17, 2009

Taco Tuesday!!

What a day! Where did the time go? Seriously, I didn't even realize what time it was until Sam rang the doorbell (he scares me when he tries to let himself in with a key. Don't know why I am so jumpy and get scared of the smallest and expected things). Yes, I did fall of a tangent and got sidetracked with a few minor things, but my brain needed a break! Twitter us a huge distraction!

Our Christmas tree is up and its pretty, but I want to add a few more things before I can say that its DONE. I love Christmas time and having the tree up without any presents under there (yet! Lol) makes me miss home. Haha! Hopefully I get to go home for Christmas and I am crossing my fingers that Sam's work schedule allows him to also. He would love Christmas at home... one of our living rooms is always flooded with presents because there are so many darn kids in the family.

Speaking of family, my nephew Justin was chatting with me via GMail last night! He's 9 and is easily the coolest kid around. I really want him to come visit me soon. Should see our conversation, its hilarious! How I miss that kid so much!

And speaking of kids, I have a confession! THIS MIGHT BE A LITTLE TMI FOR MOST!!! I didn't get my period last month and was worried that I might be pregnant. But then again, my period had always been irregular and there were times when I didn't have intercourse and wouldn't have my period so I didn't panic too much. Yesterday, I got my period! Hallelujah!! Hahaha!! Sorry... had to share! Whew!

Okay. Time for Taco Tuesday AKA GRUBBBBB time!!!

November 16, 2009

Manic Monday!

What a weekend it was! Briefly (or try to be), let me reflect.

Friday, a nice and relaxing evening at home with some curry. I made spicy duck fried rice earlier that day for Sam's lunch... talk about grub all day! Went to bed full, which is always good and bad... depends on how you look at it.

Saturday, Sam had to work (boo), but we made it to Rocky and Kat's place to watching the boxing match. I never get into the fights because... I just didn't see how watching people get beat up could be fun. BUT, I actually gave it a try this time and it was pretty intense. Maybe because I was busy twittering about Cotto's face and how it was good looking before and not so much afterwards. Homie was beat and swollen. Poor guy! Hung out with Rocky's family and Bo... ate some yummy food that Kat cooked up for us. I'm so glad I found another Twilight junkie... she's crazy! She already has her New Moon tickets and just bought a New Moon blanket! So funny! Then, Rocky's 10 year old nephew jumped in the conversation and thats when we realized that we're still reading the same book a 10 year old does! LOL! I wanna go see it on Friday too... maybe Sam will surprise me and get off early and bring me? Haha... wishful thinking!

Sunday... busy busy day it was! Lunch with my baybay at home... and then it was a day full of shopping! We got some frames for our pictures (finally), and also picked up our Christmas tree and decorations. Sam isn't big on celebrating, but he knows I am and the holidays always make me feel giddy inside so he got into it too! Which, by the way, we still need to put up. Then, we went to Westminster to do some more shopping and before going to the grocery store down there, we stopped at Target. I lost my phone!! My precious, precious phone! I thought I was gonna die! Seriously, Sam was pisst and after searching and calling it and texting it with, "if you have my phone, please let me know... I would pay you cash for it!" We gave up and were in the car and were driving off debating if I should call to report it lost... but then luckily Sam gave it a call one more time and a lady picked up! She was working customer service at Target and apparently, someone picked it up outside in the parking lot and turned it in! THANK YOU!!! To the person who found my phone and returned it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! There should be more people like you in this world... seriously! *hugs* Its karma... I've been good so something good happened to me... hehe! OR... my Angels are just watching over me! :) Either way, I'm glad I got it back because it would have been a VERY awkward ride home. Sam hates how I always lose/break things and he would be pisst if I lost this one after so many things he had bought for me that I've lost. Yikes. So yeah... thank you, thank you, thank you!

Went grocery shopping... stopped at Alberstons... shopped some more... checked RedBox for Twilight because I wanted Sam to see it before New Moon. No luck! Boo! Came home and couldn't find parking, so we parked in red while unloading all the stuff we bought. I snuck online and checked and found Twilight at a RedBox two miles away... reserved it... picked it up... and SCORE!! Mission accomplished! Sam liked the movie... he said it was "pretty good". After seeing how excited I was that he actually liked it, he changed his answer to "it was alright". What a hater! Either way, I'm excited for New Moon!

Got tons of things to work on today. Damn! Our turkey palooza is this weekend and I'm so excited to have the gang over for Thanksgiving dinner! GRUB time!!

Okay readers... talk to you (or myself) soon!

November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Yeah... today is Friday the 13th, alright. Hopefully today will be a great day... almost like yesterday.

We went to lunch with Louis and his brother. Sophy's, that is. Haven't been there in awhile, but I was torn between the salmon salad and salmon curry. Salmon salad it was! Yummmm!! The boys got their usual Thai Boats. I've never actually ordered one myself, but I have heard that its bomb diggity. Will try one day when I can steer away from the other options on the menu. I'm not a noodle/pho fan, but I'd eat it. We'll see.

Afterwards, we went to go check out the Verizon Droid. Whoopy. I don't like the bigger/bulkier one, but the cheaper one is a lot cuter and hey... I wouldn't mind having one. Hint hint. I just got my BB Tour less than three months ago, so I still need to break this one in. I shouldn't say that because breaking something is what I do best and I only meant that figuratively, not literally.

Then it was SHOPPING time! I admit, I didn't buy as much as I thought I would... which is a great thing! I've gained about 10 pounds within this past week (seriously), so I wasn't so much in a shopping mood. BLAH. Sam still thinks its ridiculous how I still have tags on most of the stuff in the closet, but its just I haven't found a perfect time/occasion to wear them yet. AND... I couldn't pass up on it. I have issues.

My in laws got some oysters and it was delish!! I don't know how they got such a great deal on such yummy oysters. Those things were HUGE and you can get food coma status type of full off only a couple. I had more than a couple though.. haha! There were so many left as we were leaving last night and they might just go to waste. Damn... I regret not eating more right now. WTF. HAHA! Soooooo good! I think I posted a picture on Twitter. LOL

Also got a chance to swing by an Asian supermarket and picked up some things. I am excited to try some new dishes!! Wish me luck! Maybe I should stay out of the kitchen on Friday the 13th though. Haha...excuses, excuses!

Then... we went and picked up some more FRIENDS DVDs!! One of my all time favorite shows. Although the show ended about 5 years ago, I still crack up from the episodes that were first aired in 1994. I was only 10 at the time and didn't enjoy them as much, but now I loooooove it!!

Overall, yesterday was a great day. Correction... a great fatty day!

November 12, 2009

Everyday I'm Snifflin'...

Yup... you guessed it! I'm sick again! Well, back in WA, I was sneezing like crazy and my nose was starting to do the usual running man. As of yesterday (my first day back in CA), I was officially sick. Its gross. I slept with tissue up my nose just so it wouldn't run all over my pillow (I know you're picturing it now) and slept with my mouth open the whole time... which led to thirst. LOL! So... kept on waking up in the middle of the night.

When we find/buy a house, we are definitely going to need something with parking. This whole driving around the block just to find parking thing is NOT okay. I'm blessed to live by the beach and downtown, but I also don't want my Husband to sit in the car in the cold waiting for someone to move their car just so he can park. We've been here for 3 months now and have gotten at least 5 parking tickets. NOT okay.

Last night, Sam's coworker Ozzie made me realize that we've been married for four months now. Holy cow... thats a third of a year! Amazing! Time reall flies, dude. Even so, I'm falling more and more in love with my Husband. :) And I'm not only saying this because he brought me on a late date after Mai Tai to Guppy Teahouse in Cerritos for my brick toast either! LOL... !!!

Our turkey palooza is coming up... I'm so excited to grub. Num num num num nummmmmm!!!!

Oh... and I got my check from my commercial! YESSS... time to treat myself and the Hubby to something nice. FINALLY. :)